Sunday 15 September 2013

All too soon the Summer ended.

Yes I know, it's still officially Summer til Sept 21st. But yesterday marked the end of my firstborn's Summer, as we loaded up the car, loaded it up some more, sat her in it, loaded it up some more by shoving some more stuff in and quickly shutting  the door. *

We set off for the North East at a little before 7 and arrived at our destination around 9am. No traffic on the road and the only stress was when our Irish Sat Nav lady wanted us to go ' roight on the rindaboit thirrrd exit' when there was clearly no rindaboit to go roight  or lefffft on. She is one bossy madam and was most insistent we ' turn arind when possible' . Honestly, she is relentless. Klaxons alert and everything. We just ignored her! It's the best way with tantrums. We do only need her really for getting round Newcastle  city centre as we basically drive straight up to Carlisle and turn right!

We walked into town for the keys from the lettings agency. We wandered into the town centre where I started my Christmas shopping! We then walked back to the new second year Student shared house ( too grown up for halls now ) and enlisted the help of the new MALE ( gasp ) flat mates to bring the bagzillion boxes and bags from the car up the stairs. A jolly helpful bunch of nice young chaps. They are all on her Fencing team and passed the 'Mum Test'.

First mum duty was I made her bed. That's all I did! We then... Had to drive around the corner to her old Halls roomies to collect another carful ( CAR CHOCKABLOCKFULL ) of all her kitchen stuff and 43 scatter cushions she seems to have amassed. Again the lads were brilliant!

We helped her put a few bits and bobs away and wandered back into town for something to eat. I wish I'd set my 'Map my Walk' app on my phone because from Sandyford to The Quays in Newcastle is quite far in my opinion! We ate at the delightfully named Slug and Lettuce. Our waitress was lovely and we were positioned right next to the start line for The Great North Run. The main event is today, I think Mo Farah is setting them off but we saw several of the junior races set off. The place was buzzing! I think someone famous set them off as the crowd clapped and cheered - I don't know who she was but I took a photo!

We then had another mooch round the 'toon'. I do love it up there, I feel safe and I know she feels settled and at home. We ( more slowly ) wandered back to her place. I changed my shoes - thank goodness I'd taken an emergency pair of flip flops as my poor little toe had a huge blister :-( . We popped along to the yellow supermarket beginning with M and got her a few studenty provisions to put her on. Couscous, rice, pasta and noodles. I gave her some money to go to the butchers next week. She is a very well brought up young adult (!!!) and knows how and what to shop for to get the best deals and to make her money stretch. However, saying all that, she did blow £35 ( after student discount ) on a new handbag! It was out of her first wage packet though from her Summer job and she'd worked hard for that handbag! It's a big one she'll use for carrying files and things to Uni - so not totally frivolous !

All too soon it was time for us to go. I was so much braver this year about letting go again! Not as bereft or distraught! I must be growing up too! We got home about 9pm. Totally and utterly knackered! So naturally I woke up this morning at stupid O'Clock! Washer and dishwasher already on for first time!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend too.

*This  may resemble some of my best tidying up techniques.Related: please do not open the Landing cupboard door.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Like Bono

Been awake for sodding ages
Brain busy turning pages
Ideas firing in my head
Laid awake in my bed.
It's still too dark to start the day
So here I toss and turn and play
Endless games of Candy Crush
As morning time is in no rush.
Like the title of this write
Eyes pinged open in the night
Bono sang, his voice a weeping
I'm wide awa hake, I'm not sleeping!
The house is silent, oh so still,
The clock ticks slowly on until
It's 6 O'clock, the radio's on
NOW I'm sleepy.
Could just nod off!