Thursday 24 October 2013

Hairdressing should be left to hairdressers.

For Night Owls, I decided we'd have a
"Who's whoooooooooooo' ( geddit?) gallery.
We took head and shoulders portraits of us all, and then traced over our features. The tracing will be photocopied and coloured in. Ta daaah!

Anyway, I took one look at my photo and decided that as I was looking most yeti like, a fringe trim was in order. Or bangs, if you are one of my US readers!

I do need to go see the lovely girl who has cut my hair most excellently for years but work etc tends to GET IN THE WAY OF ME DOING WHAT I LIKE WHEN I LIKE!

So, I've done it before. I combed my fringe straight. I cut. Admittedly a bit more than perhaps I should. I stood back. It needed a touch more off the left. I stood back. It needed a touch more now, off the right. I stood back. Now the middle was wonky. I stood back. I needed to STEP AWAY FROM THE SCISSORS.


Here is the extend of my fringe. it's that short my brain is freezing without eating ice cream!
I suppose it really does bring out my eyes now.


  1. Super Yob! (For those under 45: Oh, don't bother!)

  2. In the trade we call that the "Permanently amazed look" . Never fails to raise a smile when one walks in the salon. :o)

  3. Ha ha laughing because my Mom gave herself a fringe trim at the beginning of the year that looked exactly like the above. I keep reminding her not to cut her own hair and to go to the hairdresser but unfortunately she is forgetful. When my youngest was a toddler my Mom lived with me. I had to ban her from cutting my Jess' hair because my poor child looked like a little orphan with the terrible uneven hair.


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