Monday 28 October 2013

Half Term day one.

  1. Dentist - a new NHS one; because the lovely sweet surgery I've been with since I grew two pickle stabbers ( as my nanna used to call 'em ) has gone Denplan private. It's too much money. My new dentist practice isn't as homely, but Justin, with his beard net on was very nice. My teeth are in good shape ( I knew that ) and I need a filling ( I also knew that - an old filling fell out! ). So I am booked in in November for that afternoon's delight. 
  2. I met my friend in town, who cheerfully reminded me that the butcher who caused her mouth and face to swell alarmingly, was also a bearded gentleman, by the name of Justin. He was also, coincidentally, a dentist. She was having a crown fit. Not a filling.......
  3.  Gulp.
  4. We spent £30 on lovely crafty, glittery things for Night Owls. A few more board games and jigsaws and finished off in her friend's lovely little coffee shop. I had a red berry tea. I chuffing love red berry tea. 
  5. I pegged out my non tumbles to dry on the line in the tail end of the storm that battered Britain last night - or did it? Twitter kept me highly amused over this! 
  6. I'd treated myself to a M&S  skinny lemon muffin moussey dessert thing and had it after lunch. NOM. 
  7. Did some phoning that I'd been putting off til half term.
  8. Went to mums. Then bought some whoopsed bargains at the co op including some  beef, chicken and a cauliflower. The cauliflower is going to be turned into rice. Jamie Oliver did it. If he can I can! 
  9. Got changed and squirted bathroom cleaner in the bathroom. Left to do its job and sat down with you! 
  10. Post this post and go a scrubbing! Sausage, Mash n beans for tea here.
See you tomorrow! 



  1. I painted the bathroom naked and made stuffed marrow for dinner. x

  2. Rachel you have to stop doing this to the lazy plebs in the world or let me say the lazy pleb in the world AKA ME! Simply reading all you have done has exhausted me, I need to get home and take a nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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