Friday 30 December 2016

Shocked and appalled.

Frankly, my rage is outed. I cannot believe how many blog posts I'm reading lately where the authors are, gasp, taking down their decorations. STOP IT NOW! In my house it is against the actual law to even whisper a suggestion of taking the tree down before Twelfth Night.
*rocks gently back and forth in a corner muttering*

Hahaha I can't bear to take my tree down. It takes me so long to put the flipping thing up! Plus, and my  photos do not do it justice, it really is beautiful this year, not that I'm obsessed or anything.

So...before the sad bleak day when my downstairs returns to its bare, empty, ( dusty -omg tinsel hides a lot of dust )  boring existence, the one thing I will be doing is cutting up my Christmas cards beautifully to add to my stash. This year I managed to match tags with paper easily.
One of my favourite's being this Father Christmas.

I also note down all the senders who will be my list for next year! Except this year I didn't find said list until it was too late. A lot of my cards just said 'to you all' because my crap memory wouldn't bring names of spouses and children to mind in time!

A quick look at some of the obscene amount of presents bestowed upon me by the HG! He does like to collect things! He is a marketing man's dream ( as am I if I'm honest! ) but today I will be using my  new non stick foot to make a bag - photos of course to follow!

I also got so much more! New boots, now walking trainers, more crafty bits n bobs, including this sock loom 

I've already made a start, took it off, and started again! Photos next time. I got loads of other stuff too, perfume, chocolates, slippers, books etc like I said, spoilt rotten! 

My turkey was fabulously cooked to perfection by yours truly! 
Miss 22, her beau and Freddie came for Boxing Day 

Pretending he's camera shy! He's so big now but still as yummy! 
Right am away to my chores* 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *spoilt rotten quite ridiculously this year* Radiostar 

*faffing in my craft room

Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Well, after a stormy Christmas Eve and being woken by a power cut at 3.30am, I'd like to wish you all A MERRY Christmas.
The power cut didnt wake me per se, the fact it switches on a hi fi in our room we never use and it causes the CD drive to constantly open and close. If that wasn't annoying enough, then there's always the gadzillions of house alarms going off from over the way. Clearly advertising to all the burglars that no one is home because NO ONE IS GETTING UP TO TURN OFF THE FREAKING ALARM.

It is Christmas Day. I plan on having. Fabulous day. The house is set. The fridge is full to bursting and knowing my loved ones are safe and warm keeps my heart happy. Before I leave you with some photo montages I just want to chat Christmas presents.
First, the best Christmas Present I've ever had - discovering today an APP that lets me text my best friend in the whole wide world for free. She is in America. We love it!
Second - I thought I was getting the best present ever for my dad ( and the HG )
I think it's an epic fail. They are a set of crampons that fit over boots to give extra grip on snow and ice and what I wanted them for...muddy fields. They look like items you'd find in a medieval torture chamber. Chains and lots of sharp metal teeth that are curved and huge.
My dad and now the HG have a new hobby. It involves time spent in farmer's field's a lot. With a set of headphones on and a stick. Yes it's metal detecting. The only thing they'd be detecting with my wonder present is their own feet!!!!!!

Anyway Miss 22 is coming for Boxing Day so it keeps the presents thing going for longer!

Well, I hope you all have a lovely peaceful day and it all goes well. The hat is the very first one I've knit on circular needles in the round. I had to use the magic loop ! It's for Miss22 and it will match her new wellies! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *may your sprouts be perfectly cooked* Radiostar xxx

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Hi everyone!

I've about 6 half finished posts in my drafts - I really really miss the blogger app. I love putting photos in posts but it really is a ballache when you blog either on an iPhone or an ipad due to the stupid way the screen moves around and how you can't see the add photos bit properly. I've still 2 days to go at work including two discos tonight. I'm not staying all night though as I've my Asda shopping coming betwixt 6 and 7. I've a few presents to wrap but I do t feel festive yet despite all my trimmings being up.
On Monday afternoon my day was made by my FAVOURITE ever ever pupil coming back from High School looking for me. It made me all smiley. Yesterday I tested a little cherub I've been doing daily intensive reading with. In five weeks they've improved from a starting reading age of 5y7m to 6y11m. I'm beyond proud of them. We will carry on in the New Year...if I can...
One of my classes based colleagues is retiring ( lucky thing ) and I've a feeling I'm going to be pulled from my role back into full time classroom TA work. Which is not what I want. If I'm in class, who will do the bereavement counselling I did yesterday? Who will do the anger management work I did yesterday? Who will do the work on social skills and friendship I did yesterday? Who will touch base with three other kids who feel unloved and unwanted? Some might think I'm a waste of resources but actually the impact my current role is having is all positive- for those certain individuals and for everyone around them!
Thanks for well wishers wondering where I am. I'm just lurking! This is my first year without Miss 22 at home on Christmas Day. It had to happen but will seem odd. Fingers crossed the forecast stays good and she'll be here Boxing Day. But just overnight. They both have jobs to get back for. Which is great. I'm very proud of her. The words in the card for Mr 19 from his boss made me cry. I will share them next time. Because right now, it's 6.24am and I am still in my warm cosy bed!
I'll be back soonish hopefully getting the draft posts posted! They are mostly Christmas tree focussed!

Lots of love from
Rachel *no time to think of witty insert* Radiostar xxx