Friday 7 August 2015

Summer Hols - Day 17

Hey folks, the Sun has finally shined! 

It's a glorious Friday morning and I'm hunting for washing! Yesterday I actually cleared my ironing basket, then in an unprecedented move ( well for a few years at least ) I ironed the things straight off the line! I feel so smug and superior!! 

I thought I'd share with you what I've been whiling  away the hours with! 
Suzanne, who blogs at Life at Number38 always has a jigsaw on the go and I've been envious for ages! I've boxes and boxes of jigsaws upstairs but with the sewing machines in residence on the dining table right now there's nowhere for my jigsaw board to go! It won't slide under the new settee like the old one.. And as if by magic, Facebook showed me an advert for a Jigsaw puzzle app! Bonus was its was free! 

Here are a few screen shots! There's loads of free ones. And you choose how many pieces ( 42 - 550 ) you want to do and the level of difficulty ( the pieces are fixed in the correct orientation or you can move them around ) and there are help buttons which I've yet to press  - brag brag ! 

It's just something else I can lose my
mind in without annoying/inconveniencing anyone else! It makes no mess. I am a little OCD with the pieces mind! There are a lot of categories of pictures too!  
Here let me show you! 
The pieces left to choose from are in a slider side bar. 
Finished! Isn't it a lovely scene. 
This was the one I finished last night...
This is the one I've literally just started!! It's a harbour scene! I'm SO the opposite of high maintenance! I always choose the most difficult option available which is 550 unfixed pieces.  Not sure my eyes could cope if they offered a 1000 piece option. I'm not saying I'm hooked. But I am roughly on 'one a day'!  
Don't you be worrying about me being all
Middle aged and stuff ! Here's more...

Project 4 knit is coming along nicely. I knit in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. I love knitting a bit of sunshine into new baby gifts. Sewing wise I'm almost ready to show you... But you'll have to wait till tomorrow. 

I got the Uni one's official Graduation photo yesterday and it's beautiful. I've been umming and ahhhing whether to share ... But as I keep this blog as anonymous as I possible I've decided against it. However, for those lovely bloggy friends who would like to see my pride and joy, if you leave me your email ( which I won't publish ) I'll send you some pics x 

Anyway must dash 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *I'll just do the skyline edge and then I'll Hoover* Radiostar xx 


  1. I love the idea of knitting sunshine into clothes. Another good reason for making the most of the fine weather!
    What a great jigsaw site! Thanks for the info.
    J x

  2. Aren't the summer hols ace? So much free time, made even better by a sprinkling of sunshine. X

    1. I bet you've spent ages planning for September!

  3. Ironing straight from the washing line is just showing off, pure and simple. My washing (in comparison) spent three days on the line being rained on before it decided to stop and get the sun out.... :o)

    Online jigsaws eh, who would have thought it? XX

    1. I sometimes have washing for days in the dryer...I just keep setting it going ....

  4. I shall pass the app onto my husband he likes jigsaws & seems to be addicted to facebook at times! I'm still waiting for my official photos to arrive, were yours done by Tempest by chance? The order form says to allow 28 days & it's close to that now! Ironing straight from the line, gosh you are good x

    1. Hi Jo, I sent you a reply but it's not here! The company was Sucess Photography, not the Tempest one. Hopefully it's turned up by now

  5. Hi Rachel, no jigsaw on the go at the moment, as you say they take up a lot of space and the table is constantly in use by Amy and Thomas during the holidays. I've never heard of a jigsaw app before so had a quick look. The first I found was Jigzone. The puzzles are quite small but there is a timer, which actually stresses me out ...... a lot, so I'm going to have a look for one that's much more relaxing lol. After all the idea is to enjoy it! xx

  6. It's Magic Puzzles you need to look for! Enjoy x


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