Sunday 3 April 2016

New test post.

I'm writing this on the blogger app on my iPad. I always used to use the one on my iPhone which now seems defunct. It's the photos that seem to be glitching. 
I'm going to try now to add some in. 
This is just a nice frothy jug of yeast. Can you see it? 

Love from 
Rachel *pressing publish* Radiostar X 


  1. yep, can see the yeasty cup photo! :O) x

  2. Good photo -we have a new I-pad as our very old one bit the dust after I uploaded all the upgrades! We hummed and hawed and eventually got it as a joint Christmas gift on the strict condition that it's mine if there's a divorce. Catriona

  3. Yes, it looks fine, thanks.
    J x

  4. Of all the pictures you put up one of a jug of frothy yeast?!! So, yes I can see it here at the bottom of the country x

  5. I take it that you were making something delicious and calorie free. I managed to resist making hot cross buns but did buy a loaf version from Morrison's and some chocolate ones from Tesco.

  6. I can see it, I can see it!!!


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