Sunday 20 March 2022

Spring Cleaning

 Well, thanks to a chest infection, the only Spring Cleaning I’m fit for is that I’ve managed to delete 1000s of photos and emails off my phone! Decluttering hahaha you all know I’m a hoarder at heart. 

I’ve made porridge - which Bluebell now expects on a Sunday morning. I had mine with some frozen blueberries. I dropped one on the kitchen floor and stood on it ffs so my slippers and rug are now in the wash. It’s gorgeous and sunny and it makes me annoyed that I feel too poorly to embrace it fully. There is a bloody cold chill wind though and it’s a bit parky in the shade. I’ve pegged out. Done some jigsaw. Had a shower and got back in bed! Not sure what I’m doing for tea. I’ve a piece of flat brisket in. It’s much better flat than rolled. I’ve a chicken in and some sausages. 

We decided on beef - but the piece the butcher gave me was HUGE so I’ve halved it and it’s n the oven it’s gone with the beautiful stock and some onions and carrots. It’ll be lovely tonight with yorkshires and roasties. 

The HG and I took Bluebell to the shore yesterday and it was absolutely GORGEOUS. Quite busy but it’s so vast you are not on top of each other. Might stroll her down the canal later. My blue hyacinths are out in the garden and some teeny daffs and there’s so many green leaves appearing of the tulips and bluebells that I long to see them! I might go clear one bag full of debris out the border but I might not. 

I did - there was 12 minutes left on the washer and I took a bag out and did 12 minutes. It set me off coughing but I felt good for doing it! 

Not much difference but I know I’ve been at it! 

This cough is horrid. It’s not Covid. I just seem to do nothing but complain and be ill lately. 

I’m going to relax a bit now with the knitting needles. The HG is out with Bluebell as I just didn’t feel up to it. 

Have a lovely Sunday all. 

Lots of love from Rachel *what are you having for tea?* Radiostar xx


  1. Nice burger for tea, we have been out all day with daughter, Will, George and Molly, fundraising, so we are both k*ackered, early night I think. Had your bug here but not as bad as you.

  2. You sound as though you feel as rough as me. Been ill since last Monday, still feel rough. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Once you get one thing, resistance is lowered and you then get everything else going...nothing for it but convalescence I'm afraid! x

  4. I'm very thankful it's not Covid but a chough is still nasty, whatever the cause. Did the resting up help? It was a bit chilly here too, yesterday. Today is supposed to be much better.


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