Tuesday 25 August 2015

Summer Hols - Devon -the Cream Tea edition

D is for delicious Devon scones
E is for every calorie in the clotted cream
V is for very moreish
I is for I couldn't face another bite
O is for only one a day
N is for nearly didn't finish it! 

Yum! We went to Westward Ho! 
The exclamation mark is actually included in the name. Not sure why. 

The evening sunshine was glorious,
so the disposable BBQs were duly lit. 
Here is a recipe you may or may not have sampled before. If you have, then you understand the magic, if you haven't, then, honestly, don't be revolted...like I was when first confronted by them at a friend's BBQ- give them a go! 
Bacon Cherry Rolls
You will need:
Streaky bacon 
Glacé cherries
Method :
1. Cut the rashers of bacon in half
2. Wrap a whole cherry tightly in the bacon 
3. Pop it on a skewer
4. BBQ it for ages! 
5. Try not to die from delight/burn your mouth as you eat them! 

These are best popped on the BBQ as soon as the last burger/sausage/rib/whatever has been moved. They need turning occasionally. But basically enjoy the meal and the company as they transform ...
Ready to go! 
Not yet.....
Not yet....
So close....

Mmmmmmmm the crispy saltiness surrounds the now juicy hot sweet cherry that pops in your mouth when you bite! Am I selling it to you? Also, if you and yours do like them, you will never make enough - true fact!! 

So it's now Tuesday and once I've pegged out the hot tub towels, we are off castling! The starry sky last night was so clear, the moon shone  really brightly. It was a little chilly out, but it didn't matter in the hot tub!! 
Today: My Weather Apps on my phone say it is cloudy with rain- however I see blue skies as I look out across the water! I can also see little fat blue tits/great tits/coal tits and robins stuffing peanuts down their beaks from the feeder, as fast as they can! It's odd because if I ever put red peanuts out for the birds at home, they go mouldy and untouched. I bought a suet block when we went shopping and it took them a few days, but they seem to be enjoying that too! 

Right, breakfast on the decking to be eaten! 
Lots of love from

Rachel *look, Tracey's socks match my dress* Radiostar xxx 

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