Sunday 9 April 2023

Jam and Pizza

I’m just having a minute before I cook the tea. 

Here’s my jam all potted. I sieved the final half jar and wish I’d sieved the rest but  can cope with a few seeds. Hindsight and all that. Isn’t the little strawberry kilner jar sweet! Anyway I’ve been into the jam already and it is DELICIOUS!! I made pastry the other night and had a lump leftover ….methinks there maybe a few jam tarts going in the oven later. 

We had a lovely late invite round to our good friends for cheeeeeese and wine. So whilst we were out after my hair appt we popped into Booths and bought some Hot Cross Bun Wensleydale and some Red Fox Leicestershire to bring with us. The HG picked up some beer and I chose a couple of the pre
Mixed cocktails in a tin! None of us actually opted for wine as we normally do! The Hot Cross Bun cheese was bloody gorgeous. Really really good! There was a good selection to choose from inc brie, cheddar with mango and ginger yum, lancashire with apple and cinnamon. Some ewes milk cheese which was mild and smooth. Also on the table was the pizza I made. I didn’t get a photo of it cooked. I’d already started the dough. I made it with my sourdough discard. I hand stretched it a bit like one of those pizza chefs spinning them round on their hands!! Well I picked it up and manoeuvred it about a bit. I lined a tray and finger pressed it out. 
I used a tin of mutti pizza sauce, sprinkled with a mix of grated cheddar and mozzarella and sliced mushrooms onto it. I left one end just cheese and tomato incase someone did t like mushrooms! Covered it and popped it into a bag for life for the walk round the corner!!! It was so good and the HG declared that I could make that again!! Usually he goes
For a thin and crispy vase but this was quite soft and pillowy. Really tasty! 

It rose really well with the warm weather. 

There were 6 of us and the chat was varied and funny and interesting. We came home about 1am!! 

This morning was fine and I was up about 6.30am. I did some washing and tidying and then we went out visiting. I’ve walked the dog and we are having lamb leg steak, new potatoes and seasonal veg* and there’s sticky toffee pud for afters. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but it’ll involve walking the dog and lazing about no doubt!! 

We are going to watch the Paul O’Grady special tonight if I can stay awake. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *seasonal veg is probs just carrots n peas hahaha * Radiostar xxx 


I am reading all of the blogs and love them but am struggling to comment but I am definitely here following what’s going on x 

Saturday 8 April 2023

Sunny Saturday

 It was a lovely fine Good Friday. Bluebell got a new ball and sorry to those who have already seen but I impressed my little self with the pics! Garden does need sorting and I’ve lost my palm plant ( which I’m not mourning ) and Madam is not good for my grass but the rhubarb is growing overnight!! 

My shoulders were incredibly painful yesterday so I took it easy. 

Today I was up afore 6am. The dawn chorus was loud and varied. So far I’ve turned my fair share freezer burn raspberries, blueberries and some yellow sticker strawberries into a lovely glossy mixed fruit jam. I’m very haphazard how I make it but it all turns out ok in the end. 

I resurrected Bundon from the fridge and have mixed the discard with some fresh strong bread flour and tepid water to make sourdough pizza for tea. He’s been fed and I’ll start tomorrow’s load later on once he’s got properly going! It’s so much easier now the air temp has increased! I’ve a few eggs on to boil too for salad sandwiches. Going to peg out now! 

Taking Bluebs to the shore once the butcher has been and then I’ve my hair cut due at 4. 

Have a lovely Saturday everyone. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *got lots of paperwork sorted too* Radiostar xxx

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Wet Wednesday

 Well the two glorious days of sunshine n Monday and Tuesday were lovely. I had a full line of whites on the line and I washed the chair cover and enjoyed a coffee on my bench for the first time this year. Bluebell was delighted to be outside most of the day. 

It’s very drizzly today.
We have yet to venture out beyond the garden. I have finished the fan jigsaw and it’s now destined for my equally jigsaw mad sister. 

And you’d be hard pressed to pick out the ‘chewed by Bluebell, repaired by Rachel’ piece now carefully sellotaped into a three piece starter block! Oops! 
I was going to make jam today, I’ve a huge bag of fair share raspberries clump frozen into a massive block and I’ve a couple of punnets of strawberries. But I need sugar. So that’s a job for next week. I started this blog post first thing and it’s now tea time. It’s rained all day and Bluebell got suitably soggy and muddy on our walk. 
So me and the HG have been watching Brookside- a couple of episodes a night. It’s like visiting a Beamish Museum in your own living room. It’s fascinating to see the sets and the props. A little horror too in one scene- set at the train station and there on a massive billboard, a smiling icon of the times urging us to take the train- of course what we know now, the monster Jimmy Saville turned out to be.
Things that have struck me are the style of the cars, the fact they’ve all moved into new build houses that don’t have central heating or telephones installed! Also, all of them make tea in a tea pot! A full tea set is used! None of this tea bag in a cup nonsense! 
When I was a girl we couldn’t watch Brookside for two reasons 1. We didn’t get Ch4 for ages after it was launched and me Dad couldn’t stand scouse accents! One of the characters has been made redundant and had to leave his posh life in the Wirral. Bobby Grant played by Ricky Tomlinson is on strike and there are anti Thatcher posters up! And as a grown up looking at him, he was a very handsome man back in the day! 
Anyway, Maundy Thursday tomorrow and I’m off into town with Mum for lunch. We will have to take our brollies! 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *Brookside is great* Radiostar xxx

Monday 3 April 2023

Easter Hols

 It day one of the hols. Bundon Flowers was brought out of the fridge yesterday and woken up. He now lives on my coffee table when he’s out - he seems to like it! I made a loaf and fed him using a mix of 20% wholemeal flour to 80% white bread flour. The loaf I’ve baked this morning is delicious chewy and satisfying. I’ve had to plan more carefully because it does take so much longer than ‘normal’ bread. I will make a loaf from today’s discard for the freezer and maybe feed him for tomorrow where I want to try crumpets. Then he will go back in the fridge! 

The fan jigsaw is coming on. 

This week will zoom by, I did nowt really over the weekend - if I have the energy I will share Saturday’s angst tomorrow. It will make more sense! It’s freezing cold, bright and sunny. Going to set the whites off to peg out. Today I’ve lunch out and a natter with my friend. I’ve to find my old paper driving licence to take in town on Thursday to convert to a photo one ( not that I drive - I’m pathetic and gripped by anxiety and truly believe I will die if I drive - if only I practiced what I preached at work sigh anyway ) it vexes me MASSIVELY tht you need photo ID to vote. FURIOUS. But as ever I will comply. I need to ring EDF to moan at them and book an eye test for Thursday where I’ll have to go to town ( ugh ) but I’ll take my mum and we’ll have some lunch somewhere. Think I’m seeing my sister tomorrow - we share an Iceland delivery because I don’t need much and they don’t deliver to where she lives and the Electricity Board ( steam coming out of my ears even thinking about it linked to Saturday ) are supposedly coming at 8am. 

I will take Bluebell to the park after I come back from lunch and then potter about and create something good for tea! 

Have a good day - I broke out the sandals yesterday for a while! 

Lots of love

Rachel *so good to have a break from work * Radiostar xx