Wednesday 16 March 2011

Proud parent Puffs out Pectorals with pride

Been the youngest's Parent's Evening tonight. The fifth trek up there in a few weeks as the oldest child is in the 6th form there! Then we have had options evenings, further options evenings O and a prize giving ceremony for the youngest too! I know that doesn't add up to 5 but hey, I am only  a holder of grade C O'Level ( proper exams) Maths, not predicted A* like my boystar!!

To cut a long story short, I cannot impart how good it feels to have person after person tell you what a pleasure it is to have the child in their class. They were all clamouring for him to choose their particular subject bar none. He is quiet, well behaved, well respected,  friendly, likeable, a superstar, clever and smart! My boy! I made him!!!  I am sure thought they thought they were chatting to someone else's parents...because the boy who gets off the school bus in the evening IS Harry Enfield's Kevin. He only grunts in my direction to tell me he is STARVING - a state he has been in since about the age of 3, he NEVER has a bout of peckishnesh.No actually, he is a sweeheart. He is funny. A pain in the neck. Currently has the measurements of a baby giraffe and is all arms and legs and he has developed manhands. I weep for my baby boy.

His beautiful sister is nearly 17 and is growing out of those terrible teens - thought  their father and I  do sit and recall the days we used to quiver in fear and wonder if it was Chloe Jekyll or Chloe Hyde who would come home. We still laugh at the time when she was about 8 when after asked to tidy her room she declared mid strop that we "MIGHT HAVE WELL CHRISTENED ME CINDERCHLOE!"

I am so sad how fast they are growing and I'm not liking this at all! My mother WAS right! About everything!

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