Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fabulous Flapjackery!

After last week's post - I tweeted a photo of my Flapjacks and my food hero Nigel Slater tweeted me back with the words of the title!

This is about the 6th time we've tweeted, so now I'm thinking I'm fully qualified to declare me and Nigel as close personal friends!!!

I love him. I love his food. I love his books. I love his voice. He is the only chef ont telly who can make my mouth actually water when he cooks. His voice as he describes the food is hypnotic. The way he unwraps his food from greasproof paper is hypnotic. The way he chips a carrot is hypnotic. The way he plucks herbs from his garden is hypnotic. The way he stirs cream into a sauce is hypnotic. Are you sensing the effect that this amazingly talented man has on me?!

So when he takes the time to interact with us mere lesser mortals, you can understand my giddiness!

Anyway, today's flapjack was made to the same recipe as last week, but it's not as chewy as I baked it for five minutes longer. I also made a batch of plain oat flapjack for the fussy teenage son, but if did cover it with a whole bar of real CDM!

Oh and good news too! I won the lottery. No begging letters please. It was just the 3 numbers. First time in four years! What will I spend my winnings on? The next few lottery tickets of course!!

A lovely end to my lovely Saturday!


  1. Congratulations on all counts - making yummy flapjacks, winning the lottery and most of all becoming bosom buddies with Nigel. I've only had a couple of tweets from him but they made my day. I love his writing, it makes you feel you can see, smell, taste and feel the food to the point where it becomes almost erotic - in one of his early books there's a description of eating chips that really should NOT be read before the watershed!

    1. Hi Jane! Good taste! Thanks for your comment! Long time no see x

  2. We win the lottery every week: so far won £3076. How? Because we never buy a ticket, we put £1 each in a pot for every draw there is!

  3. Hahahaha FRUGALMUMMY - you ARE my Mother in Law!!!!

  4. Well done Rachel I have never had somebody famous interact with mere mortal me. Congrats on the winnings. I also play the lotto from time to time. I know the chances are slimmer than slim but I can dream. Frugalmummy you really are very sensible.


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