Monday 7 March 2011


Sunday Sunshine
It's ALMOST 'flip flops' weather!
Yesterday I had shorts n t shirt on to play out in my garden! The sun was out and warm and inviting ....but only when I was behind glass - outside the atmosphere was 'brisk' - so off I went - retracing my steps and put trackie bottoms on! Shorts on underneath. I KNEW I had them on!

O I LOVE being outside. I could almost SEE the Vitamin D manufacture going on under my skin. Armed with trusty (rusty) secateurs I set about tidying my unruly garden. I had left it to nature FOR the nature as it's supposed to be more eco friendly.
My garden is a very relaxed place and I do not do that thing of lifting dafodil bulbs and tieing back plants year after year.  It grows then dies.
I only have two rules when it comes to my garden. It HAS to be purple or blue. It SHOULD be perennial. I do sway from my rule by putting in annuals - but they are PURPLE annuals.I am famous for my purpley blue garden - friends buy me purple plants and text me if they see new ones for sale!

NB: Never, ever, ever, EVER buy me flowers for the house. It's the one thing I HATE with a passion. Yuk. Cut flowers = death. I hate the cloying smell and the slimy left over water. I don't mind them in other people's houses and I even BUY them for people but I HATE them. I am such a cheap date! My other half knows better than to bring me flowers! Last Valentine's Day I got two purple Hibiscus plants for the garden and a blue rose bush!!!

Then I have my vegetable plot. My dad jokes how I hardly grow for Victory and hardly sustainable - but if my crop does me one or two meals then that's a success to me!

So I harvested my Calabresse yummy yummy and have rejuvenated the compost and put some beetroot in!
Somewhere I have photos of my gardening successes from last year - Broccolli -  I can grow these like a CHAMPION! Plus the plants are HUGE I never realised! I need to take that into account this year.
Many friends bore the brunt of my wrath after I lost my crop of peas to caterpillars -  net and fleece foiled the buggers the next season! I'll pop some pics in if I can find them!

JUST the right colour for my garden!

LOOK at it INSIDE my pod - GRIM
Makes me feel queasy actually!
I looked them up - these are CABBAGE whites - NOT PEA WHITES!!!
Apologies for chipped BLUE nails but LOOK at them inside!! *shudders
And they decimated my peas in a matter of two days! I had caterpillar angst indeed.

Monday Faceshine
AKA a smile -  today it was my base class's turn to visit the Life Education Van. A portable caravan where some happy shiny people ( Mainly "beans & lentils" persons I call em!) educate the young folks about drugs, peer pressure and generally loving yourself and respecting yourself using a range of pretty lights, videos and puppets and it's all rather jolly!.
So...eyebrows child puts up his hand.....the kind, smiley lady indicates it's his turn to speak by doing that 'I'm pointing at you, but pointing is rude, so I'll put all my fingers together and hold my hand like a seal flipper out towards you' thing.
Eyebrows: " Why are you so happy?"
Happy smiley lady; " Because life is just Grrrrrrreat"
Perhaps I should point out that Eyebrows child rarely smiles & says exactly what it does on the tin.
Eyebrows : " Why are you smiling so much? It's not real.
HSL : -Because If I smile, I am using these facial muscles and my brain recognises that I am smiling so feels happier. Scientific research has shown that people who smile a lot are happy and that's why I smile a lot.
Eyebrows - "But doesn't smiling all the time make your face ache?"
HSL : " Nooo, not at all, my face is used to it and I like being happy. You should try it."
Eyebrows: under his breath to himself and totally seriously. "I did . It hurt." 
Somedays I REALLY love my job!

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