Saturday 12 March 2022

5 inches

 That's how much hair I've had chopped off this morning at 8am!

Here's Bluebell in the car after her walk in the park with the HG as I was enjoying having my hair washed for me. It's the only part of her that was presentable!! 

 I'd not been to the hairdressers since covid began so two years had passed! I was beginning to look like Cousin It off the Addam's Family!  

I do like my hair long for a while. I put it in plaits a lot but with my good shoulder rapidly catching up to my dodgy shoulder a low side ponytail is about as much as I can manage. Anyway

I'm now sat - neck cold with a short swishy bob!It is now shorter - up to the double chin level!!  Like I normally go for. 

Covid has struck at the door of two of my favourite bloggy friends. Get Well Soon all inflicted at No 38 and Joy xx 

My day now must begin with Wordle - 5 letters, worgle - 6 letters, quordle - wordle x 4, nerdle - calculations and now there's OCTORDLE!! 8 wordles at once - it's becoming a full time job! 

Sue in Suffolk - inspired by your blog post a few weeks back,  I downloaded a new audible book 

War Diary: The Diary of Mike Rogers

Three things struck me about this book, no four. 
1. Definitely would be better to read it as it's read by a grown man and as it's written by a 13 year old boy, it doesn't sound right.
2. It's fascinating and  BUT
3. Not long after I started listening to this the Russians started their war on Ukraine and it made me uneasy listening to it. It's quite odd, the feeling it gave me. 

4, I've just forgotten what point 4 was. Anyway I've paused the book for now and am going to find something else to listen to! 

Speaking of the war because that is what it is - I am actively avoiding the news really. And as soon as the newscasters start what iffing and questioning - I turn it off. I am becoming more frightened that everything he is doing, he is doing it is to bring about the start of WW3.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post and I chuckled at Suzanne who said to me that if she didn't know I worked in a school, shed think I was in the SAS! Oh the image of me in the SAS indeed! 

Today I am going to now go sort the washing, make a small quiche and heat up some leftover stew for lunch. 

We are so very very lucky to be able to have Blogland to write about all the things we do and we are even luckier to be able to read them. 

Lots of love from

Rachel * swishy hair* Radiostar xx


  1. But where is the photo of the new hair style?

  2. Yes our bit of blog land is grounded, helps me get through the days. Worgle, Wordle and Nurdle keeps my brain fresh,in an otherwise boring day.

  3. I bet your hair looks absolutely gorgeous.
    I'm rather avoiding all but the news basics too - it scares the socks off me.

  4. Crikey your hair was long! Thank you for the get well wishes. We've all just done a test. Mark's positive line appeared within seconds but the rest of us are negative. Weirdly me and Amy feel awful and were convinced we'd have it. The best war diaries I've read are the Nella Last ones. I can relate to this type of book feeling a bit too close for comfort these days. Have a good week at work - I'm still convinced you working in a school is a cover story :) xx


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