Tuesday 15 March 2011

Interview and mindblowing universe day

Hey all, Brian Cox is a smiley genius
. His series on the Wonders of the Universe has me wondering how the effin nora does he know? So I decided to quit asking, go with the flow and absorb the knowledge. Amazing - how we are here because of the stars. I now know what a super nova is too! And boy do I feel smug about that.

Chloe's jumper update - ummmmmmmm it has been negelcted somewhat of late but it is about 23cm long now - well on it's way to the 40cm it needs to be before I have to think about the arms.

I was one of the staff to be selected to be interviewed by the nice man with the smiley eyes as our school forged ahead with it's quest to be reacredited as Investors in People.

I talked and talked and talked and talked. He wrote like a mad man and declared e to be very knowledgable, caring & nurturing and an asset to the school!
- Observed Lesson update - I asked a couple of the children to do a lesson evaluation for me including eyebrows child. he wrote that he liked everything about the lesson, it was good - that to me was like winning the lottery!

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