Sunday 27 March 2011

Just WHAT time is it Mr Wolf?

I am still suffering bloody blocked nose, sodding sore throat and  ( Will insert creative alliterative swear word later when I can think of one ) hurty ears but I'd like to point out to The Verve, The Drugs DO work. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Phenyladrine I heart you guys!

Today will be spent in confusion. Just what time is it Mr Wolf? Today will mostly be spent telling the time. I just looked and realised that it's almost nine o' clock. I am proper confused with this clocks back clocks forward mularcky. I had convinced myself it was almost 8! None of the clocks in my house say the right time as it is.

All I do know, is rather depressingly, that work is an hour closer.
But today will be mostly spent in my beloved garden. If I fill my mind with mindless soil related bother I have no room for real depressing thoughts. I have already stood ( still in my PJs) after pegging out, and listened to the MASSIVE playlist of one of my Starlings and mentally moved plants and stuff around. So shortly I am going to start off a loaf of bread, I am really in the mood for home baking ( FORGOT to buy Washing Up liquid tut ) will send one of my offspring to the shop later - also will relook into getting my dishwahser fixed, then I will get dressed into scruffs and go play out. As I always write on my FB statuses at this time of the year. I am going outside, I may be some time .

SOME TIME ( NOT SURE ) LATER.....................
Garden been sorted a bit more. Bike shed update - some blocks have been cut. The sun has gone in now though and it's cold, so I came in too.

Made two loaves in the end up

One white one wholemeal

Really nice with lashings of butter!
  OOOO The sun come back out - my cue to go do some more pottering!

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