Tuesday 7 August 2012

Tuesday - Tinnitus & Tarzan

Hello and welcome new and cherished readers ,

Yesterday, I didst whine about my summer cold. Last night, it paid me back. All of a sudden my right ear went odd. Next - all I could hear was a high pitched monotonous sound, like you get when you are trying to tune in a radio. It's there still today - but just in the back ground. Last night it was actually giving me a headache. So I did what any respecting forty one year old would do. I whinged about it for a bit; I whinged by twitter, I whinged by text, then took some 'zombify Rachel'  drugs. These drugs are over the counter non drowsy decongestants. Asda's own. They render me useless. They also dry out all my membranes!  So although I am a bit fuggy still this morning, I was spark out cold all night. I dread to think what the drowsy ones  would do! ( First time I found out they affected me was when I was having a driving lesson. My driving instructor nearly had a coronary at the round about junction as I just sailed straight on. He grabbed the wheel. He REALLY shouted at me! He drove me home. Poor guy. The culprit was Sudafed.

 Today I planned to get out in the overgrown jungle  garden, to do some hacking with a scythe weeding.  I asked my friends to send in Tarzan - all the Tarzans are on this site! - should they fail to hear from me after a couple of hours.

Which Tarzan would you have? There are lots to choose from - I know this from watching the  all films on a Saturday morning in the 70s! ( Before I discovered  the Wrestling on ITV! )  

My choice? Ladies and Gentlemen I give you - Denny Miller.  It said on the site that his film wasn't great. Well, to a pre teen kid in the NW of England it was bloody fantastic! Who knew that there was Tarzan Snobbery afoot? I HATE 'critically acclaimed' stuff by the way.
I actually found a sound clip of his cry! Took me right back - but it looked dodgy when I tried to embed it. { I know right, me, trying to embed a soundclip!! }


Add your own caption!!!!

MMMMM full glorious technicolour!

Some say the best Tarzan was - Johnny Weissmullerlight Yogurts ( ha ha sorry - just seeing if you are paying attention )
Probably all the 'Critical Acclaimers'

My need for Tarzan is because I am convinced that large predators will have taken up residence, so lush is the undergrowth, and inner growth and over growth. But because I am still feeling a bit off it, I decided that I am definitely a fair weather gardener, when the monsoons hammered down again. My inner Alan Titchmarsh decided that a nice sit down and a cup of tea, with my knitting, in front of the Olympics was a far more attractive proposition.

This may or may not actually be my garden.
 The sun might shine tomorrow, the wildlife can have another day of tranquility.

Tuesday - Tinnitus, Tarzan and Tranquility. :)


  1. Hope the Tinnitus isn't still ringing and I have to admit I prefer the Chimpanzee to any Tarzan. Please could I have one to carry around, haha!

    Arwedd xx

    1. I liked Chimpanzees too till I saw that one documentary where they hunted down, killed and ate a monkey !

  2. If I had a pound for every guy who ever used "Me Tarzan, you Jane " as a chat up line I'd be typing this from my luxury yacht in the Caribbean....heck, I'd pay someone else to type it!
    Jane x

    1. If I had a pound for everytime someone said to me I'd be , well, a pound better off!!

  3. Hello Rachel

    Can you hear me chuckle....yep I'm chuckling....I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post....great wit there girl!
    In pure Granny tones "What are you doing self-prescribing your own medicine tut! tut!" as much as you me and lots others hate to do so pop in to see your doctor!!!
    Which one do I like? The original one, the character in Edgar Rice Burroughs books which has nothing to do practically with the ones you see on screen. Have you read the original story its quite something if you like adventure,fantasy and romance portrayed in detail in an early 20th century style of writing. Its a classic!
    ok but as you are talking about the hunks,the actors, I'd say Johnny Weissmuller but his acting was deplorable!
    Christopher Lambert managed it a little bit better.

    Amanda :-)

    1. LAdies, the last picture was of Lex Barker (Tarzan #10, 1949-1953), not Johnny Weissmuller.

  4. Hi Amanda,
    The drugs worked fine! I have never read the book and actually thought about putting it on my Kindle to have a read. I'll let you know how I get on. Lovely comment x

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Send me your email address and I'll send you a copy. I use a Kindle too and I've found a page where you can get all the classics for free. The link is on the first page of this e-book.

      A :-)

    2. Hi Amanda,
      I just sent you a message via google friends connect!

      R x

  5. Hi
    Sorry not received anything pls send to amasmi20@gmail.com.

    A x


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