Friday 24 July 2015

Summer Hols - Day 2

Well Day 2 of the hols brought rain and sunshine. 
I baked... using my new fancy pants sillicone bread baker 
You weigh out the ingredients in it

You mix the ingredients in it. 

You fasten it and prove in it. 
When doubled in size you just whack it straight in the oven as it is! 

Out came a Viking boat shaped loaf which was utterly crunchy on the outside and soft as down on the inside. Completely delicious and gone in the blink of an eye!! 
I just tried this recipe out of the little booklet 

I also introduced Jill to Beryl. Jill was another of my birthday presents off the HG. Another loaf was made! 
Jill and Beryl showing the dough who the boss is! 
There's a little bit of this one left! 

I then went in the garden to move plants into different pots. The photo is poor. But this is my beginning to that stunning border I showed you yesterday!! The poor bunny isn't faring well. My bush is too mature I think ( WHO SNIGGERED AT THE BACK??!!) so I will start afresh with a baby one! 
 And there's actually a Delphi flower that the slugs didn't get!! 
Like I's a start!! 

I made a start on a new thing to make 
You will have to wait and see .... it might just end up like something from a horror film! 
I made homemade cheese stuffed burgers for tea and marinated some stewing beef in curry spices for a Friday night fakeaway. Back tomorrow for news of Day 3. 

Lots of love from

Rachel *actually nipped in to work again to do some illicit photocopying* Radiostar xx 


  1. Sorry no sniggering intended m'dear, the bread looks delicious and I'm beginning to understand your fixation on 'blue' gardening...looking good.

    1. Did you see the border I posted yesterday? It took my breath away! Blue and purple are just my favourite colours, that's all!

    2. Tis indeed a lovely border Rach, oh and that conversation snippet was hilarious m'dear.

  2. Blues are so restful!
    J x

  3. Your project is intriguing, I look forward to the reveal. I must bake bread today but just use my bog standard recipe and knead it myself, I need the exercise. I have tried the no knead method but find the yeast content too high. Enjoy your hols.

  4. Your bread thingamajig looks fun, I shall have to find me one of them What are you making, I'm being nosey now! x

  5. That bread baker is fancy! I had a bread machine once but on one occasion we made a loaf in it and for one reason or another it didn't get eaten so it got chucked - unfortunately I forgot to take the paddly bread machine thingies out of the bottom of the load before I chucked it - rendering the bread maker useless!


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