Thursday 31 March 2011

This was the COACH TRIP from hell!

I had a fabulous idea. I talked my colleagues into it.

O my word, could a road BE any more winding if it tried? NO! Could the coach driver  have picked a MORE direct route with STRAIGHT bits of road? YES! YES! YES he could, I know - I have been on them.

It has been an awesome day! Hot coach, over excited children - all 65 of them. Hot coach and 5 teachers all stressed to max before we set off!!! Because we had SEVERAL children arrive late and even though they were threatened with the fact the coach would be leaving no matter what on time, we knew ( they knew) we wouldn't!
Off we went to Bradford's impressive museum of Media. it was MY idea we take the children, so on my head be it!! The exhibitions are awesome, hands on, informative and brlliant. You get to gawp at the poor DJs working at BBC Radio Bradford live on air.
Think we scared them away - honest they WERE there before I remembered to start taking photos!
TV Heaven.
That's what one of the areas is called! You get to look in a whole heap of  books listing different TV programmes and pick on and book it for private viewing! We chose Playschool. Ah Humpty, Jemima, Big Ted, Little Ted and Hambel. Ahhh.
The reason being is our children were working on a project about which decade was it best to be 5 -  10 years old. So we showed them some children's TV for comaprison. The children sat transfixed for 24 minutes. ( The length of the programme)
There are lots of different galleries all with knobs to twist, pull, turn. Gadgets to look at, listen to, touch and try out. Best of all, this museum is FREE.
"Hey, you are upside down!"
The children filmed themselves with real TV cameras in a REAL studio in a sitcom, reading the news with a proper autocue. They sat for Victorian photographs. " Hey ! you are upside down!" was the cry from EVERY single child from under the curtain!

O I have to go - Bingo ( Bloody school PTA fundraiser) Back to finish this post later ....

 BACK - Bingo was a success! I won a full house - Easter Egg then a HUGE box biscuits in the raffle. I know, I know, not good for OPTW. However, I gave them away :)

Back to the trip.
Mostly the trip back consisted of
a) children talking about feeling sick
b) children feeling sick
c) children nearly being sick
d) children being sick and not giving us any notice
di)children saying I'm going to be s blleeeurgh
dii)children saying I am going to be sick and then having the good manners and decency until we thrust a bucket under their noses, to be sick
e) staff running up and down the coach sideways like mad crabs screeching paper towels paper towels bags papertowels buckets be quiet, he's not been sick, no you will not be sick as well, you are fine, sit down, stop talking about it, no it doesn't smell, ( it did) :-/  no you can't smell sick ( they could) ;-/ etc etc
f) moving children further up the bus according to the shade of greeness.
g) telling children that it wouldn't be much longer ( It would - we had miles to go)
h) telling child in seat behind about how many miles there were.
i) At a tiny little village we had to pull up in order to let two sick covered children off the bus to a chorus of eeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so we could mop them up as best we could - staff member raced to village shop to replenish carrier bags and tissues.
j) 7 sickly children got off the bus for fresh air - 58 other children getting very restless.
k) bus driver confirms basically the bus heating system is buggered. He admitted that he'd had to fill the water cooling system with water already and it was empty - meanwhile he had no way of shutting off  the blast furnace temperature heaters and no due to health and safety he could not drive with the door open. No dear reader, a child ( seatbelted in) might fall through the open door.  I wonder what H&S would have said to the fact that we were fiercly roasting said child alive and probably would suffer the bus exploding?
l) child feeling sick chinese whispers down the bus
m) staff on point of falling over that precipice telling children to be quiet, close their eyes, and breathe through their mouths and be still and they would be alright and absolutely NO MORE S WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n) arrive somewhat subddued at school. ( subddued - brains cooking slowly in own juices)

Actually - the above is a shortened version!!! Here are some photos to take your minds off the vomit.
What did FAB stand for?




Just off to get more cheese


One wonders are any of these HD ready?


If you can go. DO! ( On the motorway and preferably not with 65 children!)

Tuesday 29 March 2011

sporting observations of my afternoon AND A RANT

Today our school held it's Annual Inter House Sports Competition for KS2

Two words. Night and Mare
 I interrupt this blog to bring you a rant. After reading a thread on the TES website about HLTAs and TAs I had to post something - but realised I was becoming more and more irate - so I chickened out and have just written it here.  I do LOVE my job and I DO love the wages! My boss reads the TES website!
It's TES Connect if anyone wants to go see.
My reserved, very reserved rant....

"As a HLTA/TA3 working under similar conditions to yourself, I wonder what your Union advice was? This thread has some very opinionated people. I am not a ' wannabe ' teacher or 'jumped up' at all. The biggest outcry to be heard at my school is when the teachers have to ( GASP ) miss their precious PPA time due to sporting/whole school activities etc.  They make damned sure they take it at another time - and hey guess what - it's up to us TAs to cover these lessons. ON our own. With no support. ( Usually meaning that our intervention group children miss out on a session) Who is worrying over the quality of education the children are getting in these times?  Not the QUALIFIED teachers, that's for sure!  Maybe this is just my school."

ANYHOO back to the sport. Usually I LOVE this afternoon's activities however this year I had to help the football.

But it did have it's entertaining moments. The children play in mixed teams of about 7 a side. Years 3/4 and 5/6.
Some of the  Year 5/6 boys take their football VERY seriously. The girls, excepting one or two however, do not. Picture the scene.
Muddy pitch. Boys playing furiously down one end of the pitch. I look to the losing side's goalie who is in deep conversation with her two female defenders as they plait her hair! O no....the ball is coming their way....... one girl flaps, one runs away and the goalie just shrugs her shoulders as the ball sails past her into the goal. The boys are angry, poor boys, and I really don't think the teacher ( NOT ME) helps when he suggests
they mix up the teams and use different defenders. Because NO these boys want all the goal scoring glory!
The trouble is with this Sports afternoon is that all the children take part and some of them have no concept of the rules of football, benchball or netball because THEY NEVER PLAY THEM - THE TEACHER WHO ORGANISES WON'T LISTEN to ideas or feedback. Feedback today was - why do we play the same games every year? Why don't we choose totally different games that they ALL enjoy? Like kick rounders - they all LOVE that! Even the hairdressers.
Our school has  two really well attended  after school football training clubs - one by our local team - they play in tournaments and the school league and do very well. The keen kids are interested ergo they go. The rest are NOT!!!! We have a hockey club - why can't we do that instead? My friend and I ran a Skittleball club as an after school activity as we wanted to hark back to our youth - the children LOVED it!
Gosh, I am a bit angry tonight!
Anyway, Y3/4 footballers - the teams off the pitch were showing me their cheerleading tricks ( also an afterschool club) including Joshua - the only boy on the cheerleading team. ( He is also my paper inventor genius - I have yet to tell you about last week's show and tell) . I was worried about Joshua's insistence on showing me how he could almost do the splits. I was willing him not to show me. He did. I paled. He got up. I was alright! On the pitch, the goalie on one team was laid on her front inspecting her nails, the goalie on the other team was taking forever to take the goal kick. He did. STRAIGHT into the face of his team mate. Off we went to get an ice pack! Also the younger children play football like an episode of Benny Hill. They all follow the ball whether they are on the same team or not!
During these shenanigans, the parents  who could be arsed to show up were giving their children sweets and drinks thus pissing off the children of working parents and parents who couldn't be arsed to show up. One parent got a bit arsey when they were told NO they couldn't bring their man eating dog onto the field. I was glad when it was over!
Bit like you'll be now this post is over!

Sunday 27 March 2011

Just WHAT time is it Mr Wolf?

I am still suffering bloody blocked nose, sodding sore throat and  ( Will insert creative alliterative swear word later when I can think of one ) hurty ears but I'd like to point out to The Verve, The Drugs DO work. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Phenyladrine I heart you guys!

Today will be spent in confusion. Just what time is it Mr Wolf? Today will mostly be spent telling the time. I just looked and realised that it's almost nine o' clock. I am proper confused with this clocks back clocks forward mularcky. I had convinced myself it was almost 8! None of the clocks in my house say the right time as it is.

All I do know, is rather depressingly, that work is an hour closer.
But today will be mostly spent in my beloved garden. If I fill my mind with mindless soil related bother I have no room for real depressing thoughts. I have already stood ( still in my PJs) after pegging out, and listened to the MASSIVE playlist of one of my Starlings and mentally moved plants and stuff around. So shortly I am going to start off a loaf of bread, I am really in the mood for home baking ( FORGOT to buy Washing Up liquid tut ) will send one of my offspring to the shop later - also will relook into getting my dishwahser fixed, then I will get dressed into scruffs and go play out. As I always write on my FB statuses at this time of the year. I am going outside, I may be some time .

SOME TIME ( NOT SURE ) LATER.....................
Garden been sorted a bit more. Bike shed update - some blocks have been cut. The sun has gone in now though and it's cold, so I came in too.

Made two loaves in the end up

One white one wholemeal

Really nice with lashings of butter!
  OOOO The sun come back out - my cue to go do some more pottering!

Thursday 24 March 2011

Think today is going to be a bad day

Something is wrong, and even though we've been hoping as hard as we possibly can, deep deep down in the pit of my stomach I knew the news wasn't going to be good. I can't even begin to think about it too much else I think I will start to cry and never stop and to date I have already had to supress that feeling lately. ( Should have been planning a 2nd Birthday party round bout now) I KNEW things weren't as they seemed and even though the rational side of me thinks that things will be ok and we'll get through and manage, the other side of me is completely devastated and I don't know how i can even comprehend why it happened. Plus I have to cope with the fact I will have  to be strong for others - i'm not sure how much more breakage my heart can take. A bleak post and even though teh sun is shining on a glorious day - the darkness is oppressive. plus it's my beloved nanna's anniversary tomorrow - I miss her so so so much. :(

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Chitting and onion sets

It's been a glorious few days.
Time to tackle the crops. At the weekend we bought some Maris Pipers and some red onions and much to my son's disgust some Brussel Sprouts seeds. These are the main crops we are going for this year. o oh phone ringing!

Friday 18 March 2011


Good Morning! It has seemed a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long week this week.

Comic Relief day - so some good telly on tonight.

Teacher Training Day - I love work when there are no children in!
 For some strange reason we get loads done!

I've found some video footage from gigs I've been to on Windows Media Player - I think I will have to burn them to a disc then reload them and save them in My Videos to get them to post on here - I have looked and tried and can find no possible way to get them off Media Player!

This is from the Killers gig I last went to singing one of my favourite songs - not sure it will work - this is one I already had in my files. It was an AMAZING gig. :) Makes my heart happy .

The sun is shining today - makes my heart doubly happy.
O it says I can continue to edit my post during upload, but I can't close this window or publish till it's finished!
I wonder how long it will take.  Hmmmm been 5 minutes now - it's only a 30second clip!
Doesn't this upload realise I have Facebook to check, Twitter and emails and a shout out to my chum in USA before work? My children have a muft day at their school - I shall request that they pick uniform up off the floor so I can wash it a day earlier - my life is just so rock n roll - braising steak for tea! See?!
 GARDEN - I want to do some pottering tomorrow - I will plant some early carrots and some beetroot. Onions will go in too! My Rhubarb is looking magnificent and all my Spring growth is bursting triumphantly from the Winter soil. I love m y garden in Spring - all the purpleness is a purpley joy :)

Video update - 8 minutes now. This might be the only one I post. I don't even think I will bother with the Windows Media thingy I was whinging about up there. /\
 Been read out on Radio Lancashire THREE times this morning!!!! Here were my jokes I sent in to be read out! It is comic Relief Day and I have donated by text  - technology is really marvellous.
Graham Liver who is on now ALWAYS reads out my contributions to his show!
1. I walked passed my fridge and I thought I heard an onion singing a BeeGees song. When I opened the door I saw it was just a chive talking!!! I asked it wouldn't you rather be an onion? It said Nah - I'm happy staying a chive, staying a chive, ah ah ah ah staying a chiiiiive!!!

2. I got some herbs in my eye as I was cooking the tea last night. I am now parsley sighted.
Losing the will to live now Video Upload. Does anyone have any tips? Probably my tip now would be simply. Don't.
Grrrrr now attery is flashing

Thursday 17 March 2011

*Whispers, " Can't believe I'm going to write the next few words..."

*Shhhhh but I am quite liking messing about on Twitter -  now I am NOT sure how it works and hashtags and retweets and stuff make my brain hurt but what I DO like is seeing how Richard Madely interacts with Philip Schofield - HOW INSANE! It satisfies my nosiness gene incredibly. AND if you read this blog Eryn, please don't be too smug in your I told you so speech. I still don't understand the competition lark but Twitter is now on my TO DO list when I get on the computer. Current order is  Facebook, Email, Blog, Twitter!

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Proud parent Puffs out Pectorals with pride

Been the youngest's Parent's Evening tonight. The fifth trek up there in a few weeks as the oldest child is in the 6th form there! Then we have had options evenings, further options evenings O and a prize giving ceremony for the youngest too! I know that doesn't add up to 5 but hey, I am only  a holder of grade C O'Level ( proper exams) Maths, not predicted A* like my boystar!!

To cut a long story short, I cannot impart how good it feels to have person after person tell you what a pleasure it is to have the child in their class. They were all clamouring for him to choose their particular subject bar none. He is quiet, well behaved, well respected,  friendly, likeable, a superstar, clever and smart! My boy! I made him!!!  I am sure thought they thought they were chatting to someone else's parents...because the boy who gets off the school bus in the evening IS Harry Enfield's Kevin. He only grunts in my direction to tell me he is STARVING - a state he has been in since about the age of 3, he NEVER has a bout of peckishnesh.No actually, he is a sweeheart. He is funny. A pain in the neck. Currently has the measurements of a baby giraffe and is all arms and legs and he has developed manhands. I weep for my baby boy.

His beautiful sister is nearly 17 and is growing out of those terrible teens - thought  their father and I  do sit and recall the days we used to quiver in fear and wonder if it was Chloe Jekyll or Chloe Hyde who would come home. We still laugh at the time when she was about 8 when after asked to tidy her room she declared mid strop that we "MIGHT HAVE WELL CHRISTENED ME CINDERCHLOE!"

I am so sad how fast they are growing and I'm not liking this at all! My mother WAS right! About everything!

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Mums know best!
 This is just a great programme. All the recipes that you get from your mums and nannas. What recipes would YOU put on this programme?

Interview and mindblowing universe day

Hey all, Brian Cox is a smiley genius
. His series on the Wonders of the Universe has me wondering how the effin nora does he know? So I decided to quit asking, go with the flow and absorb the knowledge. Amazing - how we are here because of the stars. I now know what a super nova is too! And boy do I feel smug about that.

Chloe's jumper update - ummmmmmmm it has been negelcted somewhat of late but it is about 23cm long now - well on it's way to the 40cm it needs to be before I have to think about the arms.

I was one of the staff to be selected to be interviewed by the nice man with the smiley eyes as our school forged ahead with it's quest to be reacredited as Investors in People.

I talked and talked and talked and talked. He wrote like a mad man and declared e to be very knowledgable, caring & nurturing and an asset to the school!
- Observed Lesson update - I asked a couple of the children to do a lesson evaluation for me including eyebrows child. he wrote that he liked everything about the lesson, it was good - that to me was like winning the lottery!

Sunday 13 March 2011

Never mind WWJD - it's WTFIJ!

It's Sunday night, I am being observed teaching RE tomorrow to the hardest class in the school. We are currently applying our abstract knowledge to Who is/was ( Now I'm thinking about TISWAS?!) Jesus.
So I have about a zillion ideas bombing around my head; how can I engage the least spiritual children in the school?How can I differentiate enough to ensure all children are getting the most they can? How can I do this without e droning on and on and on for hours? What should I write for my WALT, TIB & WILF?, What is the intended outcome of my lesson? What do I want the children to do? WALT - What Are we Learning Today? Well so far I am going to leave this blank and see if the children can fill this in at the end therefore I can see if we have had a successful lesson? Last week in a different class I missed out the WILF and got them to fill it in in the Plenary....if I go find my pen drive I'll introduce you to WALT, TIB & WILF! Will be back shortly with more information...I have a seed of an  idea based on Cluedo.....
I made a start on my notes - now I just need to resource it all! Each group will need a relevant photgraph! Each group will have to use a children's bible to find their story. They will all need a Jesus to illustrate their claims! O goodness me I hope I can pull it together. The main thing is that they give me their ideas! I just have to provide them with the tools.
Explain this is detective school and there is a mystery to solve. No crimes have been committed but the person is still at large and we want him in for questioning. All we know is he goes under several aliases – that is false names.
Squads A, B ,C,D , E Group F are given a character profile from one of the stories and they have to stick to it! Group F – High Ability They are ALL Jesus  and whilst they are being visited by the detectives they also have to  try to consider each of their characters and could they really be just the one man and how are they alive today? What are they doing in  OUR lifetime?
Clues have been hidden around the room. We need to find out just who this mystery man is.
Work together, you have 15 minutes.
Each squad will have found out
His name.
What he did
Where he did it.
Who was affected.
Their Man.

You will produce a case to put before the Judges ( Me and Miss W)

Saturday 12 March 2011

The Sale of goods act 1979

Today for the first time ever, I have used this. Parts of my afore blogged billy bargain tent are damaged and I , dear reader, and NOT impressed! So with a little help from my lucky sister, who gets tons of we're truly sorry crap through her  door when she complains ( unlike me) a strongly worded letter indicatting that I am indeed vexed is on it's this space......

Friday 11 March 2011

Brought home a couple of trollops

Two books borrowed off a friend at work -  A couple of easy reads by Joanna Trollop. They can go on the massive pile by my bed - I am currently in the middle of a gruesome murder mystery!

Thursday 10 March 2011

My All time favourite songs

Number One
Reasons? It takes me back to my youth, which I love to review in a pair of good, old fashioned rose tinted bi focals. I never tire of hearing this. The lyrics are charming. It flows along nicely and I just love it to it's scruffy little ditty core.

My all time favourite songs No. 1Waterboys • The Whole of the Moon • 1985 Concert

Number One
Reasons? It takes me back to my youth, which I love to review in a pair of good, old fashioned rose tinted bi focals. Plus I was the one who stayed in my room....... I never tire of hearing this. The lyrics are charming. It flows along nicely and I just love it to it's scruffy little ditty core.

 " I pictured a rainbow, you held it in your hands,
I had the flashes, but you saw the plan,
I wandered out in the world for years ,
While you just stayed in your room,
I saw the crescent, but you saw the whole of the moon."

Beautiful. Click and have yourself a few minutes of musical genius wash over you :)

Thursday already and my week has consisted of....

Eyebrows child informing me at school that he knows how to make a flame thrower, but it's alright as it's just a mini one.
Safety Quiz this afternoon by my beloved class to try and win a grand for our school - I have trained them so well - they are like nervous wrecks - they did not realise how dangerous life can be - they are convinced they are going to DIE round every corner!!! ( Not really - but they do stand a good chance!)
  Posted this response to my best friend in the world's blog at a post her husband wrote....

Here is the link -

Couldn't stop giggling in such a girly way at 'Man Crafting'

I only hope for youe wife's sake that the tools/pieces/walls/floors/doors etc do not get propped up in your dining room  like mine where I am sat typing next to a 6 by 4ft pices of ply which is 'Operation Go Kart', which in turn in held in place by numerous sheets of MDF. Two MASSIVE fishing Boxes are on the opposite wall - no wonder I have anxeity issues about feeling hemmed in ( (Can use daughter's sewing machine on table just next to the laptop for hemming) and the need for SPACE.
Go Kart materials couldn't go in the hall - there's already a Hornby Railway, two radiators and some guttering o and a beautiful new peice of worktop held aloft last night like a world cup trophy by my returning hunter gatherer :)
Pause to take photo of hall in case you think I ma exaggerating.....
Look at the walking boot holding the work top up! 
It's a good job I am on OPTW otherwise I would not be able to fit down the passage!

I am going to share this story on MY blog!!!

Monday 7 March 2011


Sunday Sunshine
It's ALMOST 'flip flops' weather!
Yesterday I had shorts n t shirt on to play out in my garden! The sun was out and warm and inviting ....but only when I was behind glass - outside the atmosphere was 'brisk' - so off I went - retracing my steps and put trackie bottoms on! Shorts on underneath. I KNEW I had them on!

O I LOVE being outside. I could almost SEE the Vitamin D manufacture going on under my skin. Armed with trusty (rusty) secateurs I set about tidying my unruly garden. I had left it to nature FOR the nature as it's supposed to be more eco friendly.
My garden is a very relaxed place and I do not do that thing of lifting dafodil bulbs and tieing back plants year after year.  It grows then dies.
I only have two rules when it comes to my garden. It HAS to be purple or blue. It SHOULD be perennial. I do sway from my rule by putting in annuals - but they are PURPLE annuals.I am famous for my purpley blue garden - friends buy me purple plants and text me if they see new ones for sale!

NB: Never, ever, ever, EVER buy me flowers for the house. It's the one thing I HATE with a passion. Yuk. Cut flowers = death. I hate the cloying smell and the slimy left over water. I don't mind them in other people's houses and I even BUY them for people but I HATE them. I am such a cheap date! My other half knows better than to bring me flowers! Last Valentine's Day I got two purple Hibiscus plants for the garden and a blue rose bush!!!

Then I have my vegetable plot. My dad jokes how I hardly grow for Victory and hardly sustainable - but if my crop does me one or two meals then that's a success to me!

So I harvested my Calabresse yummy yummy and have rejuvenated the compost and put some beetroot in!
Somewhere I have photos of my gardening successes from last year - Broccolli -  I can grow these like a CHAMPION! Plus the plants are HUGE I never realised! I need to take that into account this year.
Many friends bore the brunt of my wrath after I lost my crop of peas to caterpillars -  net and fleece foiled the buggers the next season! I'll pop some pics in if I can find them!

JUST the right colour for my garden!

LOOK at it INSIDE my pod - GRIM
Makes me feel queasy actually!
I looked them up - these are CABBAGE whites - NOT PEA WHITES!!!
Apologies for chipped BLUE nails but LOOK at them inside!! *shudders
And they decimated my peas in a matter of two days! I had caterpillar angst indeed.

Monday Faceshine
AKA a smile -  today it was my base class's turn to visit the Life Education Van. A portable caravan where some happy shiny people ( Mainly "beans & lentils" persons I call em!) educate the young folks about drugs, peer pressure and generally loving yourself and respecting yourself using a range of pretty lights, videos and puppets and it's all rather jolly!.
So...eyebrows child puts up his hand.....the kind, smiley lady indicates it's his turn to speak by doing that 'I'm pointing at you, but pointing is rude, so I'll put all my fingers together and hold my hand like a seal flipper out towards you' thing.
Eyebrows: " Why are you so happy?"
Happy smiley lady; " Because life is just Grrrrrrreat"
Perhaps I should point out that Eyebrows child rarely smiles & says exactly what it does on the tin.
Eyebrows : " Why are you smiling so much? It's not real.
HSL : -Because If I smile, I am using these facial muscles and my brain recognises that I am smiling so feels happier. Scientific research has shown that people who smile a lot are happy and that's why I smile a lot.
Eyebrows - "But doesn't smiling all the time make your face ache?"
HSL : " Nooo, not at all, my face is used to it and I like being happy. You should try it."
Eyebrows: under his breath to himself and totally seriously. "I did . It hurt." 
Somedays I REALLY love my job!

Saturday 5 March 2011

Friday was sad for news.

Came home on Friday after a wonderful afternoon ( read previous post) to the news that a couple had been found dead at their home not far from where I live.

As details began to emerge I thought I recognised their names. Turns out I did.

Their only son was in my daughter's class at Primary School, and whilst I wouldn't say I was friends per se I had known the husband for a long time and was a playground chum of the mum.

The husband strangled the wife then hanged himself. The Police had to go to High School to go tell the lad. It's shocked us all to the core. 

So, this weekend please cherish what you have because you really don't know what is going to happen next .
Rachelradiostar x

Friday 4 March 2011

Friday is Show and Tell Day

I love Fridays. Especially when I let Y3 do 'Show and Tell'. ( Earlier posts have contained juicy shows and fabulous tells) .  Today I had a lot of tell and tellers - so I had to inform them that it's Tuesdays for Tell and Tells! ( I only made that up on the spot - but they bought it!  -  I had a full afternoon planned and we didn't have time for twenty eager tellers)
Japenese Origami Champions be afraid, very afraid.......
Today's 'Show's incuded Joshua* (false name) who makes things out of paper. O yes, he is a paper making genius. I call him this and he is (rightly) proud.  He walks smartly to his carpet spot, chest puffed out with pride and turns to face his eager audience. Now to the untrained eye, you might think what he is holding in his hand, is a screwed up, folded up scrap of paper that looks JUST  like the last seven he showed and told!

No - today he had made a weapon holder for when he is playing soldiers with his brothers. He showed us how he used it. Including the quote of the afternoon which made me chuckle ( only on the inside where the children don't see) " I stick my arm out of the wardrobe like THIS "( Sticks arm out straight!) Then we open the floor to the questions.

S. Q1 - Will you make me one? ( Yes mate)
J. Q2 - How did you make it? ( Elaborate answer ensues incuding unfolding/twisting demo)
A. Q3 - Why don't you colour it in to make it look better? ( Looks aghast and retorts it's not meant to be coloured in - it's an invisible weapon holder)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally LOVE my job!

Wednesday 2 March 2011

caption of the month

Belongs to me! ( Fanfare on my own trumpet!)

Someone on here ( Mr Murphyfish, step forward and take a bow) has posted some photos showing us that frogs think it's spring! I quipped i's not so much as Frog's Spawn, but Frogs Porn!
 Then chuckled away to myself! Think I have turned into my nanna!!!!! Laughing at my own jokes! O dear!


Nothing cheers me up more than when I get a joke text from a friend - especially when it's a 'really really tickles my funnybones funny!'

So I am going to collect them here - the GOOD ones!
Here's one I got off my friend last night.

I woke up last night to find the ghost of Gloria Gaynor at the foot of my bed......
..........At first I was afraid........I was petrified

Giggleometer for me 9.5/10

Woooo I just texted this in to the radio station - and I had it read out!!! :) Just living up to my  name!
Rachelradiostar xx

Tuesday 1 March 2011

It's a new dawn, it's a new day

And I'm feelin good, da dum , da, dum, da dum de de d aa dum..... ( One of Muse's (ONLY?) covers .

but live is awesome and I have seen it many times! LIVE IS BETTER!!! I saw this set - the crowds singing along is brill!

Anyhow, I digress - my point is I AM NOT FEELING GOOD! One day in at work and my hackles are up already. I really am cheesed off witth the whole working for a living. Yes I know that in these 'times is hard' days I am LUCKY to have a job but these days my 'days is hard' nevermind times! Let's see what today brings!