Monday 10 August 2015

Summer Hols - Day 25

First off, I think I'm getting a bit mixed up with all of the day numbers! 
It's Monday today and I think it's 26 days since I've been to work! 

So, as I told you, I jaunted off with the HG off to Hobbycraft. It's been a while since I've been and it had totally changed. So I spent a gleeful age wandering up and down the aisles. I stroked ALL the fabric. I squished ALL the wool. 
I did buy stuff! OF COURSE I DID! I neeeeeeded some bits. Shall I show you?  
It was half price....( please forget about my pledge to not buy any more wool till my stash is gone ). 
A lovely pink fat quarter bundle for £7
It'll make a lovely teddy! 
Some ribbon for the Teddy Bows. The little rolls were only £1 each. 
The needles and thread were from Hobbycraft. The little box was from the other shop I went to. ( JTF ) 
These were from JTF, 99p per box. I'm going to need these on our hollibobs in a fortnight.
Some new plants for the garden.
They fit in a treat! 
These are for Night Owls. Not sure what we will store in them yet! 
Last but not least some new Birkenstock flip flops. The cheapest I can find the exact same ones online is £22 so I was pleased with my bargain. They are so comfy. 
The rest of the day was spent lazing! We had chicken garlic butter kebabs and rice. 
So today- well my work friends came round for a brew. I've tidied some more clutter away. I've been on hold for approximately 14 hours to various customer services for various jobs that need doing - very dull and boring. It's summat n mash tonight. Chops for me n the boy. Liver n onions ( yuk ) for the HG AND WHO KNOWS FOR #1- and her Beau, here for the week, as they are currently at the pub and may/may not eat out!! No crafting done as yet today but I've much to do! 
Things that are happening this week, the boy has to have a meningitis injection at the docs tomorrow, he hears about a job interview he went to on Wednesday. I'm going for lunch/arfternoon tea(sic) with the lovely teacher I used to work with. It's A'Level results Day on Thursday ( EEEP) and the HG's first day off for three weeks. I'm planning on lots of sewing and garden bound activities. I also have many jobs earmarked for him too. He just doesn't know what they are yet! ( MUHUHWAHAHAAAA)

Anyway, best go peel some spuds. See you soon. Play nice. Lots of love from 
Rachel *might go and knit outside shortly* Radiostar xxx 


  1. I love their fat quarters! Brilliant value! And I was sorely tempted by those boxes but I'm trying to de-clutter at the moment so I was very controlled and noble and said no! Aren't they gorgeous?
    J x

  2. Yes, I'm tempted to keep them for myself!!

  3. I got the rose patchwork boxes last week :-). Just ordered another 6 last night as they are fab value and look nice and neat. Even m agreed! Love all the things you bought. Those fat quarters are great- i have the pink and blues ones earmarked for a quilt.

  4. Gosh you do sound busy. Love hobbycraft fat quarters, I was there yesterday & bought some fox ones & penguins ones & errm several other items which I won't mention in case the husband catches me out x

    1. Don't worry - there is a LOT of laziness going on too!

  5. You are a busy bee and lots going on in The Boy's life as well. Not sure what I'd be more nervous about the jab, the results or the interview! Absolutely love those owl boxes. xx

    1. I felt sick all weekend! You just want it all right for them don't you x


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