Thursday 21 July 2011

It goes from bad to worse

Hey folks - I am sorry you have been neglected.
I am still bright yellow and the Jaundice means I CBA with anything, I am restless and can't fcus or concentrate on anything. The main problem is the sleeplessness. I am only getting about two hours a night and that is broken. It is sould destryoing to wake up and look at the clock and it's only minutes past midnight. I HATE it. The itching is driving me beserk. I hate that it's the holidays now and I can't do anything. My rushed through Specialist appointment is on Wed at 9am - for the love of GOD pray she gives me a solution.

However, my problems pale into significance when I tell you that Harry had to be rushed to Manchester after developing a bacterial infection in his central line. Septacaemia. The good news we are clinging oonto is that is temperature is under control, he is on three targetted antibiotics and as of today no new cultures have developped. Its a killer for my sister as she is over there on her own, with the other three left at home. I was way too sick to go see her and him when she was in our city hospital.

I spent 4 hours in A and E on Sunday with my 17 tyear old daughter who tripped over someone's bag at school and dislocated her knee. Fracture clinic tomorrow and we anticipating a full hip to ankle cast.

On Saturday Mr Radiostar's belloved Nanna slipped away and died after years of residing in a home growing steadiily weaker and weaker - she didn't recognise him for years - its so sad. Even though she was 90, it's still a sad thing.

THEN I find out my Dad will have to go into hospital to have a hernia repaired and a lump removed off his leg ( nothing sinister ) but  still...
My mum broke her tooth so an extra dental appoitment for her.
 Man I must have done something really bad in a former life I tell ya. When will it end??????????????????????

Friday 15 July 2011

What news will today bring?

I've been backk n forwards to the Drs, had a scan - shown a gallstone and await further news. In the meantime people are bringing me flowers ( I HATE flowers esp big stinky old lillies) what an ungrateful wretch but these people do not know me, clearly. I think they are only coming to have a look.
I think I shall reopen my house today as PT Barnums mysterious circus. - I am THAT yellow.
I sneezed - even my snot is yellow.

But my ailments are nothing when you consider our little Harry who is just toooooo cute! He made a shop lady cry yesterda. She came over to coo into the chair and said awww has he been poorly? My mum said , he has cancer and she cried. She said O I am so sorry, that's just so sad and she had to run off to her staffroom to compose herself. Poor lady - I peered in at Harry and mock scolded naughty boy making that lady cry and he just laughed!
But it's not a laughing matter - treatment is going well, except he isn't putting weight on and he is soooo tiny but he still has cancer. I cried a bit too yesterday for him.

Back to me now - THE NONE STOP ITCHING IS DRIVING ME OVER THE EDGE. I am a mess of red weals all over my body. I am yellow and red stripy! Like some mutant tiger! Phone appt with the doc at 11:00amish...Ill let you know........................
I am hoping for a skin transplant,  O and longer legs :)

Sunday 10 July 2011

The Itchy and Scratchy show

Welcome to my life. Itch, scratch, itch, scratch - it's relentless - the scratching deosn't cause more itching like the normal cycle. No that's my liver doing it all by itself.
Just now foreheah, left side of neck and both palms are itching LIKE MAD and when I go to scratch, somewhere else will crop up.

Iim sorry I havn't blogged properly but I am way to restless to settle to anything. On a good note the BRAT diet I am trying to observe has worked and I'm not having any waves of GB pain.  My upper abdomen is still tender to touch - but if I don't touch it, I don't feel it!!

Back soon
Now itchy right shoulder blade lower left shin

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Well I didn't die ...but it sure as hell feels like it.

I was right, I got an emergency doc appt and she confirmed my diagnosis.
Dear sister drove me, Willybobs was most entertaining in the waiting room as there was an automatic door that made a sshjuuzzing sound. He put on his sly I'm not looking at you so therefore you can't see me face and tried his best to inconspicuoulsy tiptoe out of the waiting room!! It was comedy genius. That boy is way cleverer than his 18 months! He recognises the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,& 6 and he has his colours and shapes to pat! Also there were some leaflets in the waiting room on contraception. He'd picked this up and was studying it.
" Daddy" he said, which made me smirk as I thought yeah Mr Super fertile you do need that information, but infact he's recognised the NHS badge that his daddy has on his uniform! Smart bot. Takes after me.
So the doc siad I am jaundiced. Think my yellow eyes and yellow supertanned skin gave that away , and my nut brown pee. ( TMI?)
tried to do this but it didn't work

My gallbladder is inflamed, stones are blocking my bile duct which is making me jaundiced. Everything is swollen and tender and pushing up against my diagphragm. So blood tests next Tuesday ( the nurses are ill) and wait for a scan appt so see size n severity etc but gallbladder will have to come OUT! In the meantime if I get worse I have to go back. Only trouble is, she didn't define worse and I think I have a high pain threshhold.

I hadn't eaten since Friday so last night's feast of two small jersey royal potatoes ( sans le beurre naturellement) went down like a couple of hot potatoes. Like lead balloons and I made a conscience effort not to sick em up.

They made it through the night. Unlike me and  the INCESSANT ITCHING OMFG  - the soles of my feet, the top of my head, the palms of my hands ( my nanna's sayings would be going into overdrive) . I gave up at 2am and tweeted away to my dear sweet American chums about digestives ( which I can't eat now!)

So eventually,  it got light and I got up and made the kids their lunches and had a handfull of dry cornflakes and a slice of dry oatmeal toast with jam to take with  my tablet, a pint of water washed it down. Really gone off hot drinks since I sicked up the last one.  I came back to sit in bed upright to try to doze off and was just doing so when some motherfucking twatface dickhead in India decided to ring me. FFS. So...
here I am sat upright at the laptop about to do my online grocery shopping to Tesco as I have a free £10 voucher !

I need some more Bonne Mamman jam. I know it's three times the price of the shop's own but it's like L'Oreal jam. OOO I have raspberries on my plant - not uploaded yet but I will, alas I think i need more that 6 berries to make jam.
Till later,
Yours in A LOT of discomfort,
Rachel whineyarse Radiostar xx

Sunday 3 July 2011

Technical term "Uuuyak"

I have been sick now for two and a half days - it all started Friday lunch time. I know I should probably go to the doctors - I have self diagnosed gall bladder/stones and I am a wuss. So I am sipping iced water and moving alternatively between lying down standing and sitting, sofa, garden, bed. It is totally pissing me off now though.
So I prob will check in with a doc.
I won't bore you with any more medical drama - but if i don't blog for a while it's cause I died!!!!

Missed my beloved Lancashire Hotpots gig last night but my lovely friend who went got them to RING me on the phone so I spoke to them!! One of them asked me if it was top or bottom!! And did I want some chips!!!!
Unfortunately I had to decline given my pathetic disposition. Wish I could describe how I felt - it's achy, nautious and weird. Hmmmm. Give em a listen - they are FAB!!!!

The Lancashire Hotpots - Chippy Tea - Glastonbury 2011