Friday 31 March 2023

For Sooze xx

 I am aghast at my sheer neglect during my last post! 

Hope this goes some way to putting things right!! 

Madam Barkypants is here snuggly in her bed that is actually a bed in a bed! She has her squirrel in her mouth. Her latest trick I taught her is to find one of her toys by name ( I think she solidly knows up to 20 of them ) and then take it to one of us by name. 

Her delivery to hand is strong and it’s always back to the person either throwing or giving her the command. 

So I can say 

Bluebell, find your squirrel and take it to Mr 25 and she will. He will take it from her. He will then give it her back and say take it to Mummy 

And she does. 

I love her so much. Even when she has piddled on the sofa cover in a deep sleep! Apparently it’s common in Springers after they are speyed and some hormone tablet from the vet will sort it. We are there next week for a check up and we get a free urine test a year so will try to remember to follow her out with an old takeaway tub to catch some piddle to take with us to the vet! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel*loves Bluebell* Radiostar xxx 

Sourdough Success

 Susan was rubbish. Then came Kevin. He was started with some oh my goodness that was expensive Keffir milk. I drank the rest and felt wholesome from within but he too wasn’t great. I brought him into the living room, not much warmer but twas enough. However he wasn’t smelling so good by day 6. So he went the same way as Susan. However my best friend in real life came to the rescue and brought me some of her discard from her starter called Doughanna Lumley. I declared myself to be a murderer with previous convictions but she risked it and well the screen shots of our chit chat prove how bonkers about bread we both have become! As a baker I wasn’t used to failure in the kitchen

Once I’d taken delivery I was then sending progress reports every ten minutes - ooo look at it now and ooooo look now! My starter is called Bundon Flowers and  currently he’s waiting in the fridge to be woken up gently for the weekend bake! I’d started churning out so much bread the freezer was full! 

It’s the last day of work for two weeks today and I’m glad. It’s been a crazy half term and I’ve a parent workshop to do with my friend this morning and then do some admin this afternoon then that’s it. A much needed rest. Nothing planned really for the two weeks. Housework catch up etc days out in week 2 when the HG is off and pleasing myself which is my favourite! Finishing this jigsaw is on the agenda! Isn’t it gorgeous. 

If I get a move on I might get a few more bits in before work! But first, coffee! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *almost there folks* Radiostar xxx

Thursday 9 March 2023

Wednesday 8th

 Thank you for those kind comments. Sadly, my friend’s hubby never made it and died shortly after being admitted to hospital. 

I can’t even think how hard it must have been to go home and walk into the house where he’d been, hours earlier. A half drunk cup of tea on the side, clothes in the washer etc. and what has made this even more horrible and traumatic, the catastrophic brain event happened whilst the family were celebrating their son’s birthday. 

The rest of us in school are in collective shock I think. Disbelief. Unable to do anything to ‘fix’this as is often our job at work. 

So the world keeps turning. I find comfort in these words by Donna Ashworth

But then I found this and sums her hubby up perfectly. 

He did walk a blazing pathway. 


Tuesday 7 March 2023

Awful awful day

 Well, after a lovely weekend, the day started sunny, bright and clear. I was in a happy jolly mood as I set off to work. 

I greeted a few parents and children on the way. Got to my room and hadn’t even taken my coat off when a colleague said 

Oh Rachel you won’t have heard. 

Heard what? 

Then she proceeded to tell me that my childhood friend, who also works at our school and has done for many years - had let school know that her husband had suffered a massive stroke and was (currently on life support with no hope of recovery. 

Stunned. Stopped like being slammed into by a double decker. The headache and awful feeling of helplessness etc has been overwhelming and the staff at school have collectively got through it today with brave faces. 

Where’s there’s life, there’s hope. 

Always hope. 

My poor poor darling friend and her son. Her beautiful love of her life, warts n all did not deserve this. 

Live your life people. Every single day.