Wednesday 2 October 2013

Long time no blog!

The return to school has been one of those hit the ground running and stick a broom up one's arse whilst one's as it kinda returns! We have a new Head. She is fabulous. A real positive breath of fresh air. Change is good. I'm also working three jobs having taken on the paid for after school club job too! I absolutely ADORE this bit of my day! But I don't get home now til 5.45pm so I have been meal planning, making teas the night before and trying to get organized! So far it's going well ... But I am tired! 
On Sunday I made
One batch of brownies,
Two tins of flapjacks,
Three doner Kebabs, (Hairy Dieters bk 2)
Four portions chicken tikka,
FIVE loaves of bread
Six sheek kebabs ( left over lamb mince from Doners )
Eight home made chicken goujons ( using my frugally blitzed stale loaf! ) 
And a partridge in a pear tree. 

One of the above did not actually get made!! 

The flapjacks were declared 
I used Mornflake's Notoriously Nutty.
 It has apple and coconut in it too. I used half a block of proper welsh butter, a giant splodge of golden syrup and some demarara sugar. I baked it in an 8inch sq tin for about 25 minutes. It's fudge, gooey, nutty and gorgeous and I worked out it's 225 cals a piece. And nuts are healthy! 
 The chocolate brownies were declared a success too! 
Especially the warm ones from the oven with ice cream for pudding!! 
I also finished a pair of mittens to match a little bobble hat for a special little Arthur up int Lakes! Will post it tomorrow! 
Well I start at 8am today so best get a wriggling!! 
What's been keeping you busy? 


  1. Rachel reading your blog has made me feel exhausted! Are you not taking on too much? I had 3 jobs when I was in my early 30's and a single Mom but I was energetic back then. I know I could not pull it off now. I hope your husband and son are helping you. Big hugs you need them.

  2. Hi honey. My blog has moved to:
    Can I ask you to publicise this please as something horrid has happened and I can't access any of my old blog or the last four years' worth of blogs - aaargh!! This means I can't find my list of 400+ follwers either, and I genuinely love to spread a little bit of happiness through my blog. Many thanks, FM xxxxx

  3. Hey FM , it's already done! Hey Viv, I'm fine but bless you for the kindness xxx


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