Wednesday 25 January 2017

Fussy Eaters.

After reading this delightful post by Simple Living, I had to tell you about my garden pets.
They are RUINED.

 I'm forever topping up my numerous feeders etc but I have had to throw a lot away lately because they've not been eating it and a lot of the fat things have gone off! The wet weather doesn't help either. They have a massive choice. Fat balls, coconut halves, suet blocks, Suet logs, suet pellets in lots if different flavours and the  suet nuggets that they loved last year have gone black and rotten. Flutter butter - the first jar they scoffed, the second? Left to rot. I think NDFC has a lot to answer for. Also one year I couldn't keep up with black sunflower seeds, this year - they go ignored and it's the hearts they go for. If I ever put peanuts out, they get ignored! My newest feeder is a mealworm one. Doesn't seem to go down. The ground feeder gets a mixture of seeds, finch and Robin food put in them. The collard doves and massive turkey sized wood pigeon scoff those.

I clean the feeders regularly and at a time when there's not usually any visitors and I don't do them all at once so there's always some food out whilst they dry. The majority of the feeders are close to the tree. But there are two other  feeding stations at the other end of the garden.

I've seen great tits, coal tits, blue tits, sparrows, starlings, goldfinch and a greenfinch. I've a resident Robin and Mr n Mrs Blackbird. I want a wren and a woodpecker! I used to have a flock of sparrows - down to a couple now. The odd dunnock visits. Resident starlings are often squabbling over one fat ball feeder - when there's ALL the fat hanging up elsewhere too. CRAZY BIRDS!

I've three points of fresh water too.

Now, while I am aware I want flocks of little feathered chums, I'm also aware that it could get a bit creepy - someone on here already calls me Tippi Hendron.

So, what am I doing wrong? Is it a case of less is more?
Just realised I need to link you to the inspiration for this whinge!

Some beautiful birdy shots to see!
I'm registered for the Big garden watch - are you?

Right, better get to work! No rest for the wicked...

Lots of love from

Rachel *feeeeeed the birds, tuppence a bag ( more like five quid a bag )* Radiostar xxx

How grown up does he look now? 

Saturday 21 January 2017

Stuff that's made me laugh this week.

Mostly this poem.
 Other things were watching Victoria Wood As seen on TV especially the sketches where Victoria and Julie Walters are in a queue in a cafe and they are pulling people to bits. Killer lines for Julie
" Can I just pass by I'm a diabetic." And to a lady reaching over for a cake , " I wouldn't, not with those hips."

There was also the documentary on the making of Acorn Antiques. So clever with the writing.... but the thing that gave me the MOST giggles was then watching a programme on BBC 2 - I think it's on the I player still, called This dancing town. It was set in Skipton and I wanted to watch it because I like to sit and say, ooooh I've been there etc. Basically a west end choreographer gets the whole town to come together and dance. A bit like Gareth Malone, but with dance, not a choir. I say 'dance' loosely. It was mostly consisting of him saying ' a 5,6,7 8  with a bit of sideways walking and clicking. Then we had some clapping. The cleaners with their dusters were awesome, especially the bit where one of them flicked another in the eye with a duster!  The voice over guy though was making it sound SO Victoria Wood spoof documentary. I was laughing my head off at it! The end result made the feel good factor apparent for those who took part but the camera kept cropping people's heads off!

The TV awards are coming up. Best inadvertent comedy of the year...should go to this programme!

Right, someone asked how I incorporated 'rock, paper, scissors, into PE.

1. Ensure class know RPS
2. Divide class in half. Call them A and B or names of your choice!!!
3. Send each half to their own designated 'safe area' to huddle and decide whether to be RPS
4. Bring both halves to centre but two steps back.
5. Teacher counts down 3, 2, 1...
6. On one, each half reveals what they are by shouting and showing.
7. Whoever wins ( eg if one group chose scissors and other chose paper )
8. On the moment of realisation the goal is for the winners to capture the losers before they get back to the safe zone. The captured then become part of that team.

The squeals of the losers is delightful!!! The roar of victory is infectious. After round one, the teacher only really needs to do the countdown because they are so eager to huddle and challenge!  I've yet to have a sore loser too! I think there is a version where you can be Witches, goblins and wizards where each beats one of the others, however I can never remember which from game to game so get it wrong! When the teams 'reveal' is the same, they genuinely laugh and go rehuddle! Great for team spirit and resilience.

Right, HMRC awaits. I've done the income. Now it's the delight of the receipts. I have them all, they are collated, I just need to calculate! However, I'm marooned in the lounge at the moment as Mr 19 is putting his new tent up in the dining room to make sure it's ok. He's going to Leeds festival in March where he will see my favourite band Muse, live for his first time. I'm a little bit envious. I'll just wait with a bit of telly and my sock loom!

Lots of love from

Rachel *accounts clerk* Radiostar xxx

Thursday 19 January 2017

A Freddie story.

A Freddie story
Miss 22  was outside cleaning Lola ( her lovely English Old Spot rabbit ) out. She left  Freddie inside.
Next minute Freddie's got his nose in the hutch.
Miss 22 thought the door must not have clicked shut.
She took him back in.
She carried on with the rabbit.
Freddie out again...
Miss22 took him back in and watched through the little window.

Clever Freddie can jump up and put his paw on the handle and open the door!!
Miss 22 said
She wouldn't mind, but when he wants out for a wee
He just sits at the door and looks at it!!!!

School is busy busy busy. I covered on my second day back. One little cherub,caught running full pelt down the corridor, was asked why they were in such a hurry, said that they had to be quick because they were having. The. Best. P. E. Lesson. Ever! With great emphasis!
Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen,that was MY PE lesson! Ayethangyew.
( Said lesson involved 'rock, paper, scissors, chasing and screams and squeaks of delight! )
Lots of love from
Rachel *takes a bow* Radiostar xxx

Sunday 8 January 2017

A bag is born....

Quite literally...
1. Gestation period - got this mid November so about two months.
 2. Getting ready for the bag big event.

 3. Stitches - come at the beginning in this process....


 4. Approx 10cm dilated.

5. Crowning.

6. The shoulders are out.

7. It's a baby bag! 

With three pockets. Fully lined pockets.

Just need to add straps now. 

Another finished project shot I can show you now because the recipients have had them. 

And finally 
My purchases ready for next year...

  The angel stands about 40cm tall and is just GORGEOUS! 
Roast chicken and duck fat roast potatoes for tea tonight. But not unless I get my bum off this sofa! I may be having a go at a new craft this space.
I am  also LOVING The Voice and Let it shine on telly and I am looking forward to the new dance thing on tonight! Work tomorrow. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *happy with my lot* Radiostar xxx


Saturday 7 January 2017

Saturday Silence

It's 7.59am and only I am awake. The only sounds I can hear are the ticking of the clock, the humming of the central heating, the occasional creaking of the stairs, a car outside is being scraped and defrosted and my clearing of my throat.

 Am sat on the recliner, feet up under a fluffy blanket happily ignoring the chaos of last night's tree removal, esconsed in Blogland. I am so knackered!

Yesterday we came back from a few days away and I had to take the tree down so was nearly midnight by the time I finished. I need to go to Dunelm today to get some more storage boxes. A lot of mine are cracked and so brittle now that even the duct tape holding them together is cracking! I might pop to Sainsrobbers and get a chicken to roast for a nice finale roast dinner to end my holidays. Back to work on Monday. Should feel totally ready, but with going away, I've not done half the stuff I should have in the house. And do you know what? I'm not even arsed.

Last year we had to back to school on the 2nd January - that was BRUTAL. This year, the NINTH, is practically Half Term already! That and the Cancer thing influenced my decision to book us three nights away in the Log Cabin that we stayed in in Summer. It was magical. Our lovely bedroom.

Being in the hot tub whilst it's so cold is magical. The starry sky was magical though I was narked to not see any shooting stars or and tinges of Northern Lights. We did a coastal walk.

Can you see the teeny weeny far away lighthouse? 

We walked right to it! 
Proof from my watch...

The HG looked like Scott of the Antarctic with his big fur lined hood up. It was freezing! I was red cheeked but it certainly blew away the cobwebs and doldrums. Also, Berwick is a FAR nicer place than it is in Summer. No horrid tourists clogging up the place! Just us nice ones. We went to Dunbar


heeded this.

on Thursday and it was glorious clear blue sky, sunny and also cold! I got out of the car first and being hot all the time declared to the HG he didn't need his coat on. I was fine. He was blue with cold!!! It was zero degrees when we got back to the car! Other people were wrapped up with bobble hats and scarves!  We saw a bonus big seal in the harbour too.

We returned to Eyemouth to look at the new monument that was revealed in October. Really poignant.

We even went beyond the 'danger  the tide will be over the wall so the prom is closed' barriers ( the tide was out )

I was really moved by this.
We found a couple of nice Garden Centres to mosy around and I made the ground breaking decision to start up a new colour scheme for the Christmas Dining room next year! The lounge will still be purple and silver for a few years to come ( mainly because I've about £10,000 of purple and silver decorations) but the new scheme will be bronzes and whites/glass and more natural of a feel. Everything I bought was half price. One thing I saw was crocheted snowflakes that had been stiffened with PVA glue and they were roughly £8 EACH! So I think I will be trying to make some of those for next year!

It's 8.18am now and I suppose I should make a start on today. I'll just go respond to all the comments on my last posts. I do think you are all brilliant for taking the time to add your bit and bobs to what I write. My sock loom knitting is coming along slowly but nicely. It's so easy to pick up and do a round. I'm busy reading The Dressmaker- the film really did bring it to life well, I've been jig sawing and I've just a strap to stitch onto the bag I made and it's finished. I want to do a couple of cushion covers too for the lounge. I really could do with another week off work!
 I did this while away, £1.49 from the charity shop and here's a shot of my delicious macaroni cheese lunch one day! Though I have to say it wasn't actually macaroni so I was a bit miffed.

Lots of love from

Rachel *had Quality Street for breakfast as she blogged* Radiostar xxx

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Day 2 of 2017

Salted caramel cheesecake ( by M&S ) for breakfast? Don't mind if I do! Start the year as I mean to go on! Actually I'm doing my bit, leftoverwise. We threw a New Years Day open house ( for specially selected guests only ) buffet yesterday. You know the type. Where the dining room table gets extended and the chairs get pushed round the sides of the room like it's the dentist/doctor waiting room and the bathroom gets cleaned. The type where You cater for the 43 invisible extra guests too. Where you make a trifle in case the 14 gateaux you lifted out the freezer are not enough. Etc etc. Lots of cups of tea were had. Never have so mugs been washed in one afternoon. The teabag mountain is massive! It was a lovely afternoon/early evening though and when the last guest had left I put my feet up on the couch and laughed my way through the top twenty best moments of Morecambe and Wise.

So let's talk telly. This year the HG has watched a lot his usual way, through his eyelids. On Christmas Day I put Strictly on for ma I law. I've watched the Emerdale and Corrie sagas play out. I watched Dawn French's autobiographical stage show which was so moving in parts I was teary. We've watched a few films, one excellent one being The Dressmaker. What a story! What a handsome young man in it!

Meet Liam Hemsworth. The latest of my TV boyfriends! He's in good company! I've quite a few TV boyfriends. The HG is somewhat more faithful and just has the one TV girlfriend- the very lovely Kathrine Jenkins. 

I just checked on Amazon and the cheapest I could get a copy of the book - used was £16. So instead, for two hundred and ninety nine of my English pennies, I've got it for my kindle. Looking forward to reading it. 

Right I must away to my *chores.
Lots of love from 
Rachel 'Hemsworth' Radiostar xxx 

*checking if my kindle has updated and settling down with a brew to read...