Friday 4 March 2011

Friday is Show and Tell Day

I love Fridays. Especially when I let Y3 do 'Show and Tell'. ( Earlier posts have contained juicy shows and fabulous tells) .  Today I had a lot of tell and tellers - so I had to inform them that it's Tuesdays for Tell and Tells! ( I only made that up on the spot - but they bought it!  -  I had a full afternoon planned and we didn't have time for twenty eager tellers)
Japenese Origami Champions be afraid, very afraid.......
Today's 'Show's incuded Joshua* (false name) who makes things out of paper. O yes, he is a paper making genius. I call him this and he is (rightly) proud.  He walks smartly to his carpet spot, chest puffed out with pride and turns to face his eager audience. Now to the untrained eye, you might think what he is holding in his hand, is a screwed up, folded up scrap of paper that looks JUST  like the last seven he showed and told!

No - today he had made a weapon holder for when he is playing soldiers with his brothers. He showed us how he used it. Including the quote of the afternoon which made me chuckle ( only on the inside where the children don't see) " I stick my arm out of the wardrobe like THIS "( Sticks arm out straight!) Then we open the floor to the questions.

S. Q1 - Will you make me one? ( Yes mate)
J. Q2 - How did you make it? ( Elaborate answer ensues incuding unfolding/twisting demo)
A. Q3 - Why don't you colour it in to make it look better? ( Looks aghast and retorts it's not meant to be coloured in - it's an invisible weapon holder)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally LOVE my job!

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