Saturday 18 March 2017

It's been a whole week

....since I last posted.
Since Freddie came and took ownership of his new life jacket we bought him.

Lots of Freddie photos of him in the sea in his on his latest post!

My current position is laying in bed looking at Layer Cake quilt blocks! So many to ooo and ahhh over. I've looked at jelly rolls ones too. I have two jelly rolls but they are so pretty as they are! If I bring myself to use them then I won't have them! Crazy but it's how I am with a lot of my lovely stash!

A lot of people had a giggle at old Rhubarb Kingdom Brunel in my last post and I have blogged many funny things the Childers have said to me over the years I've worked in schools. Talking of which

I have been informed that I am over qualified for my long service award! The rules have changed. It used to be 15 consecutive years in one institution setting which meant I should have it anyway but they upped it to 20 years with the added bonus of being from when you first started working for the County Council over numerous jobs. So as I first worked for them  at the tender age of 21 when I came back from Nannying in Spain when I'd finished college, then quickly started with The Morning Sickness which produced Miss 22 it means I've clocked up 24 years!
My prize is an extra paid day off in the year AND a gift of £271 to be spent at a place named by them - big list to choose from - as of yet, I have no idea what is on this list. Fingers crossed it's a good list and not full of things like a day horse riding etc! How they got to £271 I have no idea and it's not linked to role or pay - it's the same across the board!

So I apologise if you've read this before but I can't remember if I've shared this absolutely hilarious ( I think ) story from when my favourite ever childerbeast was at school.

We were reading The Little Red Hen. Not the one who planted the seed etc but this one...


While the fox is out getting his carrots, TLRH takes her trusty little embroidery snippers  out of her apron pocket ( see picture ), escapes from the sack, fills it with big heavy rocks and runs away home. Meanwhile, the fox, comes back with his carrots, fills a huge pot with water over the fire and sets it to 
boil. He chops up the carrots and licks his lips. He lifts up the sack and tips it into the pot, the rocks displace the boiling water, scald him dead. Ex Fox etc 

Me: now then, what is the moral of this story? ( expecting something about double checking before you do something etc ) 

Child: ( dead pan and deadly serious, unaware of the comedy they are about to commit )

 never ever trust a hen with some scissors! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel* will laugh about this to her dying day * Radiostar xxx


  1. 271 is a very random number :) Well done for your long service though xx kids say the funniest things xx

  2. Awww bless that little boy. Love his new life jacket.

    I need a lie down in a dark room today after all the eye candy I saw yesterday...more layer cakes and jelly rolls than you could shake a stick at.
    One LC and one JR purchased which will have to be stroked for a long time before they go anywhere near a rotary cutter.

    Andy had to choose from a list of places to buy when he got his 25 year award.
    It was not a very inspiring list so I hope yours is better.

    LOL'ing at the chicken with the scissors....hilarious.

    Have a fab weekend.

  3. that's not funny, that's seriously good advice! Never, ever, even think of trusting a hen with some scissors. That's just asking for strife.

    £271. hmm. a peculiar amount, but a welcome one! Well done you! xx

  4. What a peculiar amount. I do hope you get some lovely places to choose from though. And well done on so many years service. Not many people can say that these days.
    I love the story, but I don't think I would trust a hen with a pair of scissors either. 😊 X

  5. I will keep everything crossed you have somewhere lovely to spend your dosh

  6. In my days as a TA I was prompting my young charge to recount the story I'd just read. The greedy dragon had gone from shop to shop eating buns from the cake shop, bacon from the butchers etc and was sitting on the roof of the last shop and wouldn't come down. Me "what did the boy shout to the dragon?" Boy "GET DOWN HERE YOU GREEDY BUGGER!" came the reply. I don't know how I got out that room without laughing my socks off. That happened 25 years ago but it still makes me laugh now.

  7. Totes brilliant !Penny Lx

  8. I do know that story and remember as a child being horrified at the thought of a fox dying with a belly full of hot rocks - I even had nightmares and shed a few tears!

  9. Bet you've seen some changes in educuation in 24 years and probably not all for the better. An extra day off is always a bonus but the £27 is a strange amount - lets hope there's a craft store of some sort on the list.

    Children say the funniest things don't they - quite often their punch lines are better than the ending of a story.

    Hope you're having a lovely week. Parents evening for us tonight and then just 5 more school days until Easter. xx


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