Sunday 23 December 2012


I'd like to wish all my lovely, loyal commenters and followers a peaceful Christmastime. It's a hard time of year for many - so for those people I hold you close in my thoughts.

May your turkey be moist, your sprouts not too soggy and your cracker jokes hilarious.

I'll more than likely be back twixt The 25th and the New Year!
Till then - Jingle all the way! By the way - saw this on twitter and this has made me chuckle all day!

Lots of love
Jolly Toe-Bells xxx

What's your elf name?

Wednesday 19 December 2012

If you need a laugh ...

My poor neglected blog...
Last Friday I wrote, on my phone, a witty round up of my happenings. And during attaching a photo somehow vanished it all.

So I am gingerly back with something I had to share. It's the funniest thing I have read in a long time. I am going to investigate this blog further.

Here is the link. I strongly urge you to click it, or copy n paste it into your URL if it's unclickable. ( Which quite often happens when I use mobile Blogger.)

Also, visit the bathroom or strap on the tena. You will need it!!

Thank you Brandi, who's Twitter TL I found it on and many thanks to the author!!

Merry Christmas Everyone :-)

Love from me x

PS. I'd like to say a big hello to my newest follower Donna! Also thanks to all my other followers for reading and commenting. I love all my bloggy chums x Looking forward to spending some time on your blogs when I eventually finish work for the holidays!

Wednesday 12 December 2012

1 2. 1 2. 1 2

No, I'm not testing testing. It's the last time this repetitive date will happen. Someone ( about 45 people so far ) on Twitter told me!

Well this week, my HG and I celebrated 20 years together! I had started a post full of stats to the amount of actual time that equated to. But I got bored! In a nutshell, it is a LONG time!! The secret to our success so far? 19 years of being engaged!!

It's the Infant Nativity at work today; we KS2 folk get to watch the dress rehearsal - so no lesson planning for me today! I have masses of assessments and paperwork to do though - so the doddle it appears to be, actually isn't so.

Christmas Tree update : My firstborn STILL hasn't returned home from uni, so my tree is still in the loft :-(. Friday is the day when my cupboards/fridge will be emptied locust style, we will run out of loo roll, the electricity meter will start whirring madly, and teenage calm will be lost!
On the plus side I will be finally able to watch The Vampire Diaries!! I have it stored on the planner. It's ( one of ) my guilty pleasures! Looking forward to a Girly TV fest with my girl.

Looking forward to putting my tree up too! I love it almost as much as my children! Infact, when it's up and they are being typical teenagers, don't ask me to choose!!

Baby it's cold outside, so wrap up warm, stay safe and I'm going to trot out my favouritest ever joke!

Two snowmen in a field. One says to the other,
"Can you smell carrots?"

Sunday 9 December 2012

A brief week in photos

Been so busy at home and work, not having the time to blog properly. But I have been in the kitchen. I made my first mince pies , with marzipan and all week have found my first love; making chocolate lollipops with my class for the Christmas fair. So here are a few photos from my week! Plus a sneaky peak at some work in progress. I've been trying to keep up and comment on everyone's blogs. I love reading what you have all been up to x. Chocolate
lollipop anyone?

Saturday 1 December 2012

Brought back down to Earth with a bump!

Well, after yesterday's shenanigans with the mascara, the Christmas season began well....with the remnants of yesterday's mascara! I TOLD you I couldn't be faffed with the whole make up palaver. So I simply washed away the dark smudges and reapplied over the top! Jobs a good 'un!

Still, it was nice ( though I find it uncomfortable ) to get compliments.. ......... < Inert sound clip of needle being dragged quickly off a record >

Fast forward to today.

It was cold. I was layered up.
" Your cream tights are all wrinkled." Declared my HG.

Aghast, I told him I'm not WEARING ANY TIGHTS!!!

I had black leggings on under my dress
and some dark slip on shoes .... The wrinkly garments he was referring to
were my ANKLES!

Guess I have neglected them, I will bust out the moisturiser forthwith!!

Happy December the 1st folks! I've been to one of my favourite spots on this Earth!

The photos are from this place! One of  the photos is from my latest celeb tweet! The baubles are my annual purple bauble purchase! The light does not do them justice! I'd love the polar bears and the penguin in my garden! Also LOOK at that topiary! How ridiculously fantabulous are they?

If I win the lottery tonight ......

What a magnificent beast!

Mooooooo! Frankly, I find this one disturbing! I SWEAR it moved....

This is just beautiful. I WANT a penguin. WANT.

These are beautiful in real life. All sparkly and purply..

This little piggy went the posh Garden centre with the posh Farm shop....

Just a teeny snap shot of all the gloriously glittery glamour!

How was your day?!