Tuesday 25 June 2013

Happy Birthday To Me! 28 Again

I love June 25th! It's my birthday and it's exactly half way to my other favourite day in the year! 

I was planning on doing a 
Interesting list of things that happened the day I was born ..... But I've been too busy! Plus it might give the eternally 28 thing away! 
I may return to it at some point! 

I've had some lovely messages, cards, presents and good wishes. I've been thoroughly spoilt! 

The sun shone too. I walked along the shore. Two more of my favourite things. 

Sworn tradition is that the birthdayee has to provide the staffroom playtime goodies so I made Cake Pops! This time I cracked it! Just wish I had more time to play around with the decorating! 

Here are a few dodgy shots! Enjoy :-) 
Note my expensive cake pop holder. Patent Pending! 

Just thought of something else funny to write, then promptly forgot it!! It's my age! I played the Eurolotto tonight, it's my Birthday, I'm bound to win! 

Cross your fingers folks x 

Sunday 16 June 2013

Quark Virgin

Bought some today. Looking up recipes! If you have one - send it my way! 

Monday 10 June 2013

Harry update

Ok this is the deal, Harry's patch hasn't changed from last time so maybe it's just a strange patch but it's not beyond the realms of possibility that it's an extremely low grade tumour that grows very slowly. We will take the first option thank you very much. They Will keep a close watch on it but I say no change is good news... We will see x

That was Lisa's FB status earlier. 
So as you can see, his eye remains unchanged for the time being. Long may it continue! 
Thank you for all your lovely supportive comments. It really does mean a lot x 

Come on Harry xxx

 Today Harry will go under General Anaesthetic for the nth time. This time, as I posted a while ago, the exam has been brought forward to just four weeks after the last one.  Those consultants ( which my phone wants to write as co sultanas !! ) saw something they were not sure about. Let's hope it turns out to be NOTHING. I know Lisa has the cold fingers of doubt gripping her shoulder. This morning is going to be long as I wait to hear. 
Cancer really really STINKS. 
Come on Harry, be brave little man
Love from Aunty Rachel xxx

Sunday 9 June 2013

Sunny days

Six weeks til Six weeks! 
Good Morning folks! 

I wake so early these days, I think it's the lovely, light, luscious, lip smackingly lovebunktious light mornings! I LOVE the sunshine. 

As most of you know, I will now be going outside and be being some time! 

My blue fences are due a coat of paint. I have the paint. I have the fences. It's like a match made in heaven! 

My borders are *blueming*lovely too! As you know, only certain colours are allowed in my patch! If you are yellow or orange then you will be forcibly ejected! 

Before I post this I will take a photo of my front. 

My front garden, you filthy perverts!! It's deliciously purply too! My rose bush is glorious. ( Again, filthy perverts should be ashamed!)

This was taken seven days ago. 
Ear worm alert! What a difference a week makes, 168 little hours! 

The flowers are a beautiful purply blue colour. I forget its name! It has masses of buds left to bloom and it's scent is delicately sweet. 

Here is a little tub I planted, by my front door. 
Isn't that the most amazing blue colour? 

And finally, my Pa in Law presented me with some lupins he raised from seeds. It's like playing Flower Roulette as I have NO IDEA what colour they will be!! 
Watch this space!! 

So, now it's stopped raining for a few days, what have you been up to? 

Post Script. 
The name of the rose is Rhapsody in Blue. It's still got its label attached. It's 3 years old now! Cost me £3.99 when it was a mere twiglet! This is how it looks from the outside of my garden! So inviting is its glorious scent, that a random lady leant over n stuck her nose in it this morning!!