Saturday 1 August 2015

Summer Hols - Days 3 - 16

Hello folks, 
I can't believe I've been off for two weeks already! Been mostly pottering around. Need to have a huge bloggy catch up with you all. 
I've been mostly having a lovely time pleasing myself with what, when n where!  I adore not being constrained by having all my daylight hours spoken for. I've baked, cooked, cleaned, sewed, socialised, faffed about, gardened, been out, stayed in, watched TV to my heart's  content! I've also been shopping a lot for remnants of materials. This creation uses some £30 per metre silk I got for £1! 
This lot was less than a tenner!!
Now I got an A in my O'Level Needlework back int black n white days. But I have not made anything from a pattern since. I've done plenty of repairs and alterations- just no creating using a pattern. I've some lovely patterns for dresses and tops for myself, but felt like I needed a bit of practice before letting myself loose on the pretty fabric I chose. Sew... ( sorry ) 

Remember this >>>
Well, I finally got around to using my new machine! It's amazing!! 
It has a touch screen dashboard thingy. Want to wind a bobbin? It tells you how! 
Little moving pictures! 
Ta daaaaa!! 
You select your stitches and sizes etc from the screen and the first thing I sewed was an old tea towel! There is a speed control too! 

It. Also. Can. Self. Thread. The. Needle.... AND It. Cuts. The. Thread. By magic! ( by pressing a little button actually ) but it blew my mind for an afternoon!!! 

Sew anyway..... 
Ears first... Not very smoothly done! 
Little arms - made a mistake on paw 1. So unpicked it carefully. 

The pattern/bear it is supposed to look like- my bear has a withered leg, poor thing! The footpads were a real bugger to get right too, so I think he has different sized feet! 
Here he is all cobbled together...pose able arms and legs!! just his face to do...

Meet Teddy the first! He's not as 'horror film' as I anticipated. I've learned a lot from making him. Already have had requests from people who want one!
He cost about 75p to make! The stuffing was out of the uni ones old unwanted duvet. The embroidery thread was some I've had in for years! I think I might make him a friend this week! 

Right, I've knitting to attend to! It's been somewhat abandoned of late! I'll be back soon! 

What've you been up to whilst I've been sewing? 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *loving being off* Radiostar xxx


  1. Bless, he looks like he's just waiting to play with someone! Fantastic for a first effort in 'x' amount of years. I gave up sewing in school (our needlework teacher was horrible).

    This week I have been mostly drowning under the weight of all the courgettes from our garden......

    1. Daily, I wake up to a little parcel on my doorstep from the courgette fairy, aka my neighbours with an allotment!

  2. He is bearly irresistible, I think you better make him a playmate right smartish in case he runs away to find one. Glad that you are having lots of "me time fun" it is very important when you work 2 full time jobs. Really more than 2 as running a home is more than full time work.
    I have been up to my elbows in compost, soil and sawdust, nearly there now.

  3. I've been up since 4 helping to nurse two poorly babies...looks like chicken pox...

    1. Oh no, poor babies! Hope you all get sleep!

  4. Yep, that bear needs a friend. I'm glad you seem to be having a good "rest" and enjoying the school hols. August is our busiest time on the campsite so it's loo cleaning and bin emptying here. very impressed by a self threading needle on sewing machine, before mine fell to bits that was what took me the longest time to do. IF I get a new one I shall be looking for something as clever as that.

    1. The HG chose it for my birthday. It's a Brother. He did a lot of online research! E read a lot of reviews! He is dedicated to his shopping!

  5. What a transformation when you put the face on. He suddenly became 'alive'. I've had a great day too, just pottering around baking, crocheting, gardening , CS-ing, eating, drinking and talking to the family.

    1. Did you get anything good in the charity shop? I picked up a lovely hippy frock last week. £3.99 bargain

  6. Love him! I've been wanting to get back into sewing too, been given my mums sewing machine but keep putting off starting her up (the machine, not my mum! Lol). Your machine looks fab and easy to use.
    I've just finished my first weeks holiday club, a dozen kids for 10 hrs a day! Actually, we take them out on a trip each day. So I was paddling in the sea off Formby point on Monday morning in the pouring rain. We were on the beach for half an hour and then took nearly an hour getting everyone changed into dry clothes and warmed up, lol. You've got to love an english summer.
    Only 2 weeks of holiday club left then im off to Spain, a nice little sewing project might just be the thing to take with me to help wind down.
    Enjoy the rest of yours, xx

  7. Thanks Alison. We get asked about doing Night Owls in the holidays but it's not viable financially! Also, I like my hols! Enjoy Sunny Spain x

  8. Loving all your crafty blogs. I never seem to have the time anymore. We are just back from Brighton, have you been? I think you'd love it...loads of cute vintage stores, bars and foodie shops.
    I am now fretting about #1 daughter who has taken herself to Kendal calling :-S

    1. I've never been to Bristol. The HG already having palpitations about the drive to Devon!

  9. Lovely Teddy. He looks like one of those old fashioned Teds, you know the ones I mean? You are a clever lady xxx

    1. I've two more ready for stuffing, but I'm worried they won't be as cute!!


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