Sunday 9 August 2015

Summer Hols - Day 18-20

"Morning! Off to Deepdale  which is a shopping centre thingy with a hobby craft! I'm not spending, only going to strike all the pretty fabrics and squish each ball of wool on display! So just going for a mooch this morning. Slathered in aftersun! 😳 burnt ma tits!!!!"

This was the text I sent to Tracey ( she with the Beautiful Life Blog ) this morning. 

Then I read it again and giggled  ( meant strokes not strikes ) as a faux newspaper headline ( FNH)  popped into my head. 


Robins = red breast geddit?! Laughing at my own jokes here!! 

Well I did post a FB FNH the other day. 
 That's two new teddies being born! I was stuffing them with stuffing and sunshine on Friday in the sun, then closing the wounds yesterday in the sun. Hence the sunburn! I did have a top on by the way- just low cut! 

I also have weeded and cut back four garden bags full. The Blues are looking good and the second Delphi is budding. Hopefully next year they'll all be at the same time! 
And I'm pleased to report the slug decimated first one has lush new greenery since I declared war on them. I'm eating radish everyday and do you know, I think my late planted was a genius way of avoiding cabbage whites! My cavelo Nero is, up to now, egg/caterpillar free and I'm going to start eating them soon! My carrots are teeny and my
Leeks are like matchsticks! 

The knit number 4 is almost ready for a progress photo and I promise to have a look at 1,2 and 3 this week. I'm itching to start number 5 mind! 

It was homemade beef burgers again last night and the online shopping is coming this morning so who knows what it'll be tonight! ( was that a gasp from all you meal planners out there? ) 

That's it for now. Play nice today x 
Lots of love from

Rachel * better get this wriggle into gear* Radiostar xxx


  1. < chuckle >
    Oooh, Deepdale sounds lovely. Have a wonderful time at Hobbycraft and if you come away without spending anything, you're a better girl than I am. They have their bundles of fat quarters at £7.00 at the moment - at least, our Hobbycraft does. That's good value as the quality is pretty good.
    Had to think about 'delphi' for a moment before I got it - mine is lovely right now but the bed has been well and truly pelletted!
    J x

    1. Ummmm I spent an absolute bloody fortune!! I got one bundle of pinks to try my hand at another teddy!

  2. ooh, burnt boobies, that's not fun! Can't deny it though, it gave me a good laugh when I read it! As did the pic of the body parts!

    Thanks for visiting and the comments :O)

    Have a glorious Sunday, just keep slapping on that sun cream. I'm staying inside sulking, stupid sunshine!

    p.s I don't really food plan. I try, and some weeks really do manage it, then it all goes pear shaped and it's back to rootling in fridge and cupboards hoping for inspiration.


    1. Food planning is fab, it does save the what's for tea anguish, it certainly saves £££ but frankly I can't be arsed with it!

  3. We have not had any problems with slugs this year, we have a family of hedgehogs, they come in most evenings, OK we have to pick up hedgehog poo, but it's lovely to see them, our sensor lights come on as they arrive, plus our cats just leave them alone.

  4. My Inlaws are hedgehog mad, even building a hedgehog box!

  5. I've got slugs and snails in my garden - there's no hope for anything remotely delphinium or cosmos-related. I've been warned not to run around the garden at night with a torch and packet of salt shouting "Die! Die!" as it worries the neighbours :-) xx

    1. I can see that might cause curtain twitching!

  6. The teddy parts made me snort. I read your other post first so I know the whole "I'm not going to spend anything at hobby craft" was a hopeless fiction :o). I sort-of meal
    Plan with a bit of free wheeling mixed in every now and then. The bonus is we never throw food away and our bill is fairly low (this leaving more money to spend on sewing!). Hope the boobies have recovered. Xx

    1. They are well recovered! I've just stuck a load more meat in the freezer that I kinda 'planned' but never made! I'm rubbish!


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