Sunday 31 January 2016

Giddy yup!

Here's my VAIR posh ticket from my VAIR posh day out, last Saturday, at the races! I had to tie it to my necklace as I didn't have any button holes or straps to attach it to! We had to wear it at all times, to make sure we didn't have to mix with great unwashed!! 

The firm the HG works for sub contractually,laid on this day as a thank you to all the people who work for them. When he brought home the information months before Christmas, I'll admit I wasn't right fussed. If I'm honest, it could have been because I've never done it before. It could also have been due to the  fat phase I'm in so I don't feel great in myself. It could also have been down to the fact it was so close to the Tax Self Assessment date and the weekends are only my free time really to do them. ( Really I think, know the social avoidance diagnosis I developed with my depression, has never fully gone away )

But I had to be brave. 

 He said we'd go. Details were to follow. Christmas came and went. No details emerged. Probably due to the bosses' house being totally flooded and ruined, some of the business premises were under water too. To be honest I assumed it'd have been cancelled and was inwardly happy about this. Not the flooding! That was truly devastating. They are still not back in their house. Unimaginable really. 

Then the message came, we'd be picked up at 10am and the dress code was now jacket and tie for men/smart for ladies and children as we'd been upgraded to the panoramic viewing suite, full table waiter service. This had me panicking a little. Now I had to wear strong magic knickers in order to wear my smart dress!  

Right up to the night before I did a little bit of whinging and whining, secretly hoping the HG would say that we didn't have to go. However, he didn't. 

So on Friday I did a little bit of research about Haydock. I looked up at what to expect. I did that old psychology trick of pretending I was looking forward to it. I had a long pampering bath. I laid out my clothes. Saturday would be here soon enough! 

We got up, got ready - it was like getting dressed up and ready to go to a wedding! I liked my dress and cardigan combo. I had my new flat no hurty feet for me long black boots on and for once, my make up was less drag queenie than normal AND my hair was ok! We got a taxi to the meeting place, ended up going to the pub for coffee to wait as the coach was running an hour late. This was actually a good thing ish. The bonus was, I had rhe chance to chat to the HG's colleague and his wife who were being picked up with us. She was a lovely lady and there were no awkward moments! I admitted I was a racing virgin and she promised I'd be fine! 

By the time the coach came I didn't feel as intimidated as I would have been ( the last ones getting on a full coach ) 

Why I was worrying I have no idea. They are all a friendly bunch - I've met them before - and they were all drinking prosecco!! The coach was a posh one and the journey took no time at all! Once we got there and picked up our race tickets we went to the Park Suite. 
Posh people as far as the eye can see!!  
We had great views of the race course. 

And, get this, our own exclusive balcony!

It was so exciting! We were shown to our table, the drinks were brought to us and the HG's workmate showed me how to fill in the tote betting slip - a bit like the lottery and we studied our free to us posh lot, £3 to the oiks, racing day programme! Don't worry, I was the proverbial oiky wolf dressed in the posh sheep's clothing!!! 

Because we were an hour late, I didn't get down to the trackside bookies to put a bet on 

But it was ok, we had our own bookie in the corner. He was a sweet older gent who treated us newbies so kindly. Smiling as he took our money! Genuinely pleased when we went back for our winnings! And there was a lot of crossing the sumptuously thick carpet to collect winnings! 

My good chum Barb from work's son had given me plenty of tips! I studied the form, bet on his tips and won!! Although 
In this race the horse circled didn't win. The one called 'It's a freebee' did! Wish I had bet on it because we were all laughing on the table about how we were here one free day out!
I didn't take any photos of the meal, but it was delicious. We had parsnip and cardamom soup to start. Roast beef and Yorkshire puds for main and a giant slab of sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream for pud! 

There's a possibility we were on TV too as two of the men got texts saying they'd been spotted on TV! I forgot to tape it though and couldn't find it on catch up! 

After we left Haydock, the coach dropped us off in town and we went for cocktails! 

It was a brilliant day. I'm so glad I went. I'm hooked!! Can't wait to go again! Though I think I've been spoiled by the whole corporate experience! It's that or nothing!! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * Best ring Gamblers Anonymous * Radiostar xxx

Saturday 30 January 2016


Please enjoy this photo of my Roast Chicken Dinner from Wednesday teatime. 
I knooowwww! Homemade yorkshires. On a Wednesday!!! 
All this was, of course, my way of putting off doing the books. 

I'm currently in phase 'inadvertently tidy ALL the stash letters places, hunting down a non existent Voluntary Nat Ins letter, in a panic, because how have I lost it when I'm meticulous about stuffing all work related things in the secure safe punk and orange work stuff bag where the books are kept -  but don't worry because a 13 minute phone call to HMRC through the minefield of press one if you're an idiot caller options - tells me what I though I already knew - it's all done online now - TFFT as the post office is shutting in 14 minutes.' It is a long phase to have to go through on  Saturday morning. 
Secure HG Accounts bag. 
We do have a filing cabinet but it's full of instructions for printers and things from 100 years ago! Besides, I know where everything is in my bag of carefully sorted bank statements and receipts etc! 

Time for phase brew now! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *Radiostar Accountancy MD & general dogsbody* Radiostar xxx 

Monday 25 January 2016

Monday Quickie

I'm going to reply to comments and then I'll have to go to work. I'll be back to tell you about my fantastic weekend at some point. Not sure when that point will be as I'm doing the HG's books. Every year at this time I declare to my dining room walls that I'm going to do the books once a month. Of course, both the walls and I know it's a downright outrageous lie! In fact I work best to a deadline and I enjoy the martyrdom of it!! 

I can't remember if I told you what I was doing this Saturday or where we've been. But I will say, it was my first time. I was apprehensive. Narked at the HG for saying we were going. And then had one of the best day/night's out ever!! Needless to say we will be doing it again!! 

Right, apple update to do. Then books to start. Bins already successfully deployed! I'm covering the class this morning and they'll be thrilled by the work the teacher has left! Oh, I'll just tell you one of the things that was said to me this week. 

It was a maths lesson. We were working on word problems. 
Me: so, can you now tell me how we can work this out? 
Child: oh, wait, you mean I just have to add these up? 
Me: YES ( it had taken us 40 minutes to get to this point )
Child: This is so simple! This is as easy as putting a jet pack on a power llama. 
Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Right, cheerio for now X 

Lots of love from

Rachel *reluctant accountant* Radiostar xxx

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Did it!

The first time ever in the history of me wearing my new watch! 10,000 steps done! I'm like an Olympic ( sized ) Athelete!!  I have checked and done scientific experiments too by 'pretending' to walk when I'm sat on my arse on the sofa, moving my arm backwards and forwards as if I'm walking, but the count doesn't go up!! 

Last night, whilst taking my precious baby boy to his karate class ( because somebody might try and get my six foot brawny, one belt away from a black belt angel so he could not possibly walk when it's dark ) we popped into Sainsrobbers. 
SEVENTY QUID! The robbing bar stewards. The only things I bought were two blocks of ready made dessert pastry down to 19p each and three microwaveable kids pasta meals with tomato and marscepone cheese sauce for 29p each. They are just right for my lunch for a change and for 29p each I'd not be able to make it for that! ( Prolly could to be honest if I got smart price everything and used a slow cooker! ) 
The HG also bought me ( I'm so spoilt! ) one of those fat free meringues, the brand new Everest DVD because I adore a good disaster movie and this first edition knitting thingy.

99p - worth it for the wool, because to be honest, I was getting desperate for a ball of wool or two.....

I was also wearing a new perfume last night. He had the matching aftershave. We got it from his Mother's. Eau de rank burnt cabbage soup. I honestly thought I'd stepped right into a David Walliams story. We visit her before we have to go collect the Precious from the Sport's Centre. As soon as we walked it I was hiding my dry heaves! It stank. The sulphurious scent would have stopped a warthog in it's tracks. She merrily informed us that she couldn't smell a thing!! Laughing as she squirted Vanilla and lotus flower air freshener everywhere which only made me gip more!! Let me tell you, vanilla infused burnt veg soup is not a pleasant odour. She'd made some soup in her soup maker, but it'd caught on the bottom. 

Caught??? CAUGHT??? Think it was well on its way to carbonisation by the time she found it!! Oh it stank. And it was like that gift that keeps on giving. To our deepest of deep joys, we discovered that the turnippy tendrils had permeated our coats!! Oh man it was rotten!! It followed us all the way home! 

You know that song from Les Miserables, that Susan Boyle sang 
I dreamed a dream of time gone byyyy?? 

Got the tune in your head? 

Well here's my version. 

I smelled a smell of rotten veggggggg
Turned into soup and then cremateddddd

Anyway....before you go I'm raising awareness for my poor HG! Somebody save him! 

I've given him merry hell this morning!! 
Normally he sets off at 6.35-6.40am for work. The alarm goes off at 6am. We both get up. I go do the lunches and tidy the kitchen, then have my shower before 7am before I get sorted for work. Usually there's blogging activity like now, before work! 

Today he wasn't leaving until 8.20am ish

How lovely, no need to fling back the covers so early. 

However, this morning our darling Miss 21 pinged us through a photo of the cliff she'd climbed that morning. I don't have any issues with that at all. Here look. It's breathtaking. 

Although it looks a bit Cornwalley to me! Here's the view from the top. 

A bit Walesey too! 
The issues I had were with the HG. 
My phone is permanently on silent because of work I suppose. The HG's isn't. When he gets photos or messages et his phone does this really loud TRRRINNGGG sound. 

She sent the photos at 5.15am. 
So I was rudely awakened from my first full night's sleep for ages. 
Grrrr 1. 

Grrrr 2. The sodding alarm came on at 6am. Why on earth he hadn't switched it off last night OR at 5.15am photo time I have no idea. Clearly he enjoys being growled at, harrumphed at, glowered at, stamped around etc etc. 

Grrrrr 3. HE STILL DID NOT TURN IT OFF AT 6am. Or 6.15 or 7.00. The clock radio is on his side. I was not getting out of my warm bed to walk ALL the way round to turn it off, because that would have been too easy AND he claimed, when I jabbed him in the ribs and hissed in dulcet tones that he should turn the bloody radio off, that he was listening to it. Well I'll tell you what I listened to. His snoring over the top of the radio. 

Grrrr 4. The radio will not tune in to anything other than BBCRadio Lancashire - you know it's BBC Radio Lancashire because they tell you it's BBC Radio Lancashire every three and a half minutes. The presenter and his team are normally entertaining but this morning Graham Liver was getting right on my t*ts! He repeated himself constantly and I was getting more 

by the minute. By now I was proper moody! I got up, stomped about. Huffed and puffed. Made a right show of making the HG's  lunch. You know, overly dramatic buttering of bread. 

There were *scenes* over who loads the dishwasher correctly. It is me, by the way in case you wondered. 

There was high comedy from me ( I thought ) when the HG failed to get the lettuce out for his lunch because he said he wasn't sure what to get out. I marched over the the fridge, flung the door open fully back on its hinges and said 
Lettuce. Is. This. Green. Frilly. Stuff. I. Keep. In. This. Salad. Drawer. 

( What he'd meant was which lettuce to give me, there were two sorts, I think he was a bit frightened of giving me the wrong lettuce! )

We were of course laughing at each other by the time he was going. I slammed his butties into his hand and menaced " Make sure these don't choke you!" 

What a grumpy old cow I am!  Poor HG! 
But he should have turned the radio off. I didn't remember to do it but that's not the point!  I'm just so sleep deprived! 

I got in from work after a hard day. Can't recall an easy day for ages. The HG had got in first and had tidied and hoovered all through downstairs. Harmony was restored! 

Most of it was faux rage but I really was miffed at being woken early when there was no need! I could have slept through until 6.30am! A lie in! 

What has had you in a rage, faux or otherwise, lately? 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *Susan Boyle* Radiostar xxxx

Monday 18 January 2016

19 n n n n 19

Well, first of all, thank you so much for your well wishes! They worked! I'm much better than I was. 
Re: the 19 I refer to. It was the amount of comments I found en masse when I clicked on my blog last night! I was so excited and no one apart from the HG and Twitter to tell!! 
I've not got round to replying to them all yet, but I will! It's a thing I like to do. If someone has taken the time to comment, then I will give my time to respond. And honestly, a lot of the time, the comments are better than my post in the first instance! A lot of my comments mention how I can make them laugh - but the commenters are hilarious and I just feel so warm n fuzzy inside about it all! 

At 10:30am today I'll be 48hours symptom free. I'm going to work as I strongly suspect it was just bog standard D&V rather than NV ( in such a drama llama ) as the menfolks are fine and haven't succumbed. Thank goodness. We did all have full on NV a few years ago, one bleak week in November. We put the house in quarantine lock down. 

Anyway, I'm left with hurty sides like I did 1500 waist bends and coughing is tricky! Have found myself a bit phlegmy!! What a delightful word this time in the morning! 

But I must get sorted as I'm at work shortly. Think we've a classroom observation today and I'm going in with zero tolerance! I'm in a 'take no prisoners' mood. I'm tired and ranty about my missed weekend! But the ready Brek Glow from the bloggy love is counteracting it! 

I took out the tapestry last night to have a look at. 
You can either follow the stitch by colours side ( er yeah no brainer) or 
Act like you are insane, turn it over and follow the paper chart! 

 This pattern has been around since 2011! 
I think we all know which path I'll be taking! 

Have a great week folks! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * it's going to be a long day* Radiostar xxx

Saturday 16 January 2016


I've literally ( from my sick bed, more on this in a minute ) left a comment on Mrs Teatowel's blog about her romantic vision of watching big fat fluffy snowflakes falling from the warm cosy kitchen! 

I've looked out from my warm cosy bed out of my bedroom window and it's snowing! Those great big fat fluffy snowflakes!! 

I wish I was well enough to be baking cookies in my warm cosy kitchen, however, the NORO VIRUS came and found me, dragged me out of my bed at 3am and kept me busy both ends so to speak until 10.30am. 
Active symptoms, lets politely call them, ceased around 10.30am. Leaving its host, feeling wretched, wrung out and pathetic! It's now nearly 12 hours since the wake up call and I think I must be in recovery as I'm starting to feel aggrieved at missing out on my Saturday. I've not even the inkling or the energy to even pick up the knitting. I've sipped some water and I'm now seeing how the land lies.... 
If I can summo the energy shortly, I'll order the teen to run me a bath. 

Maybe it's been brewing all week hence my nowty nature! I'm hoping it bogs off as quickly as it arrived. 

Although, I'm upto around 9000 steps a day now according to my daily message from my watch ( 8000 of those yesterday and the day before were down to constantly retrieving a reluctant cherub for on the toilets ( hello Noro?? ) back to the stuffy germ ridden classroom! 
I'm a bit cross I didn't have it on last night because I reckon all my 100m landing dash sprints would have taken me over that magic 10000 step mark!

Oooo it's snowing heavily now. It's sticking too.  Shame my tree isn't still up, it'd have made a cracking photo! 

Thanks for all your comments - which I've now replied to, and it's lovely to see a few new names too! The more the merrier I say! 

Right that's enough attention seeking from me for one day! 
Lots of love from 

Rachel *don't come too close* Radiostar xx 

Friday 15 January 2016


That's what time it is now. I'm awake and cannot get back to sleep. I woke up with crippling heartburn, during a very very strange dream about chicken feet!!

The heartburn's because we ate tea very late but a gaviscon tablet has cured that. The throaty/ears that arrived Wednesday afternoon after Lego Therapy, thankfully disappearing during the worst Thursday at work for a long time, are making themselves felt again. Along with a snotty nose! Also, my shoulder is itchy. Another sign I'm fighting a cold!

Work is bloody hard right now. Yesterday was so full on I could have cried at home time. My brain was full of other's angst, and the neediness was relentless. I'm not sure how much more I can take.

So much so I think I'd convinced myself when I woke up just now that it was Saturday.

Le sigh. One more day until Saturday.

Miss 21 is having the time of her life in New Zealand. The photos she is sending are amazing.
She went to The Lost Springs yesterday. Shes in Whitianga which she says is pronounced PHitianga. She's off on a glass bottomed boat today. She's on North Island at the moment. Later on on her trip she's off to Milford Sound, which is South Island I think, to go whale watching.

Tonight, when we nipped to the Supermarket for bread, I noticed all the turkeys in the freezer were half price, so I gobbled one up into my trolley for the freezer! It'll do for Easter.

During a lighter moment in class today I was charming my group with the little rhyme my beloved Nanna taught me. It never fails to get me chuckling. I think I've mentioned it before on my blog.

When you're dancing with your honey,
And his nose is rather runny,
Don't think that it's funny
'Cause it's not.


Here are a few photos nicked off FB that have also made me laugh out loud. I need lots of humour in my life right now else I'd crack up!

Not seen Pam in a while - hope all's well Pamela X 

I'm going to try to get back to sleep now.

Lots of love from

Rachel *Thank you for listening* Radiostar xxx

Monday 11 January 2016

*That way out*

I'm *That way out* tonight. Or as the HG so eloquently puts it 
I must've seen my arse!! 

Something at work made me all 'meh' and 'grrrr' and it made me want to sing the alternative version to Disney's Let it go.** 

Anyway I came home and took it out on the menfolks and was generally a right moody mare. 

I had a cheese salad for tea but before you think wow, well done - the cheese was full fat and pudding was half a packet of 
That I got for 
I couldn't resist! I do like real CDM. I think people who profess to only like the 90% solids stuff are liars! It's disgusting!! ( it's not and they aren't- I'm just that way out remember! ) 

This came the other day. 
I can't wait to start this but I need to crack on with the jumper! 

I saw this on FB and it helped to soothe my mood somewhat. I'm planning on using this as a starter as a circle time discussion. I'll adapt it somewhat to fit the children. I'll get them to come up with a list of their daily niggles and turn it on its head. 

I'm now off to chill with a 'Four in a bed' or two to try and distract my raaaar and encourage some inner peace X 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *Rantypants* Radiostar xx 

**Go on you tube, type in Let it go parody!!! 
I'm sorry. ( not sorry at all ) 

Sunday 10 January 2016

So it's Poetry Sunday!

It's not a national poetry day or anything! It's just me. 

Why do the weekends go so fast? 

Yesterday I spent mainly being at one with my washer! Feeding it, emptying it, feeding it, emptying it etc etc! After a bloggy comment catch up with Helen Frugal Knitwit, I've had this little poem flying round in my head 

What is it with Teens? 

What is it with Teens
And their obsession with jeans?
The long skinny ones
Are the choice of my sons's. 

They are all deep dark blue
And he hasn't a clue
How I'm not all that keen 
On getting them clean. 

What is it with Teens
And their skinny blue jeans? 
When I was his age
They were also the rage! 

But the big difference is
1 to me, 6 of his! 
My one lonely pair did me for the week
and the next, and the next and the next so to speak! 

Not so of my boy who clearly needs more
It might be to do how they carpet his floor
He's told and he's asked
To get on with the task

Of picking them up day after day
To please pick them up and to put them away
If this occurred, there would be no needing 
Of epic proportion washing machine feeding. 

I blame the parents I say
For spoiling him in that way
He's such a spoilt brat 
They brought him up like that! 

Six pairs of them landed in front of my feet
All to be washed on a very low heat. 
Should be inside out but clearly they're not 
One leg in, one leg out, twisted boxers in a knot. 

Bloody skinny blue jeans in the wash pile alarms
Can't get down the legs with my fat stubby arms
There's grunting and groaning and putting up a good fight
I'm twisting the legs with all of my might

It's like blue jeans aerobics for all the good mums
Who pamper and bow down and look after their sons! 
Finally ready in the washer they go
On a delicate wash, the label says so! 

But be warned, the adventure does not end there
They've to be bloody dried with the utmost of care
They've got twisted seams that are meant to be in
How can they feel comfy next to the skin???

The label says not to go in the dryer
Or over an airer in front of the fire
Bloody skinny blue jeans, the bain of my life
I thinks it's high time, the boy got a wife!

The end! 
By Rachel * written in six minutes* Radiostar! 

Thursday 7 January 2016

Landed and through customs!

Phew what a fraught week it's been! I've many blog posts of yours to catch up on and comments to reply to. I'm just shattered. But I'm also dead proud of myself!! 
Even prouder of my girl. 
Her first ever flight and she did it big style! 
I'm proud of myself for letting her go! My darling Aunty said to me and the HG. We gave her roots and we gave her wings! ( I thought We also gave her the airfare! ) 

Timeline of the last few days. Times are all a bit mixed up due to time zones etc! I'm too tired to properly convert them etc! 
Fasten your seatbelt. Here we go! 

3.12am - waved Miss 21 off
5.22am - text off Miss 21 

" Checked in waiting to hand my bag over, leaving here at 7:55 land in Amsterdam at 10:20 leave at 1230 and arrive in China at 6:45 tomorrow then I get to New Zealand at 6:40 but it will be 7 here on Wednesday night "

(9.00 - 5.30pm - zombie at work)
9.47am Message to say she's landed in Amsterdam
10.29am Message to say she's about to get on the next plane 
But we also got these gorgeous pictures 

I got through work somehow. 

5.30pm - 10pm - fretted
10pm - 1.30am  - in bed fretfully snoozing

1.30am ( Wed morning ) - messages withMiss 21. 
She'd landed in China after 11 hours on the plane. Her ears hurt. She was fine. The bottled water tasted horrid. 
She'd had sweet chilli pork for her tea and omelette for her breakfast. She had a seven hour wait for the next plane. 

2.30am my message! 


She chose to ignore that! 

Needless to say I didn't really sleep soundly after that! Although according to the HG I was full on snoring! I never heard anything!! 

6.15am dragged myself out of bed and was like a zombie on edge all day

6pm ish 
The Guangzhou flight is hers 
Her friends in NZ who were waiting for her sent me this! 
I breathed a huge sigh of relief! The plane had landed. Now we just had to wait to see that a) she was on it and b) she got through customs! 

After an agonising wait this came 

Then the one that made me cry 

Awww, made me all teary again! It's frankly the absolutely best photo I've seen in forever. 

Sooo finally I could chill and relax and just  go to bed! 
It was Wednesday the 6th. 12th Night! I had to
Take. The. Tree. Down. 
( I was convinced I had til Thursday, absolutely convinced! ) 
It didn't take long, though I was almost on my knees with knackeredness! 

Bye bye Father Christmas Tree Topper in your cloak of purple velvet for another year! He's as old as Miss 21! 

That'll do for today! I'm done in X 

Lots of love from

Rachel *has a Daughter down under* Radiostar xxx 

Tuesday 5 January 2016


That was the time I set my alarm for.

Earlier on I refrained from whinging and moaning about the bloody pots her and the young man had left at tea time. I seethed inwardly and silently as she just dumped her coat and boots in the dining room. 

I went to bed about 10pm to TRY to sleep. I think I fell asleep about 11.30 ish. I woke with a start at 2am in full on heart thudding panic mode convinced I'd slept through the alarm. Then I was just laid there til the alarm did go off. I got up, made sure madam was up, which they were and went downstairs. 

The bags were triple checked for all travel stuff. I fuss fuss fussed her. Theo was strapped in, she was hugged, told she was loved and waved off with all the Bon Voyages in the world wished upon her. 

Me n the HG trudged back inside freezing cold now. I went to stand forlornly in her bedroom doorway to feel all fondness and love. 

Imagine that sound when a record gets the needle abruptly scratched across it to a stop. 

It is EXACTLY like that Tracey Emin's art exhibit. 

It is a tip! I am far too ashamed to take a photo! I'm FURIOUS!!! Bloody kids lol
Still, I don't know why I'm acting all surprised. She was tidying her room for seven solid years through teenagedom!
It'll give me something to do while she's not here!! 

I've just been looking for some photos of when we decorated it for her. It's a gorgeous room! Just not at the moment! 

You can't even see that beautiful carpet at the moment! 

It's 8am and she'll be in the sky now. ( good job else I'd be throttling her!! ) 
This is the text she sent at just past 5am this morning. 

 Checked in waiting to hand my bag over, leaving here at 7:55 land in Amsterdam at 10:20 leave at 1230 and arrive in China at 6:45 tomorrow then I get to Newzealand at 6:40 but it will be 7 here on Wednesday night 

I've friended the two girls she's going exploring with and all I have to do now is wait to hear she got there safely and then watch the Internet to see all the photos. 

I feel sick right now, just sheer tiredness as I didn't sleep properly the night before either! The children are back in school today and it's going to seem like a LONG LONG time until I finish! 

I'm off for some breakfast! 
Lots of love from 

Rachel *zombie* Radiostar xxx 

Monday 4 January 2016

Monday 4th January

Firstly, do pop yourselves along to the jolly lovely and gorgeous Amanda over at Crafty in the Med. She was one of my first followers and one of the first blogs I found to read when I was starting out. Anyway, if you are quick, she's got a GIVEAWAY on the go!

It was also my first day back at work and the inset was all about First Aid. 
It all went rather smoothly and I have no funny tales to tell! Not one!

Miss 21 is gearing up for her trip tomorrow. We'll all be up at 3am to see her off to the airport. Her young man is taking her. He's then taking Theo to Newcastle. It's going to be not strange because I'm used to her not being here with Uni etc. Just awful that it's so far away and I'll not settle till she gets there safely.

First of all the planes need to not crash/blow up/be shot down etc
Then she needs to not get planted with drugs
Then she needs to stay safe and not be a back packer murdered on holiday statistic.

In other news, have a look at my lovely new half price rug. It feels so lovely in bare feet! 

Sleeve 1 part 1 of 2 is done. A massive 6hrs 37minutes this took! I'll cast on sleeve 1 part 2 of 2 later. 
That's my other new half price rug it's on! 

This was one of this year's new additions to the tree. I like stars! 

The HG is in from work and I've not got tea on yet!! 
Right must go and get sorted.

Love from
Rachel * on edge * Radiostar xx

Sunday 3 January 2016

Still up

Took this last night whilst we watched a film that cost 49 MILLION dollars to make. It was called Chappie. A 2015 film starring Hugh Jackman ( the draw for me to be honest ) and Sigourney Weaver. Think Extreme Robocop and you are part way there. It's set in South Africa and it was very gory and violent and sweary! 

I also watched Billionaire Boy. It was brilliant! We've read the book at work and I do get rather hysterical reading the words Bum Fresh aloud the more I read it!!! It's a good story and I just loved the lad who played Joe Spud! Destined for big things I imagine! The Ruffington School motto made me chuckle. "Doing The Best We Can." Also the teacher was spot on and scarily like me!!! 
I play classical music "because it's good for the brain" when they are reading and I do say "it doesn't need a discussion" a lot!! I really enjoyed it. 
As well as sitting on my bum, 
I spent yesterday putting away every single other scrap of Christmas except my tree which stays till The 6th. The HG was stricken with man flu yesterday but I kept the whinging to a minimum by applying round the  clock max strength 
drug cocktails and faux sympathy!! 
I cleaned the fridge out a little. The only thing I've thrown away is some manky sprouts and some pate, so Christmas waste was minimal. It was bound to be, I don't buy in excess. There's a saving jar thingy I've seen on FB. Hang on let me get a photo 
I might start this, but I reckon I'll forget or I'll not have the right/enough actual change in the house to do it!!! Also by December it'll be a fortune lol 
I might do it backwards!! I'll have to start with some I.O.U.s!

Back to work tomorrow, I have to take two forms of ID with me. Why????? Why does the First Aid training people need me to prove who I am? The whole staff is being trained en masse. I'm quite affronted by the whole ID thing frankly. 

It is not adding to my generally less than normal sunny nature today. 

It's my last full day ( thanks to bloody work ) with Miss 21. She and the BF went out last night after asking us to go with them- sweet but we declined due to man flu reasons ( plus they should spend it together ). 
As yet, no one has surfaced! It's going to be brutal tomorrow! I did wake at 6.30am but I ignored my bladder and went back to sleep. I reawoke mid assembly time! 9.11am! All three of us are back at work tomorrow. I WAS going to start my 'must eat less' regime yesterday, but didn't. I'm not sure about today either as I know there's a piece of Christmas Cake left! In all honesty it'll prob start will good intentions tomorrow morning! I'll ignore the staff pub lunch tradition that seems to have started on inset days. 

I'm writing this after I just had my first bath of 2016. I used my No7 smellies the HG got me. I'm knocking myself sick with the cloying smell actually!!! I don't do strongly scented stuff. I'm making myself dry heave!! I might have to go shower it off!! Then hair dry and clean out Barry! My life is so glamorous rock and roll! 

What are you lot up to today? 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *meh* Radiostar xxx 

Friday 1 January 2016

Four Eleven.

4:11am is the moment Mr 18 got in. 
My relaxing NYE in front of the telly  - DID YOU SEE PANDA BABIES? - got a whole heap frettier once we were informed that Mr 18 was going out with his friends into town. 
I warned him about alcohol poisoning and that he could die. 
I warned him about hypothermia- also he could die - I did actually make him go back and put  a t shirt on under his shirt because he was going out without a coat!! 
I warned him to stay away from morons and dickheads who were just out looking for trouble. 
I took his photo to mark the occasion ( and also so the police would have an accurate description image should they need it for when I rang them to say he's not come home ) ( I'm not even kidding!!! ) 
His mate Dave arrived to pick him up. 

I told him to have a good time!! 
I did!! 
It was his first significant night out. I don't know if I worried more because he's my only child left at home, or whether it's because he's a boy or whether he's that much quieter and less social than his sister!! 

My friends ( unhelpfully) reminded me of when we used to go out without a coat on and get absolutely leathered on Diamond Whites and vodka!! But the pubs shut at 11pm then and no club was open past 2am. And no one seemed to get stabbed and set upon for no reason. 

Anyway, he sent me a Happy New Year message at midnight. Me and Jools woke the HG to do the same. I stayed awake what iffing till 2am. I sent the boy a text instructing him to come and wake me to let me know he's in. 
At 4.10am the HG woke me to tell me he wasn't in yet. The HG hadn't really slept at all!! At 4.11am, just as I picked up my phone to ( RING THE POLICE ALL HYSTERICAL) see if Mr 18 had texted back - he had!! "OK" was his reply. The front door opened and in he rolled! The HG went to check him over to see everything was alright and he went straight to bed!! 

I've been to check he hasn't choked to death on his own vomit and he's still asleep! He'll probably have a bad head! But also some happy memories of a great night out with his pals! Like I do, with mine!! 

I'm glad this right of passage is done. This parenting lark gets harder!! Bring back toddler tantrums and potty training!  

Today there is roast beef for tea. The Dining room will be de- decked and I'll knit a bit having not done any yesterday! 

The first of the month and I forgot to say white rabbits!! Mind you I can't be that unlucky; I won £10 on the Postcode Lottery, I've two great offsprings and a lovely HG. There's food in the fridge and cupboards and it was payday yesterday! So until all the bills zap out electronically, money in the bank!! I've a job I love, hobbies to do, loads of friends. 
I'm a bit of a spoilt brat compared to some. So 2016, lets be having you! 

This picture made me laugh. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *a few more worry lines* Radiostar xxx