Saturday 28 November 2020

It's going to be a long old night

 Poor Bluebell might have to go to the vets in the morning. I don't think she is 100%. Today was a bonus day as school was shut due to no heating. So the fact that it was below 5C and we have to have windows wide open for Covid ventilation meant that school was closed. Which was a shame as we have not had to close any part of it yet for the Rona. So it actually felt good to go in to meet my friend for a cup of tea and put up a display in hat scarf and gloves. home by lunch meant a bonus afternoon with my girl. 

We had a lovely long walkies, along the canal and then finished with a romp on the field. Towards the end of the walk, madam decided to run into some really tangled hedging and tried to get a blackbird and I did see her slip and twist somewhat but she seemed to be unscathed. We came home and she had a shower and a good dry off and then she settled down for a snooze in her fleece. When the menfolks got home, I noticed she was nibbling at her tail a lot and it was bent down somewhat. She was still having a go at wagging it, ate her tea, had her chew and a play. But about half an hour ago we noticed she was a bit panty and shaking as if she was scared - she ran upstairs and refused to come down - where we are now. 

Anyway, she's settled a bit, cuddled up and quiet on my knee not shaking and not panting. Breathing is a bit rapid so first thing its seeking medical advice. I'm going to stay downstairs with her. Im fully reclined, I have a nana blanket and the TV for now. 

I will also catch up with blogs etc. 

I set up a facebook page called Pawesome Makes purely to see how selling my wares on there goes. I still need to sort out the photos and posts etc and it is linked to my personal page so it's not too bad for remembering more passwords! 

Lots of folks round here have already got their festive lights up and it does look so pretty. I've not done mine yet. Probably next weekend I will do the clean and then that week I'll slowly Christmassify the place. 

I have sad news and good news both cancer related. 

The good is that the HG got his latest scan results and is all clear. That's 4 years now. The letter that came said the next scan scheduled for October 2021 and if clear then he will be discharged! That can't come quick enough! 

The sad is that one of my lovely friends who I have stayed in touch with since High school has terminal bowel cancer. She continued her treatment etc throughout the lockdown but her latest scan horribly showed that it hadn't worked and that there is no more treatment for her. It's taken me a long time to process this really. Not entirely sure that I have. I have supported a lot of my friends through the loss of their parents, which whilst sad, is the normal rite of passage expected. Losing a peer isn't. 


Right fingers crossed me and the pooch have a quiet night. Updates soon. 

Love from

Rachel *worried sick* Radiostar xxx

Saturday 7 November 2020

A lovely sunny Saturday.

 The day began as usual at 6ish where I went down to let Madam out and for the early morning snuggles. She is a creature of habit. She likes breakfast at 7. Then the Hg got up and got ready to go out to fit someone a brand shiny new front door. If only * I * could have a brand new shiny door! 

I then had a lovely coffee and watched n new to me programme called Sisters on Netflix. It's an Australian show about a girl called Julia who discovers her Father who ran a fertility clinic, substituted ahem himself in the samples and due to his deathbed confession of his crimes - she discovers hundreds of siblings. I only watched episode one but I'm hooked! 

I then set about properly cleaning the dust ridden living room. I've cleaned all the candle holders and refilled the tealights. The wash basket is empty and a few bits have been line dried but the rest is in the drier. The kitchen is clean and the floors have had a good proper hoovering. I've cleaned and laid the fire too ready for a cosy night in.  Every night is a night in, mind you, as I discussed with a lovely friend this morning, such as we are, lockdown life isn't really much different!

Ive had a chuckle over a couple of tweets about the USA elections. One was that in Russia they know the results BEFORE anyone casts their votes and the other was that Boris Johnson is flying over 25 UK Aldi till staff to count the votes and predict it'll be done in 20 minutes! 

In my mind's eye I am picturing the famous opening the  chocolate bars  scene from the original Willy Wonka chocolate factory film where Verruca Salt's Dad has all his factory girls opening hundreds of bars of chocolate to find the golden ticket. As I type I would rather think Mr Trump's days at the Whitehouse are numbered. 

The butcher called this morning and I've some chicken, some beefburgers, bacon, black pudding, sausage and a piece of beef in the fridge, but I do not know what to make for tea. Me and Bluebell went out for a lovely walk in the sunshine earlier and she is still snoozing gently at the side of me. Now I've been sat a while I've kinda siezed up! I feel a bit headachy. So will go hunt down some paracetamol.  Whilst on the field I met a lovely lady walking two little floof balls who told me she'd lost her phone. I actually had mine because I wanted a new photo of Bluebell and although she couldn't remember her own mobile to ring so we could hear it and find it, she was able to ring her Mum who could then ring off her mobile and voila it was found! And then we were chatting at how years ago we had a long list of phone numbers in our heads off by heart! Relatives, friends, the doctors! Now we do not need to remember them as they are all in our phones! 

My beautifully happy girl

Right dusk is falling so I must away to light my candles. I have not done any sewing today but I have started formalising a Facebook page where I will be selling from! looked at Etsy but it boggled my brain a bit and you have to pay a fee which is fair enough, but I don't think I will warrant the volume of sales. I will be asking those of my friends already who have bought and used them to see if they give consent for me to use their kind words about my bags!! 

The latest three made are my favourites so far but I cannot show them until Father Christmas has been. Speaking of whom, there's a few houses near me with a smattering of cheery festive goodness in windows - I think people are going early to beat the lockdown gloom. With the news today about a new strain from Denmark I cannot see anything improving yet. Le sigh.

My latest audible listen is From the Oast House by Alan Partridge and it has me laughing like a drain - he really is an awful human being hahaha 

Lots of love from

Rachel * content * Radiostar xx

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Back twerk.


Yesterday saw us back to school. Much of a muchness. a handful, nay not even that of childers off self isolating due back Monday so it gladdened the heart to hear the rest of them  -  excited chatter and delight at being back at school with their friends. 

Apparently there is a petition ( isn't their always? ) telling the government to shut the schools. As a safeguarding officer I say NO DO NOT SHUT THE SCHOOLS. I'm specifically talking about primary here. Secondary is a whole different massive kettle of fish  - numbers of pupils to start with coming from all over the place and more able I would say on the whole to access independent learning. Not all, but most. Enough politics from me! 

I wonder how USA has voted - I've not switched the telly on yet. Just enjoying some peace and quiet with a coffee and Bluebell before getting dressed ready for work. Yes I am blogging in my PJs.

Positives of COVID - my findings

there's two main ones for me. 

1, Childers now have to come to school in their PE kit on their PE day. This is awesome for three reasons

a] No missing 15 minutes of a 30 minute lesson because of getting changed

b] No PE bags to trip over in the classroom

c] NO 'Miss I haven't got my PE kit' stress of me having to go search for effing spare PE kit for children who never have their kit and the worst offenders - the ones who did after school sports clubs and then went home in their kits never for it to return on the right day. 

d] 100% of childers now remember what day PE is and come ready for the day! 

OK that was 4 awesome reasons.

Another positive for me is the ability to bring bra O'clock as forward as I like without the fear of folks nipping round of an evening! 


Missing going to gigs. I was there. Facebook memories keeps me updated with all the big concerts Ive been to in the past. I miss that buzz of getting a ticket. The anticipation beforehand, the buzz from the crowds of like minded people surrounding you and the anonymity of being able to actually dance like noone is watching!

Now then - my darling daughter has pledged to run 50 miles in November in aid of Dementia and has already raised £255 in sponsorship ( £150 is her target ) - if you would like to support this incredibly needed charity then drop me your email in the comments and I can send you the link. I ask you don't publish it as you know I need to remain as anonymous as I can on here. Thank you.

Oh and yes I did manage to secure some of the white poundland sparkly wool - the sleeves are underway and no doubt there'll be a show and tell pretty soon. My dog bags are available to buy if any one would like to see details etc again just droop me a line and I've also made some little peg bags £10 if anyone would like to buy one!! Waterproof outer fabric, fully lined with handy clip that snaps onto your line. I find the coathanger ones very very annoying! I'll be adding more designs soon. 

I rescued my last hurrah of Blue Rhapsodies from the garden to save them from the stormy weather. No filter was applied - they really are the most gorgeous colour and the scent of sweet perfume as I wash up pleases me. 

That's enough begging from me and absolutely zero obligation to buy, donate or comment etc on any of the above!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday - it's going to be bright and cold. We have had enough rain for now thank you!

Lots of love from

Rachel *glad to be alive* Radiostar xxx