Friday 11 September 2020

Friday night

I am so dog tired! I got in from work and as promised to my work chum, I went straight upstairs and put away all the clean washing I'd been ignoring and moving from bed to floor to bed to floor all week! I did a little bit of tidying and clearing too. Discovered apprx 143 coathangers. Do they multiply when we are not looking? Anyway will bag those up and drop them off at the local hospice charity shop shed. I then put a load of washing on - and somehow had managed to click a time delay thingy button so a normal 45 minute wash was now on for nigh on 3 hours! Not to mind. It's a fancy pants eco machine thingy so I thought since it was work clothes, a good three hour was won't hurt! 
The HG got in really late so it was a freezer surprise cafe tea at ours. 
Mr 23 made himself chicken katsu curry using leftover sauce from the freezer - Pinch of nom book 2 recipe.
The HG had beef grilled steak things from the freezer with tomatoey pasta and cheesey garlic bread also freezer. 
I had cauliflower rice ( freezer ) and some leftover from last night Pinch of Nom chicken balti that Mr 23 cooked from scratch. delicious. A bit of space in the freezer gained and all nicely satisfied with little effort! 
Mr 23 had also weeded the front garden and the front garden wall pavement side. I say front garden. Its all set with cobbles by the HG and his dad years ago and where some of the sand and cement between the cobbles has gone, its prone to weeds and I HATE that unkempt look! Also I like my wall to be clean and my front step and pavement to be weed and moss free! There;s no need for the verges and the like to be left to run wild. The butterflies and bees have plenty to go at round here! Just sheer laziness of people on the street. It's probably in my genes from when my beloved Nanna used to scrub her front steps and then donkey stone them! Like in a Catherine Cookson novel - I'm poor but with pride hahahah

I have so looked forwards to who wants to be a millionaire all week but wish to complain to ITV that they put it on too late. 9pm is too late! I've been snoozing on the sofa every night this week and blooming missed them! However will indulge my way through the recordings tomorrow with the joy of FF through the adverts. 

I have just started a new audible book by Richard Osmond if thats his name - the tall bloke off pointless. Its called The Thursday Murder Club and I am LOVING it. 

BUT I have a thing, you know when you are reading an actual book and are engrossed and it is so annoying when people try to talk to you or interrupt you? Well I 'read' my audible book whilst cooking or washing up and could cheerfully throttle the HG when he wanders in from the lounge to tell me nothing I am remotely interested in at the time when I am mid chapter!! I walk across to my phone and press pause in a huff and then tell him off!!! 

Weekend plans are to make a load of dog bags and peg bags and cushion covers! Ive orders coming in thick and fast! I need to clean and put away Bluebell's paddling pool properly and the grass could do with a cut - I will strongly hint at the HG that he could do that! I've got the shopping coming in the morning and all too soon it will be Monday and back to work. 

Not much more to say 
Where I go daily to be paid has been fine, if we had 100 elephants 93 ish have been brilliant and adaptable and adhered to all the safety procedures. 7 need running out of town! Blatant disregard for rules and respect - yet they'd be the first ones up in arms should something happen! I do not understand why elephants who continuously run the place where I get paid down, rally against the rules and get everyone's backs up bring their offspring to a place that they clearly think is crap! Nobody is forcing you to bring them here - feel free to eff off to another watering hole and when you get there, eff off a little bit further!!!

Lots of love from 
Rachel *Rantypants* Radiostar xxx

Thursday 10 September 2020

A week in

 A week in almost back at work. In our little bubbles, much handwashing and vigilence and laughs aplenty. Yesterday whilst with the smaller childers - we were outside working on an art project. The children were charged with sketching their most favourite part of the playground, the part they would show any new pupils to, the part they had perhaps missed the most during lockdown. Off they went, armed with viewfinders, sketch books and pencils to explore and create amazing works of art. 

Some looked at the adventurey playground bit, some looked at the best hide and seek places ( This, by the way, always makes us staff laugh our legs off because essentially we have a square playground with zero nooks and crannies for good hiding yet it's an eternally favourite played game! ) 

One little cherub was busy drawing away at the top of the playground. A very good likeness it was too. I asked why have you drawn this? To be proudly told that it was their very favourite part of the playground and that they really missed it. What had they drawn? 

A plate of fishfingers!!

On the wall is a long timeline, ranging from the year dot to present day which all the main events. Vikings, man on the moon, invention of lightbulb etc oh and 1960s-70s ish Captain Birdeye's first box of frozen fishfingers! 

You could not make it up! 

Bluebell wise, 

Madam hurt her paws on the shore so was confined to barracks with sudacrem and socks on for a few days to allow them to heel. She remains the best dog in the world. 

So much to say but no time as I need to get my online shopping done and get to bed! Smothered in Vic tonight as very cattarrrrrrghy. Leftovers from the cold I had last weekend that made me a paranoid covid hypochondriac. 

see you soon 

Poundland STILL do not have the white sparkly wool in stock. tut. 

Rachel *lots to show you next time* Radiostar xxx