Monday 12 September 2011

Well, a tentative return to Blogland...

No thanks, I do not want to try to updated Blogger interface right now. It's taking maximum brain power to fire up the laptop and sit here and write.

I will fill you in on my medical journey through hell, just not today. I was in hospital, life threateningly ill, and now I'm out on the long slow road to recover enough to have another operation.

I think I am definitely less yellow - though at the minute look and feel like a death hag from hell with the most twiglet like legs you will ever see on a fat person. Lost a lot of weight, but none from the areas I needed to most. FFS life you are one cruel bastard.

I caught up on Lisa's blog and made a few comments and over next few days I will do the same with everyone elses. I'm not up to full humour speed yet either.

That's it for now Blogland - see you soon xxx