Wednesday 19 August 2015

Summer Hols - Day ???

Hey lovelies, 
I have no idea of what day it is really! I'm not counting now, because I will be aghast at how fast I am zooming to back to school. 
I've still been filling my days with things that I like. The HG is also off so we've been out and about and we are looking forward to our holiday in Devon next week. 
I finally put a face on Miss Bear. Though her smile is masked, it is there! 
I gave her some detail on the paws. I've had people ask me how much I would charge to make them one! That sent me into free fall ! How much would you pay for a bespoke bear hand made by me? Theoretically speaking I mean.  I have done some research and anything between £5 and £100 is fair game- ie no help at all! 
I spent a while rearranging the pots so now you can see the beginning of the Delphi border. All five plants! I'm pretty sure they are all the same dark blue/purples. I will look to get some lighter shades of blue next. 
If you look carefully, you can see someone else liking my pretty purple flowers! 
These ones have black middles. 
I couldn't resist this sweet little box of plants for the tub at my front door. 

I finished the knitting of the little matinee jacket. Just to sew it all up and make the hat and bootees. 
The edge is a picot edge, I just need to turn it up. Maybe later in the day, in the sunshine. 
Finally, I thought I'd show you this brand new Per Una skirt I got from a charity shop for £3 
I am going to unpick it all and use it for teddies!! 
I got it on our day out up in the lakes on Saturday. A gloriously beautiful day that I'll tell you about tomorrow! 
Here's a shot from the car window on the way. Is there a prettier view from the road in the UK? Probably, but it'll do for me! 

Right, lots to do! I'll see you soon! 
Love from 
Rachel *will be bloggy catchupping later* Radiostar xxx 


  1. You are making the most of your days, even if they are rushing by.

    1. Time is really the most precious thing isn't it?

  2. That's a hard one isn't it, how much to charge & so many thins to consider when coming up with a suitable price. Lovely little jacket & flowers, I bought a what Ii thought to be purple delphinium but it turned out to be blue. Ah well! xx

  3. The days simply zoom past at the end of the holiday, don't they. It is very unfair.
    That is a very handsome teddy bear indeed!
    J xxx

    1. Thanks Joy. We go back on the 3rd September. That's not very far away now!

  4. Devon?? But that's where I live!! Could we possibly fit in a meet up?! Text me!!!

  5. You certainly are cramming a lot in m'dear....miss teddy looks very cute (do not tell anyone that I said that) and I'm looking forward to your report on the Lakes (love it up there) Your off the Devon soon? well we are off the Cornwall end of September :-p

    1. I last went to Cornwall when I was 19! Devon was as far as I could stretch the HG's driving to!!

  6. I love all your blue delphis and pots, and those little violas/pansies are gorgeous, just my sort of colours.

    Hmm, how to price up craftwork? It's difficult isn't it, on the one hand we do put a lot of work (and time) into our crafts....if we were to price things according to the work/time/materials involved, it would be a massive price. But people generally don't want to pay that sort of money, do they? What would YOU be willing to pay for one of your bears, if someone else had made it? Have you had a look online to see if anything similar is being sold? I make a lot of crocheted blankets, each one takes me a few months to do (I don't crochet every day, and sometimes have a couple of weeks break when I get fed up!). Someone asked me if I'd make one for them, saying they'd pay me.....when I did a bit of research, I found similar blankets being sold online for around £250-£300! That's probably about right in terms of amount of yarn and time involved, but who's gonna willingly cough up that?

    1. I know I know. I'm never doing in agreement with everything you've said! It was the same when people used to ask me to make cakes ( sugar craft ) for them. It's worse when you know them. I'm thinking of asking £20 per bear, £15 if they provide the materials - like if they want me to make them out of baby clothes as a keepsake. I'm going to make a few to have in stock! As the three I've made already have homes!!!

  7. The holidays have whizzed by here as well. Amy and Thomas go back 2 weeks today. The jacket is lovely and the bear is so cute. I love the idea of making them out of special clothes as a keepsake. That's the sort of thing that makes them different and I'd pay for that. xx


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