Friday 14 August 2015

Summer Hols - Day 2??

Hello folks, it's Friday. 
It has rained. Every. Single. Minute. Of. Daylight. No let up at all. Mind you, the weatherman had warned us that it would be raining in biblical proportions of torrential standards yesterday. However,  not a drop fell. It was burning hot sunshine. A bonus. 

The HG tried out his new garden cutters on the bay tree.
 The tree is about 21years old now. I've had to push holly into the bottom branches to keep NDFC out of it. It usually hosts a family of blackbirds every year. I had the delightful job of picking up all the cuttings and stuffing them into FOUR garden sacks. I cannot stand the smell or the creepy crawlies that come down with the branches. 
The boy did just fine with his A Levels and now has 4 to add to his CV. His Uni Place is secure and is on hold till September 2016. He has a year now to find the right apprenticeship for him, or he'll go to Uni. All's well. Our school career is done! 
Today I have had my first go on the overlocker. I spent a while looking at the manual and the machine. It took me less time that I thought to thread it up and away I went!! 

It's MUCH faster than the sewing machine. 
I've used it on the dress I'm making and I altered one of my dresses. I'm impressed with it! 
It's 6.35pm and the news is on. The terrible explosion in China; the story that someone has tried to burgle Cilla Black's house; Cuba has a new U.S. Embassy and the awful plight of the Syrian refugees arriving in Greece and there's a big hole appeared in the road in Manchester, probably due to the rain.
The world is a troubled place for sure. 
I rarely watch the news, is depressing. I find ignorance is definitely bliss. 
Tonight, once the tumble dryer fixer man turns up ( he said betwixt 5.30pm and 7.30pm )( time is running out)  , it will be an easy tea and I will watch the Jo Brand spin off Bake off program with my knitting. Don't hold your breaths, but, there may be a 'ta daaah' tomorrow!! 

Oh yes, just before I go... The squeamish may want to look away now. You know how I was bragging about my 'wildlife free' veg patch? Hmmmm. Well, I've had visitors. I don't know who, but they left me presents. No, they really shouldn't have! 
Can you tell me who they were? 
Look a little closer
1. Neat little cream balls.
2. These ones creep me out. Like sinister doughnuts. But how nearly they are arranged! 
3. A batch of bright orange more cylindrical blobs
And 4. More doughnuts but arranged slightly differently to those above. 

There must be something that eats these? I've picked all the leaves off and thrown them over the back wall
Into the grassy ginnel. I couldn't squash them because er Baby Butterflies. ! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *overlocking everything in sight* Radiostar xxx 
Ps thank you for all your comments! I do always reply you know x 


  1. No idea what bug laid those eggs, but they are sort of beautiful aren't they? And the precision in laying them in such lovely patterns and straight lines!

    That machine of yours looks scary. But then I don't do sewing in any way, shape or form.

    1. It's looked scary to me since it arrived. But I finally manned up and sat down at it! It's fun!

  2. The White Family has been at your brassicas, Mrs :o)

    FAB-U-LOUS overlocking- you'll be overlocking everything in sight now! xx

    1. The blooming White family can bugger off! So many different types - I've only really thought that cabbage whites are cabbage whites - but they must be slightly different because of their eggs? I'm loving my over locker!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you have been knitting. I must photo my own efforts and put them up too! :-)
    So glad the A levels worked out well. It can be such a worrying time.
    J x

    1. There'll probably be something else to worry over next!

  4. Oh my dear you've been visited by the large cabbage white & the small one. Ohhh you have an overlocker lucky you, I really really want one, no space to set one up yet & I'm not allowed any big purchases for me before Christmas perhaps Father Christmas might bring me one!! Congrats to your son on his A'levels & I find reading the news can be so depressing it can put me off my Gin xx

    1. We are currently eating tea on our knees because of my sewing gear all over the dining table!! Hoping Fr C does bring you one Jo!

  5. love the overlocker. I'm not getting any more sewing machines of any kind, I am the kiss of death to them. Two have been killed off by me this year, and it costs so much to get them repaired that I'm going to have to do without now :o( So I shall enjoy your Tales of The Overlocker, because I can't break it.

    Eww to the butterfly eggs. The other day I was getting rid of spiders from around the house, one was tricky to move it clung on to a corner. When it was finally gone I saw a white thing had been left behind, got a cloth and wiped it up and it was only a bag of eggs. OMG, I could have been over run with baby spiders! Not having that, and the flamin' cheek of some spider just thinking 'oh yeah, I'll lay my eggs here, that's a good place, this woman won't mind'. Now I'm on Red Alert for spiders & their offspring. Not on my watch sunshine!

    Talking of sunshine, I am sick of the thing, so lets swap. I'll take your rain, you have the sun.

    Congrats to your son. Well done that chap!

    I'm with you on ignorance. I try to avoid the news as much as I can, far too gloomy and depressing these days.

    1. Spiders are just too invasive for their own good! Bloody things!

  6. My dad offered me my mums overlocker and I so want it but no room yet. I've not been decluttering for a while but need to get back to it again soon.


    1. My overlocker is actually smaller than my sewing machine! I do decluttering in fits and starts. More fits than starts if I'm honest.

  7. OMG you have an overlocker I am so jealous but I would also be slightly frightened of it too. It must make things so much quicker to make up. What an impressive Bay Tree I only ever think of the small ones in pots dressing up the sides of a front door.
    I gave up with cabbages a few years ago because of the endless supply of butterflies and caterpillars, although I am going to give Kale at try.

    Well done to your son and of course to you too for helping him achieve his exam success.

  8. Thank you Angela. My bay tree was basically a little twiglet when we got it! I just stripped the bottom branches off it to get it like it is!


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