Tuesday 8 March 2022

Pancake Day

 Just a quick post before I go stand in front of the cooker for what will seem like an eternity! Of all mum Mum jobs, making pancakes ranks on the worst jobs list! 


And that's all I had to say about that! 

It's now Tuesday, one week later.

The war in Ukraine is worse. I can't bear to watch the news. I've donated warm clothes and money to pay for it's passage at the local pub. I've donated to the Red Cross. I feel so helpless. 

It's been a week at work and then some. Nurture has been very difficult and challenging but today we had a proper laugh out loud moment. Thank you g oo gley image search for the photo

One little nurture being struggles with speech and communication but is now more brave with their voice and speaking in 4 word sentences. 

They have a jacket potato with cheese every single day without fail for lunch. Every day I ask what did you choose for lunch?

aaa eee n sheeee is the habit formed answer.

so today I got them saying juh juh juh jump jump jack jack 

jack ..it 


jack....it potato

What did you choose for your lunch?


It gave me and my work chum a right old chuckle - obviously not in front of the cherub! It's up there with the 5 year old telling us this week ( just prior to exclusion ) 

I'm NOT going to that FUCKING mat!!!! 

Reader - they did indeed go to that fucking mat and they stayed there for the allotted 5 minutes and once in control of themselves, said that they said a bad word. Not sure if that was before or after I got booted in the face or my workchum got badly bitten! 

Anyway a little post from me.

Lots of love from 

Rachel *I prefer beans with my Jack Shit* Radiostar xx


  1. Oh, that's funny - the story, I mean, not the circumstances, obviously. I like tuna mayo!
    (must plan jackshits more often!)
    I'm very glad they went to the mat - clever you!

  2. Blimey, 5 year olds are a dangerous breed! It did make me laugh though.

  3. I'm a cheese on jackshit myself, but I don't like beans. The mat cherub sounds delightful, hopefully you did not have to meet the parents, that must have been a joy for someone.

  4. Ha! I did laugh over that little one's speech difficulties! :-). I have to add I am quite a "Jackshit" fan myself too! Shame about the violence though! As for pancakes...I agree! I love to esat them but its a drag to cook them :-). Take care...wear your armour! Amanda x

  5. I love a jackshit potato. In fact they're on the menu tomorrow night. If I didn't know you worked in education I'd have you down as being in the SAS the amount of times you're assaulted! I've had to limit myself watching the news. The sight of families having to say goodbye to each other is just heart breaking. xx


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