Wednesday 12 August 2015

Summer Hols - Day 26

A lovely day was spent outside. Me and #2 did a little bit more tidying in the garden. He dug out my two older buxus plants and I've redeployed them elsewhere and I redid my rabbit with 3 smaller brand new plants. I've a different wire rabbit cage coming from the magic land of the Internet. It's a crouching down one rather than a standy up one. They are going on the top of where our darling rabbit is laid to rest. She was beautiful and lived freely outside for 12 years. When she died we were all heartbroken. She was really Uni one's rabbit - and she was a lovely tame sweet dwarf lop, silvery grey. Anyway ... Getting a wee tear in my eye there! 
Two more bears were finished. Well, the pink one still needs a face! And I recycled a half made frock, into a dress for a little girl. Well I pinned on the pattern and cut it out. Realising just as I was about to start sewing that I have no interfacing! Much swearing under one's breath ensued. Amazon was duely consulted, and that's now another project I have on the go! 
It's my first dressmaking project since school. I practiced with the teddies and I'm moving myself up! Next is an easy top for me! Baby steps! 
Teddy's friends. Don't be scared of the green one - he's 'armless!!! ( laughing at my own jokes ). 

Here are the three friends. Mr 1 in the middle, Miss 2 in the pink and Mr 3 with slight scoliosis, who will be going to live with the friend who gave me the material! He's made from a skirt and a top! 

Here's Mr 3 wearing his new Hobbycraft ribbon, he's playing hide and seek in my flowers! The markings on his face were totally by accident and I have to say I'm impressed with my pattern matching!  Actually a complete fluke! I love his foxy tummy! 
My Cavelo Nero looking very caterpillar free - though I'm convinced I've now jinxed myself! 
A bucketful of carrots. I've thinned them out a little. 
These are the peppers and chilli plants. Methinks I will not get anything from them! 
I was so late planting everything! Let's just wait and see. 
The newly planted up Rabbit. The Delphs are budding and I can't wait for them to burst into flower. 
And I've lots of buds on my dahlias I think they are. Now I bought blue/purple ones. These are now about four years old and it's taken them forever to get going. BUT if memory serves me right, the ONE flower I had last year was infact white!! Let's wait and see again! 
They don't look very blue/purple to me! The way I'm going to solve this is by buying the next ones in flower!! I could have spent more at the garden centre but need my money for food and bills!! 
Finally, one for CT of countryside tales! I actually thought of you as I took this! I was sewing the eyes on Mr 2 and something buzzed right behind me! It sat still enough for me to get a shot or two then sprang off and away! My lovely blue fence is a bit battered, I have the paint, but the HG was measuring yesterday for some new fence panels. 

It's now 9.21am and I'm meeting an old friend for coffee at 10.30am! I'm not even dressed!!! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *dont panic, I'm wearing my dressing gown* Radiostar xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I'm rather fond f them myself! Not sure if I can part with them!

  2. Lovely sweet teddy bears, I like the foxy one best. My delphiniums have finished so I've cut them back for a second hopeful flourish. I hope you have a lovely coffee break x

    1. Oh that's something to store away for next year...cutting them back! Cheers :-)

  3. Ooh! A Grasshopper :o) I think possibly Field Grasshopper but I'm not 100% certain, Did you know you tell a grasshopper from a cricket by the short antennae?
    Loving all your teddies and extremely impressed with the perfect pattern matching :o) xx

    1. Just read Jane's comment below mine. Clearly, she needs to read my comment too (love you, Jane) :o) xx

    2. It's the closest I've ever been to one!

  4. Love the teddies...and the crrrrrck crrrrrk cricket!
    Did you get my e mail...and did it work?
    Jane x

    1. Yes I did Jane and yes it does!! I've a lot of reading to catch up on!!

  5. Your garden is so full. I love material teddies, they are so interesting without the fir. Hope your parcel arrives soon.

    1. Thanks Marlene, the teddies are sweet! I've another three planned! The parcel arrived the next day!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous bears. I love them so much!
    J x

  7. If I got going I could make one for everyone!


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