Friday 25 March 2022

Great news! Sad news!

 Why oh why is there always a Yin to the Yang???( Thanks Mr G for the image )

First the Yang….( there’s 4 )

Madame Bluebell will be on her own once again 

I will have to ( my choice ) make TWO packed lunches again

I may have to dust off the iron 

Our neighbours may have to bear the brunt of the HG online ordering habits 

Because the Yin to all of these Yangs is 

Mr 24 starts a new job on Monday!! 

He’s a man of few words but I know his starting salary is more than he was on n his previous job, there’s scope for gaining extra qualifications, he’s interested in it, it’s local so he stays home a bit longer saving up for house deposit etc. if he doesn’t like it, he has other options- he’s also passed round 1 of police application and had his third and final interview with BAE systems which has a September 2022 start. 

So all is moving in a positive way! Including me - I will have to walk Bluebell myself a bit more!!! This may help me out with my other blog hahaha 

One week to get through at work. We will be off to the North East to visit Miss 27 on my two weeks off. I’ll be pottering in the garden. I’ve a wedding to go to. There’s a possibility of a cheeky couple nights away with my best friends too. I’ve got some lovely gifts coming for Mother’s Day on Sunday and I hope they all like them! Decided to go for something to keep and be lovely rather than flaars which die ! 

Right , best get me wriggle on 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *cleaned the bathroom and put the aching on before work* Radiostar xxx


  1. Congratulations to Mr 24, it's so good as our children become adults and do so well, puff out your chest all day mama.

  2. All sounds wonderfully positive for your family. It's nice to hear good news instead of Russia or the financial crisis.

  3. That doesn't sound so negative practically all you have mentioned is mostly good! Well done to Mr 24 on his new job which sounds really great. Enjoy your visit up North and all the other distractions :-) Keep well. Amanda x

  4. Congratulations to Mr 24 on the new job. It's always good to have other options on the go as well. Money makes the world go round and extra is always a bonus - especially when it doesn't go that far to start with! Sounds like you have some lovely things coming up. xx

  5. That is good news. Very positive. xx


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