Friday 30 October 2020

I can show and tell now!

 It’s Friday of half term which means it’s my lovely friend’s special

Birthday and I can now show you what I made for her! I gave some sneak peaks on a previous post - so I made some cushion covers for two very special friends both who have caravans and are very dear to me 

I loved making them. And I’m very happy to say the girls absolutely loved them too. This half term has done way too fast. I have been sewing dog bags galore and quickly ran up a little Halloween bandana for Bluebell to wear on her walkies! 

Please wash your hands after reading this blog as I’m in a Tier 3 bit of the land. Quite shocked and saddened this morning to hear of Bobby Ball’s death due to covid - his underlying cause was COPD but still taken too soon. I loved watching him as a child on the variety shows my Mum used to watch. I’d

Be sat usually in front of the fire drying my long hair - burning red face on one side, cold on the other hahaha. 

I really really thought he was brilliant in Sally Lindsay’s comedy Mount Pleasant. 

Sometimes news about celebs dying has me offering no opinions whatsoever but he evoked a feeling of sadness in me. Not as strong as Victoria Wood did but still a big sad sigh for him and his family. 

Tonight my group of friends are doing another Macmillan fund raiser zoom. Last time it was a

Murder mystery. Tonight it’s an ‘escape rooms’ thing! No idea

How it will go! 

I do apologise if this has come out bitty and jumpy. I’m quickly writing on my phone and it keeps adding in capital letters and new lines willy billy. 

Right more sewing to attend to before I crack on with the braising steak and peeling of sprouts! I am quite fed up of dreaming up what’s for tea despite lots and lots of recipe books and old favourites to fall

Back on. 

We had a nice 2 hours walk today so n the sunshine after relentless downpours yesterday. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel*Half Term* Radiostar xxx

Saturday 10 October 2020


 Hello to my poor little neglected blog, 

There is no excuse for not visiting. Life on Earth is very strange right now. Somedays I can just sit and think is all of this real?

At work it is strained but the childers are ever entertaining. Hearing readers is still my favourite.

One was describing to me what the word pops means. They chatted about that stuff you put in your mouth that makes your eyeballs wobble. They meant what I would call space dust!! 

And whilst reading Robin Hood, one cherub was busy telling me that a sheriff is someone who makes food in a kitchen! 

Dog bag production was halted today because I got a bit above myself - proud and braggy of my fabric pattern match I totally ballsed up the placement of the handle clips, so much swearing and unpickery ensued. 

Bluebell in action at the shore

On the field at lunchtime

A sample of bags I've got for sale right now.

Making bread this morning

The pattern matching that I was boasting about. I love a puffin. 

First ever ciabatta rolls - made for the burgers we had for tea. 

Bluebell continues to be the love of my life and I'm slowly getting fatter! Its my own fault - I cannot stop baking! And I'm good at it! Oopsie - bragging again haha 

Perhaps I have been away due to a massive TV addiction right now! I am loving Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland. 

I have almost just finished The Thursday Murder club on audible and its narrated by her off that police drama with women in out of corrie. Not Steph Barnes or Suranne Jones but the other one. She's really good at it. At work I am sharing the delights of the frankly beautiful Rik Mayall reading George's Marvellous Medicine. We watch a little every Friday before we go home. They are loving it. So am I! 

A lot of the neglect maybe comes from the fact it is so mentally tiring at work now I can barely stay awake past the credits of Emmerdale. I am not even energised to document it right now. 

Hopefully all are well in Blogland. Lots of love from

Rachel *blogger of a sort* Radiostar xx