Wednesday 16 October 2013

Square Eyes

My current love is just one word. I loved it at first sight.

It's absolutely genius or bonkers. I adore it. It's Gogglebox. It's a TV programme. It's us, watching people, watching the telly! They mostly watch the programmes I do and they mostly have the same reactions I do!

I love ALL the peoples on my telly watching telly! The posh couple who get sloshed. The grumpy old bloke and his long suffering wife on matching hideous chairs in Liverpool. Sandra and Sandi, long time best friends who make me laugh with their double act, the two boys who watch with their dad, the families with the teens, the couple in Brighton, the pair who watch in bed and the couple with their grown up son. They are SO FUNNY. I've cried with these people, laughed with these people and urged my friends to share in the joy of watching this!!

The posh husband made me laugh so hard when talking about Lady Mary's arms getting shorter that I now cannot watch Downton without the giggles!

Gogglebox, please stay on my telly box forever!!

My mum told me I'd get square eyes if I watched too much telly!
It has yet to happen!

1 comment:

  1. Step away from the telly, Rachel.

    Did you never see the movie Videodrome?


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