Friday 18 March 2011


Good Morning! It has seemed a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long week this week.

Comic Relief day - so some good telly on tonight.

Teacher Training Day - I love work when there are no children in!
 For some strange reason we get loads done!

I've found some video footage from gigs I've been to on Windows Media Player - I think I will have to burn them to a disc then reload them and save them in My Videos to get them to post on here - I have looked and tried and can find no possible way to get them off Media Player!

This is from the Killers gig I last went to singing one of my favourite songs - not sure it will work - this is one I already had in my files. It was an AMAZING gig. :) Makes my heart happy .

The sun is shining today - makes my heart doubly happy.
O it says I can continue to edit my post during upload, but I can't close this window or publish till it's finished!
I wonder how long it will take.  Hmmmm been 5 minutes now - it's only a 30second clip!
Doesn't this upload realise I have Facebook to check, Twitter and emails and a shout out to my chum in USA before work? My children have a muft day at their school - I shall request that they pick uniform up off the floor so I can wash it a day earlier - my life is just so rock n roll - braising steak for tea! See?!
 GARDEN - I want to do some pottering tomorrow - I will plant some early carrots and some beetroot. Onions will go in too! My Rhubarb is looking magnificent and all my Spring growth is bursting triumphantly from the Winter soil. I love m y garden in Spring - all the purpleness is a purpley joy :)

Video update - 8 minutes now. This might be the only one I post. I don't even think I will bother with the Windows Media thingy I was whinging about up there. /\
 Been read out on Radio Lancashire THREE times this morning!!!! Here were my jokes I sent in to be read out! It is comic Relief Day and I have donated by text  - technology is really marvellous.
Graham Liver who is on now ALWAYS reads out my contributions to his show!
1. I walked passed my fridge and I thought I heard an onion singing a BeeGees song. When I opened the door I saw it was just a chive talking!!! I asked it wouldn't you rather be an onion? It said Nah - I'm happy staying a chive, staying a chive, ah ah ah ah staying a chiiiiive!!!

2. I got some herbs in my eye as I was cooking the tea last night. I am now parsley sighted.
Losing the will to live now Video Upload. Does anyone have any tips? Probably my tip now would be simply. Don't.
Grrrrr now attery is flashing

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