Thursday 10 March 2011

Thursday already and my week has consisted of....

Eyebrows child informing me at school that he knows how to make a flame thrower, but it's alright as it's just a mini one.
Safety Quiz this afternoon by my beloved class to try and win a grand for our school - I have trained them so well - they are like nervous wrecks - they did not realise how dangerous life can be - they are convinced they are going to DIE round every corner!!! ( Not really - but they do stand a good chance!)
  Posted this response to my best friend in the world's blog at a post her husband wrote....

Here is the link -

Couldn't stop giggling in such a girly way at 'Man Crafting'

I only hope for youe wife's sake that the tools/pieces/walls/floors/doors etc do not get propped up in your dining room  like mine where I am sat typing next to a 6 by 4ft pices of ply which is 'Operation Go Kart', which in turn in held in place by numerous sheets of MDF. Two MASSIVE fishing Boxes are on the opposite wall - no wonder I have anxeity issues about feeling hemmed in ( (Can use daughter's sewing machine on table just next to the laptop for hemming) and the need for SPACE.
Go Kart materials couldn't go in the hall - there's already a Hornby Railway, two radiators and some guttering o and a beautiful new peice of worktop held aloft last night like a world cup trophy by my returning hunter gatherer :)
Pause to take photo of hall in case you think I ma exaggerating.....
Look at the walking boot holding the work top up! 
It's a good job I am on OPTW otherwise I would not be able to fit down the passage!

I am going to share this story on MY blog!!!

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