Friday 30 August 2019

Things I have made lately.

*** Firstly, I would like to ask lovely folks of Blogland if anyone knows how Pam from Wales is? I have been away a while and I notice her last post was in June. Hoping all is well in her world xxx***

I have been indulging in my love of making things. I made this Luna Lapin last year, but she is sitting on a little mustardy yellow jumper I knit for my great niece and I made a little cardigan for Luna to keep her warm in the Autumn months! I also finally broke into a sweat and opened a batch of fat quarters from my stash and, shock horror, gasp, used them! Just some simple envelope back cushion covers but I am very pleased with them.

Today I am going to faff about with some embroidery on my machine. I already walked the dog and have hoovered through. Bluebell is snoozing for now so I am making the most of my LAST DAY OF FREEDOM. I never count the weekends. Its currently very windy - but nothing like it's going to be for the poor people of Florida. Hope the Hurricane fizzles out quickly. I have made a rice dish for tea called Cajun Dirty Rice! It tastes quite good and am looking forward to later on! I've been watching that Deep Water thing on ITV with Anna Friel set in the Lakes. It's ok I suppose but her face doesn't look right with her lips. Nobody on telly 'looks' right these days. I have made the most of my holidays and finished watching series 4 of Fear the Walking Dead. I bloomking love TWD and Fear - love it! I also watched Fleabag. I'm not sure I'd file it under the comedy category it is in but it was very very watchable and I did really enjoy it. Ive almost finished a book  - might review it next time. Ah well, time marches on.
oo I made a new bag for work too.

Made from a kit I got from Fabrix in Fleetwood
Lots of love for now
Rachel * Loves puffins* Radiostar xxx

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Summer holidays 2019

It's the last Wednesday of the 6 weeks holidays and for the first time in a long time, we are not on holiday. Last year we didn't go away because we got Bluebell. This year the HG had the first two weeks off instead of the last two.
We ventured down onto the East Coast with Miss now 25 eek , her young man and Freddie and we stayed in a beautiful little place called Skirlaugh, close to Hornsea. Hull was one way and Bridlington the other. We visited both. The weather was very kind to us, the dogs were fantastic, our cabin was absolutely gorgeous and I fell in love with Bridlington. What an amazing place to go if you have kids. They have beach huts to hire - I bet it's hard to get one though, and on the beautiful South beach side there's a huge paddling pool area for families and children with plenty of seating, Life Guards on hand and the cleanest most gorgeous sandy beaches I've seen in a long time, even the dog friendly beach at the end of the south shore was clean! The only sad thing about it was that it was too hot really to stay for very long with the dogs.  The North Beach side was also lovely and parking SO CHEAP - mostly £3 for 24 hours if not free.  Actually that's true of the whole region. We had the best fish and chips everrrrrr from a place called Mr Papas I think - it is a chain but they were delicious. Mostly the holiday was great for just spending time with each other and chilling out.
Which the dogs did very well.

I still haven't been on this laptop much and figured it out. I'm still trying to process the literally thousands of photos I've downloaded off my phone. Think I've done a bit this morning. But time will tell. I'm also typing this with my new prescription lenses. Oh how my eyes have deteriorated for reading and close work.
The optician  declared,  "Oh, but you are not due an eye test until 2020.
I replied, " But I cannot see to sew, knit, read etc and it is BUGGING me!"
The astigmatism in my right eye has changed a lot meaning
" It's all to do with how your eyes refract the light, so your eyes need power put on an angle to see things straight and clearly."
Miss 25 giving me her wisdom about why some numbers on mine and her Dad's prescriptions read the same but the axis scores differ greatly. It's also the reason why he can pick up those cheaper readers from supermarkets and I cannot. I didn't get new frames this time as the ones I got last time are in perfect order and it took me long enough to choose them. £120 for new lenses though!
I did see some that I thought I'd try on as a joke, but it turns out they suited me and I liked them!!
But they remain in the shop!

My long distance is about the same, the decision was made to  hold off on the varifocals a bit longer.

As ever, like I tell the HG, I was right. New stronger readers are on my face and like the song, I can see clearly now. The rain, coincidentally, is falling!

I've been taking many many photos of Blubell. I just love this one so much. We had taken her to a local beauty spot and it was the first time she'd been in proper long meadow grass.

I think she liked it!

Took this video of her being very boingy and springy. 

I cannot stop watching it! I had to put it on my YT channel in order to share it here.

Anyway, much to do still...back soon

Lots of love from Rachel *Getting to grips with technology* Radiostar xx

Clearing out a drawer..

Apologies if you have read this drivel before but I found this curious list on my phone from December 2017!
I must have decided to tidy out one of 'those' drawers in the sideboard. We all have them. The shove it in and deal with it another time drawer.
This is what was in the drawer on this day. It's kinda like one of those time capsules!

Paperwork/receipts for burning x3
Paperwork/receipts for filing x 3.
Cotton bud x 2 - assumption is they are clean
Sanitary towel x 1 - unopened!
Compass x 1 - for finding your way
Envelopes x 77
Indian takeaway vouchers x 10
Sticky pad thing for car dashboard to put sat nav on x 1 - didn’t work but clearly not enough reason to throw it away.
Pens x 21 ( inc yesterday’s drawer clear ) + 1 pencil
Light bulbs - various types
Medical dressings ( unopened )leftover from kidney removal x7
Name banner - for birthdays
Doggy poo bags - obvs for Freddie
Our wills
Batteries ordinary x2
Batteries rechargeable- 7
Corkscrews x 2
Keys for top box for car
Yankee candle tea lights wax melts & car fresheners - loads
Old tax disc - from 2015
Kilt pin
Padlocks- for a suitcase from when Miss 23 went to NZ
Pegs- 2 - no idea why
Tomy room thermometer when kids were little - battery must have run out!
Photos of the kids
USB pen - been looking for that for ages
Golf multi tool x 2 ( he’s not even been in 3 years!!!! )
Battery recharger x2 - for all the rechargeable batteries
Packet of quartz glow stones- no one knows who they belong to or from whence they came!
Money - 5p
New handles for windows - not for my windows
Baubles - back on the tree
Tennis ball- Freddie’s
A glove - plain black. ‘Not mine’ when I asked Mr 20 and the HG. Well it’s not mine. Must be Freddie’s!!!
An old camera - digital one
Leaflets- for days out
Stuff for a thermal foot bath - belongs to the HG!
Various wires and leads I have no idea what for
Sunglasses - Miss 23s we think
Penknife x 2
Roll of insulation tape
Scissors - these last three sound like a murderer’s toolkit!!!
Mini screwdriver - I’ve been looking for this for ages
Blu tac
Pizza oven instructions
Map of wales
Fancy silver ribbon

Packet of French radish seeds sow by 2014 

The absolutely awful thing about finding this list is that Im one hundred percent positive that these items are STILL IN THERE plus a load more stuff rammed on top! That Maria Kondo woman would spontaneously combust if she saw it! 

Lots of love for now,

Rachel * Will be appearing on a channel 5 documentary about hoarders for sure in the future* Radiostar