Sunday 6 October 2013

Mini baked doughnuts

How do one and all. It's been a gloriously Autumnal sunny Sunday.

I am blogging this whilst listening to XFactor USA, I do have a penchant for old Mr C! And the hairs have just stood up on the back of my arms as this gorgeous American lass, who's Mama was murdered,  ( the sob factor - admittedly more awful than the norm ) just sang Whitney's I will always love you. She was OUTSTANDING! I nearly gave her a standing ovation myself, here in my own living room. She's called Ashleigh and ee by gum that lass can sing!

I digress.  I've spent a few spidery ( YUK ) hours in the garden getting it ready to go to bed for the winter. I just need a new roll of fleece to tuck my herbs in. The last of the tomatoes were brought in. They've been plentiful and delicious.

I've started a new knitting project. My friend, who I met in hospital is having a baby girl in a few weeks. Now normally I disapprove of finding out what a bambino is before the day - but having found this darling wool in my favourite wool shop in Newcastle whilst visiting my daughter the weekend after we took her back to Uni......she broke her arm and needed an operation...... Anyway I'm glad I know she's going to be a she! The finished article is going to be a sweet little Bolero cardigan and I have the cutest button too to finish it off!

I have been baking too. I bought myself a new baking tin. Mini baked doughnuts. Here's how they turned out! I really loved making them. They took no time at all and I worked them out at 65 calories each sans le toppings. The melted chocolate was far easier to use than the icing - which I flavoured with lemon juice. I think I will definitely be making these for the next school cake sale. 

I finished off the weekend with a winner winner chicken dinner , roasties, yorkshires, the works! And my first fresh Brussels Sprouts of the season! I loves em! 

How about you? To sprout or. Not to sprout?! 

Bye for now x 


  1. There's nowt wrong wi' a sprout, love!

  2. Definitely to sprout, and once we have the first frosted parsnips, well what can I say. I love how our food changes with the seasons, I can not imagine why anyone would pay through the nose to eat green string beans in the winter, or live on peas and carrots. This is the time for hardy greens and root vegetables to take pride of place. I love the look of those doughnuts, I may have to go in search of a tin. I used to fry doughnuts but have not deep fried anything for years.

  3. Eh lass them doh nuts look good enough to eat ;-) And defiantly a sprout man with butter and crushed black pepper.

  4. They look so yummy. We bought a mini doughnut maker kind of like a snackwich maker a few months back. The most useless appliance ever it is awkward and stupid. I will look out for doughnut trays, they seem much more practical. My Mom and some of my friends who knit all tell me wool is too expensive now for them to knit anymore. What are wool prices like in the UK?


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