Tuesday 30 June 2015


Well, this morning I got up early, made the HG his lunch, packed him off to work and cleaned the kitchen. I then looked in the fridge and decided because I'd actually missed it yesterday, I was going to have a Bullet Breakfast! I decided to dabble with my own recipe!
So in went basically what was left in the fridge! A small amount of each....
Strawberries, melon, lemon, apple, red and green grapes, cucumber, carrot, ginger, walnuts, baby spinach and kale. Yes I actually voluntarily and spontaneously put kale in it! A little bit of crushed ice and ice cold water. No banana, because we have no bananas! The result is actually a delightfully tasty drink. Not as thick as when it has banana in it but that's ok!
It's going to be so hot today,that I'll feel annoyed with myself when I'm all sweaty because it's my own fault I am well insulated!!  This bit of my post was written at 7.33am. Off to work a bit early because I've stuff to do.

So here I am approx 9pm and it's just nicely cooling down. Work was fun today. Night Owls was hot. When I got in I decided I wasn't quite hot, sticky or sweaty enough for my liking so I naturally steam mopped the kitchen and hoovered right through! I'm calling it Bikram Cleaning. Shower 2 of the day was taken, then, lucky me, a trip to the supermarket. It wasn't super. But I needed milk. And that half price nightshirt... :-)

I'm just catching up with Blogs before bed!

Is it hot enough for you? 36 degrees showed on my friend's car! It was 32 degrees when we went to the large grocery outlet at 7.15pm

Lots of love from

Rachel *hot, but not bothered* Radiostar xx x

Monday 29 June 2015

Drum roll please.......


The scales said that I am actually




What a boost! I can't tell really but it was slightly easier to cut my toenails this morning!

I know, I know it's mostly water etc, but it made me fall down into that next stone bracket which is mentally powerful.

So my thoughts and hints and tips.

Go through the book and make a shopping list.
Try not to faint at the till
Feel very superior at the checkout with all your green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit.
Day one - blitz and blitz again. If in doubt blitz again. Kale needs to be blitzed good and proper to get through a straw.
Talking of straws - if you can, get a load of the Mac D ones as they are sturdier than normal pound land ones!
Don't be scared to try the recipes. 
You will start to feel full of energy.
It's so easy to prepare and wash up. 
The soups are absolutely delicious
Do it with someone for moral support if you can
Lidl nuts are top quality and so much cheaper than other supermarkets.
Very probably, as soon as I hit publish, I'll remember loads more I was going to share!
Feel free to ask me any questions.

So today...did I have a full English for breakfast, fish n chips for lunch and pie n mash for tea followed by jam roly poly and custard? Nah. I'm going to carry on eating and choosing wisely. I will be having the odd smoothie instead of breakfast on some days. Tomorrow I'm going to have the melon one again! If you are counting the calories though, bear in mind that some of the fruity shakes have 400 calories in them! A lot more than two weetabix with skimmed milk.
Today I had a ham salad for lunch. With some extra extra light Philadelphia - it tasted so rich - like clotted cream! The Night Owl snacks didn't interest me one little bit either.

Right, I'm boring myself now preaching diet stuff! Thanks for being with me though last week! Blogging it day by day gave me something to focus on.

I finally unpacked my prezzie. Isn't it pretty! I'm going to have a quick flick through the instruction manual before I fire her up. There's lots of extra bits n bobs to go with it. Not tonight though Josephine, I don't know about you but I do have a night where I'm utterly exhausted and fit fer nowt. Monday is my day. I start work at 8. Then get in at 6. It's always 'oven chips n  summat' for tea on a Monday. Not for me. I had a massive frittata out of the bullet book. Lovely.

Must stop typing!

Lots of love from
Rachel *thinner fingers* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 28 June 2015

Day 7 at last!

I'm blogging this in the sunshine. I'll do my list of hints, tips, likes and dislikes tomorrow! Then, who knows what I'll find to write about! 
My day started early. 3am to be precise; I had to get up for an epic wee. Plus the HG had just returned from his school reunion and was busy telling me all about it! I then read some blogs to the soundtrack of his deep slumber before falling asleep myself probably around 5. 

I got up at 7, loaded the washer and set the dishwasher going. It was absolutely chucking it down. So I went back to those blogs and commented all over the shop! 
Day 7s breakfast was tomato and chilli and in all honesty neither myself or the daughter could face it so I'm afraid to say we rebelled and had a banana instead! She went off to work, I watched some telly with another brew! 
The HG surfaced around 11 and we caught up with this week's Masterchef. That Micsha Paris is bossy isn't she?! 
The rain had stopped, I pegged out then prepared Day 7's lunch. Pea and ham soup. 20/10 utterly divine! 
Tea later is pasta with a creamy broccoli sauce, then one final spinach and cucumber blast before bed! 

So this afternoon I've finally planted some seeds! It'll be a miracle if they grow so cross your fingers! 

The veg plot/bed thing has been shortened because of a door into the shed but I'm very happy with it.
On the photos you can see I'm reusing the scrap metal the HG brings home from his job for the boy, who sells it for some money for himself! The metal is there to keep *NDFC off. I have to take careful photos because parts of my garden do indeed resemble Steptoe's yard!  But the bits I'm concerned with are pretty! Anyhow do you like my funky little peg labels?
I couldn't find the proper garden labels I have. I'm growing ( fingers crossed ) some shallots, cavelo Nero, carrots, beetroot, radish, peppers, chillis and some various salad leaves. If anything comes up I'll dance a jig! 
Here's a shot of part of my garden in 2013 - it's the same bit where the new bunny is.
Infact you can see the bright green leaves of the plant I've now caged in! Should've done it then. I've still got my hooks, but some of my lanterns are rusty and broken. Will keep an eye out in Poundland and Home Bargains. 

I'm just going to sign off and move my chair into the sun and do a little bit of knitting before tea. 

Hope you've all had a good weekend. 
Lots of love from
Rachel* loves being outside* Radiostar xxx 

*Next Door's F#%^$€g Cat 

Saturday 27 June 2015

Day 6 in one word. YUM

Hello to all you lovely folks who are keeping up with my 
Day one's shocker breakfast seems an age away now! 
I can't believe it's almost over! 
Day 6 has been luscious
I'm sat stuffed full of the most tastiest tea. Another recipe I will use again and again! I'll tell you in a minute. 
I've been very busy today. 
• 2/3 bathroom scrubbed to 'Four in a bed' TV Show standards. ( I've only the bath to do but I'm getting in it with filthy feet shortly,so I'll do that afterwards! 
•2 loads of washing done and line dried
•kitchen cleaned
• Barry bathed and cage scrubbed. He had his bath in the garden whilst he watched me toil transforming 
And this

Into this...

I was a tad brutal but I needed to fasten the catches! Fingers crossed it comes back vigorously! 
The little splodge of green just in front is another variety of box and I've seen a little lying down bunny cage that I'm going to treat myself to with my birthday money. My lilac chimney pot is lasting longer than my other tall one that collapsed into the soil like Fred Dibnah had been round. 
The final of my three peonies is in full bloom

• I did lots of other weeding and tidying. 
• All of my bins have been washed out properly and disinfected. 
• Barry's cage, perches and toys have been washed
•. I managed to sit in the sun with a coffee for a while! 
• Just remembered- before I did any of this I did an Asda trip with Lisa and her tribe! 

I've honestly felt the most energetic in ages! I'm not even tired! 
I'm convinced it's down to the fact I've eaten fresh fruit and vegetables everyday and not had any processed foods or bread. 
Anyway today started off with an 8 out of 10 for taste Kale, Apple, Banana, Melon and Spinach  AND cashew nut smoothie.

Looks like pea and ham soup doesn't it?! Mind you, I'll be able to compare it tomorrow as pea and ham soup is on the menu for lunch. 

Lunch today was carrot and chilli soup. It had potato in it, so I am getting my carbs. It was luscious, silky and filling. I thought I'd be poncy and add some fresh parsley for the photo. However, it didn't land in the middle, so I was annoyed! 
Huge bowlful! I'd give it 9 out of 10
Finally we come to tea. 
A chicken breast. Grilled. With the most moreish tomato sauce over it, with a giant bunch of watercress on the side. 

No photo of it on the plate as I ate it too fast to take one! 
But here's what it looked like in the pan! 
I do think the nutribullet is magic! Tea was MORE than 10/10!! 

Tomorrow I will give you my tips from what I've learned as the week's gone on.  I'll check weightloss on Monday morning as that's when I weighed myself last. 
Totally butt nekkid after a wee! 
But tonight before tea I sneaked on, at the end of the day, fully clothed ( well, vest and shorts ) and I looked to be 5lb lighter! 
I'm cross with myself for regaining the sodding weight back but it looks like I'm on it now!! Enough about that. 

I've not had chance with the sewing machine yet. I'll have a bash tomorrow. 

Have you all had something good for tea? 
Lots of love from
Rachel *going for a bath* Radiostar xx 


Friday 26 June 2015

Day 5 - Day out. POST 400!

Firstly, thank you thank you thank you for all of your birthday wishes xx I loved every single one! 

The Bullet has whizzed up for breakfast 
Peaches, banana, Apple and pear. Taste score out of ten = ten
Lunch - chicken and butternut squash soup. Taste score = 10/10
Tea - grilled haddock served on a bullet recipe pesto
Big bunch of flat leafed parsley
1/2 clove garlic
1 tblspn walnuts. I'll admit to probably using thrice that  
A tspn oil
1tspn freshly grated Parmesan 

Served with a huge pile of rocket on the side
Again 10/10 ! 

And I'm someone who doesn't even like fish! 

Supper is supposed to be a garden salad  smoothie 
I'm nicely full from tea and while I know it's nutritionally balanced etc I just can't face it! 
So I'm not having it!! 
Not sure what Day 6 will deliver- it's a surprise! 
I've not been in work today. I've been in Manchester at The Autism Show. This is a huge convention of experts, professionals, psychiatrists, speakers and stalks pitching products and services. 

I attended an exceptionally interesting talk delivered by an amazingly motivated, learned practitioner. I've loads of new and renewed strategies to put to use at work. We've spied some fabulously brilliant resources. I've brought a zillion catalogues, leaflets and freebies home! 

Then, whilst out, I heard from the uni one - now qualified to put BA(Hons) after her name! I'm so so proud! 

So that topped off a lovely 'Birthday Boxing Day' which is what I decided would be a good thing to have! 

Tomorrow I want to get up early and crack on with the housework so I can then unpack my new machines and have a practice on some old pillow cases that are destined to become dusters to my heart's desire! Expect photos of very dodgy stitching! Am off to bed soon! 

How much do you love weekends? 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *proud mama* Radiostar xx 

Thursday 25 June 2015

Day 4 - my Birthday!!

I was up with the larks to bake a basic Vicky Sponge for the staffroom as well as the little choc fudge ones I did last night! I didn't even lick the spoon! 
The best one I ever made! 

Day 4's meals were delicious as it goes! 
The spinach blast was refreshing. Maybe my tastebuds are adapting now! 
Lunch was gorgeous! Chicken and broad bean soup. I'm going to have that again! Tea was pasta with a decent tomato sauce AND Parmesan cheese! Such luxury! 
Supper looked DISGUSTINGLY swamp like. However, 
Do not be fooled! Kale, Apple, banana and coconut water is ridiculously delectable! Again, I'd have no qualms about having this again! 
So I feel fabulous on this lovely special day! Full of health and self righteous goodness!! Smugly vitaminned up to my eyeballs! Totally spoilt too! 
The big box turned out to be..... 


Infinitely better than a bucket of groundbait!! 
Not only that, but an OVERLOCKER! Not that I've ever used one but I suspect I'll be overlocking everything in sight! 
Plus I've been treated to a Glass Jug for Beryl- I've wished for one forever.  I also got some books, scissors, new pompon makers and a hairdryer! 

I just need an extension building now for a sewing room! I'm beyond gasted!! Beyond Flabbered!! 

My darling offspring presented me with a gorgeous bracelet. 

They had it engraved too! 
I've had a trillion birthday messages from lots of lovely people. Cards and presents. I'm truly spoilt! 

Work gems included 
Me: so what was the moral of the story? 
( The answer was.. Always stick to what you know best )
Child: Never tie yourself to a cow!!!!

Same child later on writing a simile describing 'mum'
'She's as kind as a hamster' 

My class also sang a very rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. 

It's now 10:16pm. This tired Birthday Girl is off to bed! 

Thank you also Tracey for my curry powder! I may use this on Day 8! 

Mmm peaches for breakfast tomorrow. 
I'm surprised I've stuck this out but it's now no longer an ordeal! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *happiest most blessed girl on the planet* Radiostar xxx 

Wednesday 24 June 2015

I was looking forward to Day 3

It's my Birthday's Eve and I hopped on the scales! Blitzing Spinach has made me lose 3lbs!! ( The daughter has lost 4lbs! ) 
This spurred us on. 

I'm writing this after retching our way through the raw tomato soup for tea. It's says 'refreshing' in the book. In my opinion it was about as refreshing as finding a toenail clipping from an athletically footed toe at the bottom of a bag of walkers' cheese n onion. 

In its defence, I've been brought up to enjoy my tomato soup hot, preferably Heinz, cream of. Granted, we have got posh of late and do buy those cartons of fresh tomato and basil - but I endure those. I'm all about the tinned!! 

This was a thin soup of tomatoes and a handful of cashew nuts. It had half an avocado piled in the middle of it. I know this 7 day plan has been worked out to provide all the nutrients we need. But when the HG enquired about our lack of nutrients when we tipped it on the compost, we smiled and had a vitamin pill! 

But there was light at the end of the grimness. Fluffy banana pancakes! I didn't take a photo because I scoffed mine down so fast it didn't touch the sides! 

It's a shame the day ended so grimly ( pancakes aside) as breakfast was absolutely DIVINE! 
Spinach ( undetectable! ) 
It was far easier on the taste buds than the eye! 
Lunch was spinach and cannelloni bean soup. Again delicious, but one to enjoy blindfolded! Sewer juice sprang to mind when I saw it!!

Day 4 is my Birthday. In a minute I'm going to make cakes for the staffroom at work. I'm undecided if I will partake! 

I honestly do not feel hungry and all craving for toast, crisps and biscuits have subsided. No headache either. Just a billion wees a day! I'm less achy of joint too! 

This has been done as a bit of fun, a bit of a why not challenge and a bit of mama/daughter bonding! I know, should I stuff my face with processed high fat food on day 8 all my hard work will start to unravel! So I will simply carry on with a sensible healthy 3 meals a day regime. I've done it before, I'll do it again! 

So my pretties, tomorrow I get to open that mystery box! I have no idea what it is! I'll be at work. It's Sex Education Nurse day. ( it always falls on my birthday!! ) There's also a big staff meeting where we are all told where we will be next year. So an 'exciting' day ahead! 

Until then 
Lots of love from
Rachel *'27' until tomorrow* Radiostar xxx 

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Quote of the day

Came from my daughter 
just now
"I'm practically starving, I feel like a child in Africa." 

Welcome to Day 2 people. Whilst the synonyms for 'delicious' remain firmly locked away in the adjective drawer, I can  joyously report it was massive improvement on Day 1. 

Breakfast was pink. 
I didn't use a whole inch of ginger because I prefer mine combined with Stork SB, flour, baking powder and butter! I took my blasted berries into the garden this morning and enjoyed the early morning sunshine. 
Lunch was fine. The searing headache has subsided and I do think my eyes are brighter; like a rabbit's! It's all the greens! I don't feel as sluggish. Tea was rather tastier than anticipated. The daughter HATED it, leaving her sauce, hence the quote of the day! 
I've not had that 'empty' feeling yet. I'm quite satisfied now. 

Tomorrow's menu features strawberries and raspberries! Granted, I will be blitzing them with spinach but raspberries and strawberries folks! Fast forwarding to Friday, there's a peach thingy WITH NO SPINACH! 

I do likes my spinach I'm Rachel the Sailor man !! 

I can get to Day 7. I can get to Day 7. My little mantra! 

Back tomorrow! Spot the side effect of a beetroot smoothie!! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *pink wee* Radiostar xxx

Monday 22 June 2015

7 day thingy day 1

For breakfast I had 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 handful of kale an apple and half a lemon whizzed up in the daughter's nutri thingy we got her for her birthday. 
It looks so wholesome doesn't it? 
Much less attractive once whizzed! 
It was an experience. On a scale of one to bin juice, it ranked a nine and a half. Rank being the operative word. 
I chugged it down like it was a bush tucker trial then toddled off to work. I drank copious glasses of water. Think I've lost weight just from the calories burned walking to the toilet. 

Lunch- after a trip to Argos to pick up a pile of new toys for Night Owls, I arrived home to some lovely thick homemade soup. Definitely the best meal of the day. 

This afternoon in class I kept up the water intake. It was maths and it was. Very. Hardgoing. I didn't succumb to the biscuit barrel at Night Owls. 

Tea - pasta - wholemeal. With a sauce made of raw whizzed tomatoes, basil, garlic n olive oil. I left half of it. It was DISGUSTING! I've now got death breath. I chewed some fresh parsley. I then retched on the stalks stuck in my teeth! 
I ate some cherries. My death breath is turning my own stomach let alone anyone else's! I don't think I'll be getting any kisses tonight! 

Interestingly, although I've had a few intense headaches, I feel surprisingly healthy and not hungry! Tomorrow is looking interesting. I'll let you know how I get on. I'm off to clean my teeth and get into bed. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *not at all worried about Vampires now* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 21 June 2015

Amazing Butt Lift

This is what I can get in just 30 minutes a day. For 60 days. Amazing. For the incredible Value of £29.99. I could get all of this...
It looks AMAZING! So easy. Everyone is so smiley and tiny and lifted of buttock. 
Butt wait...there's more! You can get two bonus discs that will make you Peter Andre esque round your tummy. Do not be fretting if it doesn't work though...
I wonder if I'd be needing my
money back?!

We once bought a multi gym off one of these infomercials. I was supposed to look like Christie Brinkley afterwards and theHG like Chuck Norris. It showed us a little old lady smiling as she casually and  effortlessly slid one away under her bed. 
Guess what ladies and gentlemen, ALL LIES! I was still just shy of five foot, still round and squishy and it weighed an effing ton! I've stubbed my toes on it more times than I'd care to mention. The only way I could slide it effortlessly under my bed is if my bed was on stilts and I was Arnold Swartznegger. 
I am a marketing man's dream! If it's new or on offer I'll try it!! Look, someone has to keep the economy afloat!! 

Now, just before I go, I want to say a big blushing thank you to Mum who blogs...... Here...>>>http://mumssimplylivingblogat.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1
She wrote some lovely  things about my little bit of the Internet and sent some new folks my way, ergo letting me find some fabulous new blogs to read! 

Ok, time to make tea. Jacket spuds, gammon and beans. We bought the 21yo a nutribullet for her birthday and I've volunteered to do the 7 day cleanse thing. 
I think it works because after buying all the fruit and veg we cannot now afford chocolate and crisps. Expect Veg Rage posts next week! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *will try anything once* Radiostar xxx

Saturday 20 June 2015

My day

My day yesterday ( Friday ) was full of work and cake! 

Things that made me laugh at work:-

Being innocently asked, by a child working on the computer, putting pictures on a word document of a little cartoon Robin
" Miss, howd'you flip the bird?" The child asked over and over and I was crying on the inside dying not to laugh!! 

The child who rushed to put their jumper on to qualify for a prize ticket that had ALREADY been drawn ...
The ticket gets drawn
The children stand up
Then they are eliminated eg it's a girl ( so the boys sit down), the winner has sandals on ( so all the shoe wearers sit down ) etc till the winner is left standing! The class love it. 
Yesterday the ticket was drawn, the class stood up.. 
The winner is wearing a jumper......
Cue the rush to put the jumper on..

The next thing that made me laugh was reading some of their stories. There was the one with the unfortunate handwriting who was writing about 'this guy' throughout. Except they'd used an 'a' instead of the 'u'! 
'suddenly a 'guy' appeared.... 
Then the 'guy' walked quickly down to the shops etc! My mirth was uncontrollable for a while. By the end of the story there were enough 'guys' to start a Mardi Gras parade! 

Another story spoke of bravery and adventure as the lead character went on a mission of climbing volcanoes, tunnelling down mountains, parachuting and going to a shopping centre! 

Here's a photo of the test paper that made the class staff howl. The story, the children were answering questions about, was a Canadian story of how a family escaped a bear attack by climbing up into their loft. The ladder saved them by being their escape to safety and then by falling,  it hit the bear and startled it making it leave the house.... 

 I love this class. I need to keep a record of the things they say because I do keep forgetting! Every. Single. Day. Is a joy to go to work! 

The cake. It was huge! I had to cut it into quarters to store it in two large cake tins!
Here's what it looked like on the inside! 
Trying to re home it! 

To round off this morning's post before I drag my weary carcass out of my bed I'll share what I think is the most gorgeous flower in my garden with you! It's another photo of those anemones I showed you yesterday. I bought the bulbs last year. I left them on the side in the kitchen to the point of mouldiness, I planted then about a month after they said I should! I hope they come back next year!  I am going to see if I can find them again to buy some more because I think they'd look magnificent in clumps rather than casually dotted around like I did. ie I just shoved them quickly into the soil wherever!! 
Not bad for an iPhone photo I don't think!

I wish you could smell these! They are in my front garden. You get the most heavenly sweet perfume, almost like Parma violets, wafting towards you as you approach my house! I think I said yesterday, passers by stop to admire and sniff!! 

Harry News now...
Last but not least here is the beautiful Harry. ( I think all this 'graduating' from Nursery is absolute bonkers RUBBISH! ) But look, without it we wouldn't have this impossibly adorable photo! He's very excited about starting school. All he wants is his jumper and his book bag! He will have his own 1-2-1 Teaching Assistant as well as a VI teacher to teach him Braille.  He's a very clever little chap already so I know he'll be completely flying at school in September! I would say that because I'm an adoring Aunty. 

Ok, enough ramblings! Time to get up. Saturday will feature visiting the Heart patient, weeding, shopping, cleaning, washing, knitting, sorting out etc etc 
Not christened tea yet, so that'll be a surprise! I think I'll start the day with stripping the bed, a shower and a brew. In that order! 

Play nice folks 

Lots of love from

Rachel *waffling on and on and on* Radiostar xxx

Thursday 18 June 2015


I tried my best to burn down my house tonight! 
I'd made a delicious carbonara for tea and was sat eating it: about halfway through the meal I began mentally complaining about the selfish neighbours with a bonfire. I then complained out loud. 
"Can you smell smoke?" I enquired of the usually nasally rubbish HG. 
"Yes." Was his shocking reply. Shocking because he normally cannot smell anything. 
As I neared the kitchen door I could hear what could only be described as 'sissing'. 
Hesitantly I opened the door into the kitchen. Thick. Black. Smoke! 
Cheeky neighbours lighting their bonfire in my kitchen.. 
Ok ok I confess, I'd left the pan I'd made the carbonara in, on the hob. The sissing sound was the sound of the induction hob casually melding the innards of the pan. The delightfully eye stinging black smoke was coming from the well n truly almost alight wooden spoon!! 
Yikes! Close call there. 
Pan is saved. But rather like Shireen Baratheon, the spoon is well and truly burned to ashes! Game of Thrones reference there. I'm still distraught over the end of the series. ( Heck, I'm still distraught about what they did to Ned Stark. )
 So my Firstborn turned 21 and was thoroughly spoilt! The cake turned out better than I thought considering I just basically whacked various grades of ganache at it. Due to extreme tiredness,plus working full time, piping really wasn't an option. 
The cake was cut through several times and slathered in cream. 
I added some ganache coating and used a little knife to create a cupcake case sequel effect... 
There is a full 600ml of double cream on and in this cake! 

The little Beatrix Potter candles have been in my drawer for ooooo 21years waiting for this day! They were bought for her when she was baby. 
Mrs Tiggywinkle is my favourite. 

Ma in law is home and safely ensconced at the HG's Sister's house and is recovering nicely. Thank you all for your well wishes. 
Right am off to bed now as its gone Midnight! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *overtired* Radiostar xxx 


Tuesday 16 June 2015

21yrs ago I was still childless!

Until 9.54pm on June 17th 1994 when #1 aka the uni one was born. That's tomorrow! It seems like yesterday. 

This week has been non stop with work and visiting. It's day 7 for Ma in Law and after a really good start. There's been a few uppy downy days but hopefully she'll be home within the next few days. 

I've not gone tonight as I've been making a requested chocolate fudge cake for the birthday girl. I've used a brand new tin that's been in the cupboard for ages! I erm 'caramelised' it a bit! I had to cover it with foil to save it whilst the inside cooked! 
And after.....

Much ganaching will take place shortly! I will take a photo of it slathered in chocolatey cream tomorrow.
Here's the knitting so far... 
As you can see the lace is s l o w to g r o w!!! But I love to knit it.
I love the blues in this one. It's so soft too! 
I think I've cracked the pattern!  

Now for some more  lovely purples from my garden...

I forgot totally that I'd planted these anemones last Autumn. They are just stunning! Please ignore the dandelions in the background.I've not weeded in forever. 
My Rhapsody in Blue Rose has been neglected of late but it clearly bears no grudges because it's putting on a massive show now and it's the ONLY flower I've EVER EVER EVER loved the scent of. It's beautiful. I've witnessed people walking by, stop to admire it and sniff it!!! 
Last but not least two sweet little cornflowers which were from a free packet of seeds in a box of cornflakes I think! 
Right, I've hoovered. Just going to quickly dust then heat some cream to boiling point. 

Take care everyone. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *could fall asleep standing up* Radiostar xxx