Wednesday 31 March 2021

The tiniest bit of up cycling, gardening and a fond farewell.

 Well it’s Wednesday of the first half term and it’s warm up North. 

The title refers to this little project what I just did. 

I’m outside. Saying two fond farewells. One to the gorgeous mini daffs in the build it yourself planter I got from Miss 25 for Mother’s Day. It came through the letterbox! Very clever. That and it’s plastic liners will be reused for a little bit of flat leaf parsley growing. 

And the other farewell is to my beloved purple wellies. I’ve had them nigh on a decade. They watched the Olympic Torch pass through our city on the wettest day ever in the world. I don’t think I’d had them long. They have served me well. The HG bought me a new pair of purple wellies two years ago to replace these and I’ve been wearing them ‘one last time’ for two years! Always by the front door, ready to put on. They’ve been tight on my legs, then roomy and on the way to

Snug again! They are actually children’s which is why they are probably a bit work on the heels. 

Anyway. The HG drilled some holes in them for me. I’ve added pebbles and compost, I’ve planted the daffs from Miss 25 and sprinkled some seeds on the top and topped with the moss that came with the daffs. I’ve placed them in the garden and all is well. 

Bluebell is playing with her new ball I bought her. It’s a kong supposedly indestructible

We are going to go for a short wander later as we did 7 miles yesterday. That was 20,000 steps for me! I suspect though, she did more than thrice both my stats! She had a first dip in the sea. The shore was packed full of socially distant groups and it was so lovely to see all the not that socially distant reunions going on. I chatted to a few elderly dears out walking on their own and we revelled in the joy of the happiness all around. 

I’ve seen one of my sisters today and will see
My Mum tomorrow as the forecast is still good, then my boy and the HG are at home from Friday and all will be well. 
Have been doing a little bit of knitting and enjoying it. Hand on heart out of all
The creative things I do, I think I love knitting the best. Though so definitely need my glasses the most for that one! 
Hope your days are lovely. 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *needs to shave the bottom of her legs and get the 3/4 leggings out* Radiostar ( even though snow is forecast for Monday! )

Friday 26 March 2021

A two week break.

 From school! Might enjoy a bit of blogtime now. 

Catch up on everyone soon

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Week 3 TNB


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about my frock! 

So March 22nd sees the start of my Fast 800 week 3 adventure ! 

Measuring day is a Monday and I am so pleased to announce that 

Incredible! Also another inch off my waist. 
Hey Tracey, it’s called Fast 800
There is a lot more of information out there and Dr Micheal Mosley has done TV programmes about it and it’s all based on science and insulin etc and at heart I am a scientist - specifically a biologist. 
It’s very very very different to SW which served me well but as I wrote in another post I was unable to get back to it successfully. 

Basically when you sign up you get to access the massive database of menus and they then give you a sample menu for the week, which you can chop and change according to tastes and dietary preferences. This then creates a shopping list which makes it easier in one respect as in taking the hard work out of it. The shopping list is ordered by classification of foodstuffs. I wouldn’t say it’s very much more expensive than a normal shop. 
Yesterday I made
Orange ‘ice cream’ 
and Mediterranean chicken. 
As ever - photos not in any relevant order! 

Using good quality real ingredients has to be better for me than endless mullerlight a which feature heavily on SW! I do love a mulllight mind you but what I found/imagined, is that my arthritis is very much more painful when eating artificial sweeteners and sugar. 
Lunch was cottage cheese and eggs  and tea
Mediterranean chicken

Right time to post and away I go! 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *can’t wait for Friday* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 21 March 2021

TNB day 15 and a Tadahhhh!

 Day 15 went well as I write! 

 B - lovely blueberries and full fat Greek yogurt

L- lovely pancetta and butternut squash soup

T- lovely mushroom and cheese salad 

Water - about 25 pints! 

Week 3 starts tomorrow with the weigh in and measure round! All send hopes for it all being less than last week - although was reading up and apparently they e been studying and menopausal women are more likely to show results from week 6! Men do the best overall on this plan - typical! 

Am sat in the dark watching Gryff Rhys’s Jones on Misdomer. 

I am going to do the tadahhh bit now 

I have been doing a spot of dress making as I showed you a couple of weeks ago. Well tadahhhh it’s done! As you can see from the photos up there!

It looks a million times better on the dummy! I think I might take it in a bit around the arms. Stretchy fabric cost me about £3 in a lucky dip bag from an online sale somewhere! 

It’s made me want to make some more clothes for myself. Watch this space. I’ve much tidying to do bow 🙇‍♀️ n the craft room because I am not a neat worker! 

Got lots to do tomorrow. Meal prep, work, dog walk, etc I’ve an online course on Tuesday and Wednesday and then finish the week in class then we break up for Easter. I think we might have the freedom to roam a bit more then? We won’t be going far at all. Not with Bluebell anyway. There’s been an outbreak of parvovirus in some nearby dog walking parks. All the local vets are warning dog owners to be aware. Bluebs should be ok as she is up to date with her vaccinations- the vets say the lockdown puppy trade is to blame with lots of illegally sold puppies, unregistered and uncared for by unscrupulous money-making scum being sold etc. 

There’s always summat. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel*going to bed to put her cold feet in the HG - It’s his job! * Radiostar xxx

Saturday 20 March 2021


 Absolutely gutted that France beat Wales in the last minute of the game tonight in the 6Nations. Meh. 


Back tomorrow. 

Had soup for tea and Jules - breakfast was chocolate porridge with seeds. 

Except it was oats, cooked with unsweetened almond milk and some cacao power. Not for me. Ugh!!! 

Hope everyone had a good day. I did! Bye for now

Rachel *off to bed* Radiostar xxx

Day 12

 Not gonna lie, day 11 and 12 have been tough. My energy levels are low. 

Last night I caved and had a Freddo frog chocolate 

It was so sweet. Brain kicked in. Hmmm. Ah well 

Day 13 now and breakfast was not one I’ll have again! As O said to my friend. I ate it. I understood my body has been nourished brilliantly, but it did not spark joy! 

The Freddo sparked joy for the 5

Seconds it took to eat it and then sparked hours of opposite. 

Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t have an inner voice re food? I really really wonder what that is like! 

Work was fine. One more week until Easter Break. 

I think I need to go get my eyes re tested - it’s getting impossible to see without my specs and having just done the census that wrote in BIG LETTERS 


Maybe I need to get me eyes checked again! Varifocals needed. 

The dog is asleep. The HG is cleaning the kitchen yay. I’m going to potter and do bits and bobs. 

Full fat Greek yogurt with apples 
Leftover chicken stir fry .so yum 
This is my Day 13 breakfast. It was not nice. 

Lunch is pancetta and butternut squash soup yet to be made. Fingers crossed it’s good! 
Lots of love from Rachel *Saturday* Radiostar

Thursday 18 March 2021

TNB Day 11

 Today I watched the funeral of my Uncle. It was very moving and full of love and memories. Was hard not to be there. But it is as it is. 

School was busy and the weather has been good. I washed and line dried my bedding so am sat here in clean pjs all ready to get into that sweet smelling fresh bedding. 

Food today 

Full fat cottage cheese and blueberries for breakfast 

Leftover Stroganoff for lunch

Chicken stir fry for tea. 

This Soy sauce is a bit more £££ than the rest but it is absolutely a game changer. It adds such a lush depth of flavour and ooooooooo that’s so good to meals! 

Lots of love from 

A sad Rachel tonight x 

Wednesday 17 March 2021

TNB Day 10

 Today is Y2 day. 

Listening to a reader. He needed the toilet. I listened with much mirth as he slammed open the toilet door saying 


Then he comes back and I settling him into his book. The reading scheme we have always has a front cover prompt with the phonics and tricky words in the book so we read them first. 

He’s reading away and the next word he’s stopped at I look up as he is telling me, with his eyes shut tight, I’m going to try it with my eyes closed!!!! I say,laughing,  you need your eyes open to look at the words. The things I say in my job!!!

At this point the head walks past and hears this little exchange and just bursts out laughing. He then says to me

It would be challenging to read with closed eyes. 

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The head nearly died on the spot!!! 

I held it together long enough to send him back into class!!! 

A few local schools are shutting bubbles left right and centre. 

I just did my Wednesday test. Negative. Phew. 

TNB Day 10 went well. A direct repeat of day 9. About to go update on the forum and see what I’m having tomorrow. A sneaky peek at week 3 showed Monday as a Spinach Smoothie. Well that can just Smoothie Off!! And when it gets there, smoothie off a bit further! Nope. Not  a  chance. I will definitely be making use of the switch recipe button there! 

Just the one photo today. They looked less

Pretty but definitely tasted tastier. All hail the mighty leftovers! 

Lots of love for now

Rachel*loves leftovers* Radiostar xxx

Tuesday 16 March 2021

TNB Day 8

 Hello campers! 

The food today was lovely again. 

Poached eggs, steamed broccoli ( I know I know ) but with 5g butter melted on, tasted good! 

Lunch - tuna and chickpea salad with salad dressing 

YUMMY and leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

Tea - oh my 

Essentially it’s a ratatouille base with cauliflower and Parmesan mash

Says to season with oregano, but I’m not a fan of that, so I went rogue and dashed in the Cajun seasoning! It is so tasty! And LEFTOVERS!!! 

I will make this forever more! Health kick or no! 

So news 


A local primary school to me, not mine, has had to close the entire infants dept due to staff testing positive for COVID. Fingers crossed they escape with a mild brief illness at best. 

All is well at my work. 

Today I did playground duty for the Reception class. Oh my stars - I

Imagine a termites nest. Little creatures running at speed, milling about, in their own world. Except for the three cherubs climbing on me, poking me, cuddling me- apparently I was lucky not to be getting licked! 

They were adorable and funny and exhausting- I said to the head if she ever ever put me in their fulltime or even to cover I would be resigning ON THE SPOT!! I am far more comfortable at T’other end of the school. 

Today and yesterday I have had to deliver my kindly understanding periods chat to no less than 5 girls. Poor things. 

This is the top I am making >>>

Even when I was swearing my head off adding the loops as per instructions, which I read at least thrice, I was sure it was wrong and it’s been in my head the whole time how it was going  to work. Well 

Attaching the facing, which is tricky because it is stretch fabric, much much BAD swearing happened because I KNEW I HAD PUT THEM ON THE WRONG WAY!! So unpicking is now the next job. Le sigh. Who said sewing as a hobby is calming and relaxing hahaha 


I was going to write about a thing I often love to think about ..but I’m on my phone as laptop is dead and it’s tricky to write a lot. But I’m going to park it here so I don’t forget. 

You know when you have a funny adventure or something happens with a stranger - the type of story you might have regaled at parties etc ( when we could go to them ) 

I always love to think of their version of events that they might tell their friends at parties!! 

I’ve loads ! 

Am watching the Celeb cancer bake off programme. Bluebell and the HG are watching it from behind their eyelids. I’m going to try my best to stay awake till it finishes. 

Thank you to all for the comments about my rant and I’m glad I’m not alone in my thoughts. 

Hope everyone is well. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *so full of spinach, she’s turning into Popeye* Radiostar xx 

Monday 15 March 2021

TNB Week 2

 Day 8 

The main meal was beef stroganoff and it was absolutely delicious. 

And best of all? LEFTOVERS! 

Week 1 of 12 completed and 11lbs gone! Vanished! No idea where. Long may they stay away! 

We are watching the pottery programme- where they’ve made sinks. And the judge is crying. And I love that about him.

Watching hits form the 80s last night and I realised just how beautiful Adam Ant was in his heyday. Stripe or no stripe. Hence my photos taken off a quick g oogle search. It was a fabulous way to spend the evening and me and the HG did some living room kareoke and some chair dancing! 

I’ll not be doing any sewing tonight as I find Mondays my most tiring and tonight is no exception.

Right am off, the HG just put the pottery final on! 

My take on the news - might not be popular but 

I genuinely cannot comprehend the need for women to gather like they did, in a pandemic, to mourn for someone they didn’t know. It was absolutely horrific what happened and the monster that did it wants throwing in a lion pit for what he did to that beautiful young woman. 

The senseless acts of both mourners/ protesters and police  have just driven straight into the media frenzy. 

Hundreds of women in a park in London are never ever ever going to stop the rapists and murderers. Never. It’s pointless. No, women should t have to look over their shoulder and BE able to walk home in the dark and I hundred percent agree with the messages saying it’s not the woman’s fault ever for being raped etc - it is ALWAYS ALWAYS the man’s fault - no sane person would ever contest that. 

That gathering on Clapham Common changes nothing, and will not bring her back. It could also have brought distress to her poor poor family at this time.  How many other Women go missing and are murdered each week? Hundreds. People should have shown their respect, sure hold a vigil etc but go, queue up, place a candle or tribute and leave. Dignified and without safety my issues for themselves or the police. And all this educate your boys - do boys that are well brought up ( yes, like mine, really need to be taught about it not being ok to sexually harass or rape or murder someone??? I think what needs changing is the law and the way so many victims are let down by the crime prosecution service and systems that fail to bring them justice. 

Anyway off my soap box now. If you disagree, that’s ok. This is my blog and I will write what I want to. It’s over there in my bio ———>

Lots of love from 

Rachel *square eyes* Radiostar 

TNB Day 7 Mother’s Day

 Made it to the end of week one! 

My breakfast made me laugh and the veggie lasagne was divine AND there’s leftovers for tomorrow! 

I’ve done some dressmaking. Got lovely cards and gifts free m my childers. We called to socially see our mums and ended the day with some great nostalgic 80s music top 30 type programmes. 

I’ve finished Handmaids Tale and now I can’t wait for S4. 

Bed now at 22.11 

I’m tired 


Rachel *zzzzzzz* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 14 March 2021

TNB Day 6

 Saturday was a good day. Washing done. Ventured out into the real world- only to Lidl mind, where I was ages, buy only because the people in there were being so courteous and mindful. Everyone waited for each other and gave plenty of space. 

One of my meals on this week’s menu was sea bass. Now I’m not a natural fish eater at all. But my friends gets it fromLidl all the time and I thought if my fussy eater ma in law likes it then I can try it. Admittedly, I do get squeamish about fish. It was cheap and tiny and already descaled and it did not smell fishy! 

So I tried it. It was DELICIOUS! Bluebell enjoyed the leftovers after a walk and a bath - eating her tea in the living room, in her dressing gown! 

Yesterday’s breakfast was good too. 

TheFast bit in the diet title is all to do with Time restricted eating - which does make me laugh a lot because it’s what most people do anyway. But they have different types of fasting and eating windows. It’s all to do with the science of cells and insulin regulation. 

The biggest changes for me are not eating to wake up my metabolism - something I’ve done for a long time and buying FULL FAT EVERYTHING! I do get the science behind it. Thank you all for your kind comments in my last post. 

T - thank you my love - I don’t mean to let it define me if that is what it sounds like. 

S - it’s not as strict as paleo/keto / I have tried butter in my coffee and you have to blend it and it just tasted creamy. But an alien concept. 

Right enough of that! Wales beat Italy spectacularly. England then thankfully beat France! I do not think Wales will have as an easy time of it! I love the 6 nations. 

I plan a day of sewing and relaxation on Sunday - hahaha as if I do anything else! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * Happy Saturday * Radiostar xx

Friday 12 March 2021

TNB Day 5

 Well hello Friday, 

What a week for weather! Blustery, hail, stormy, rain bursts and freezing cold - fun times playtime duty. 

Sat here in the cosy darkness of the living room. The pits have been washed. One lot of washing is in the dryer. Just lovely homely feelings. 

So TNB stand for There and Back

It relates to my life long wrestling match with my weight. Boooorrrinnng I know. 

I wish my time again so much and how I’d do things differently etc 


As readers of this blog might know I lost a huge amount of weight after a successful year at SW. I got to target. I stayed at target. I played about with the next stone up because being at target was hard. I’d never been a normal weighted adult. I had never ever had a time where I wasn’t battling the bulge. I still saw the old me and felt like the old me. Inevitably I gained a few pounds and slowly but surely I gained a bit more. I am very proud of myself to report that I am nowhere near my starting weight at SW but I it’s not beyond reality that I could so easily get there with such a little effort. I’m not going to blame the lockdown. Sooo 

My wonderful, beautiful, lovely friend told me she was starting the Dr Michael Mosely programme the Fast 800. I had actually seen it on TV and I have in the past read the science of a sugar free diet. Anyway 

She got me along and here I am day 5 of my first week. I also am doing a bit of timed fasting and tonight I can report I do feel great! 

The main difference between this and anything else I have tried is I now am buying FULL FAT cottage cheese, philly and Greek yogurt instead of my usual fat free and it certainly has felt very decadent eating it! I have not told anyone IRL I’m doing this because frankly I’m bored of talking about my weight, it’s like it defines me and I’m also so ashamed and pissed off with myself I couldn’t stay thin. 

Weigh in is Monday and this is a 12 week programme. I’m hoping to be able to fasten my favourite coat by week 12. Today I had 

Full fat cottage cheese and berries 

Some egg, cheese and spinach

Tea was supposed to be a chicken dish where a chicken breast was stuffed with cream cheese and herbs but I’d had to cook my chicken breast last night so it didn’t go off! I had some leftover cabbage too that I warmed and stirred the cream cheese into. The small amount of fat satisfies the mouth feel and the appetite. 

I get the science behind it. After the 12 weeks you are supposed to go to the very well documented 5:2 - wether this is long term sustainable for me we are yet to see. I was great at SW when I was in full flow - maybe this 12 weeks can give me a kick up the backside jumpstart back into it! 

I’ve been on the scales and already the numbers ar down, but more than that, I’ve noticed I feel better! Some of the meals have been shared and enjoyed by Mr 23 but the HG isn’t a fan! So I’m cooking for three ha - them and me. Tonight they’ve had a lovely Northern stew and dumplings 


So that’s TNB. I’m just blogging whilst reliving a bit of my youth ( when I wasn’t really actually that fat ) and watching totp 2 - it’s 1990 and this is Sisters of Mercy! The following act was Cliff Richard!! I’m now power singing along to the number one Show me heaven Maria McKee! 

Bluebell has scarpered and is up on the bed with her dad. He’s knackered. I’m just waiting for the dryer and then I’ll be abed. I’ve steamed through the Hand Maids tale and I’m almost at the end of series 3.

Sewing tomorrow and rugby. NO BAKING because I am not going to torture myself!! 

Lots of love from Rachel *if you know what it’s like to dream a dream* Radiostar xxx 

Thursday 11 March 2021

TNB day 4

 I made it through day 3- I will document what I’m doing later down the line! 

Today’s breakfast was raspberries and Greek yogurt. Lunch was not to plan as I was in a rush so I grabbed some roast beef and some eggs. Tea was the last of my leftover utterly divine turmeric chicken served with some buttery cabbage. 

Last night I didn’t sleep so well as the wind howling down my chimney was rather loud and gusty! So windy that Bluebell was too scared to go out for a wee!! 

Today at work it was really fun! For once! I mean WBD was fun! One of the younger techy teachers came up with an idea based on the masked singer. She recorded us all reading part of a book but our faces were magically transformed into cute animated animals. She used music intros from the masked singer and the children had a sheet to fill in with which teacher it was! Really great fun! I was the rabbit and this was the Head Teacher! 

Thought I’d share the little project bag I made out of Asda tea towels. 

It was a pack of 5, I fussy cut out the mouse off one. I threw the sickly life affirmation in the bin! 
Photos are out of synch! 

Quite pleased with the back of my appliqué!! 
The birthing! 
I put handy pockets inside! 

Right- am off to watch a couple of episodes of Superstore which makes

Me laugh like a drain. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel*thinks Dina is ace* Radiostar!