Sunday 20 October 2013

Baked Bean!

Today I have mostly been nurturing a big panful of baked beans on the go.
My HG got a man's cook book. The fantastic Tom Kerridge's pub food cook book was bought from Asda for a bargain £8! 
I followed the recipe to the letter. The beans are beautiful! However, I do think there was a lot of fat in it so next time I make them, I will adapt it!
Basically, you fry good smoked streaky bacon till crispy. Add chopped onions and garlic til soft. Add tinned tomatoes, tomato purée , red wine vinegar, soft brown sugar and water, plus your pre soaked overnight then boiled til tender white haricot beans and simmer for about 2 hours.

 The link is here for the amounts etc found easily on google!

The calorie count for the recipe above works out at around 2805 cals for the panful . The yield was a whopping 2100g! Tom says it serves 4-6!!!
I think he is even more generous than I am in dishing up!
I had a decent 150g portion for 200calories! Then went back for seconds! 

I will make these again but will not use extra oil, and maybe use a maple cure bacon instead of the streaky. I'll let you know how I get on!

This weekend I spent a fab few hours with my family. Harry was round at my mums with everyone else. When I came through the door the way he ran to me for a cuddle saying "Hullo Hanty Rachull" sounding genuinely thrilled to see me!
He is just utterly scrummy. When I asked if he wanted to go for a walk, he took my hand and wanted to go right there and then. Even though he had no shoes or socks on! His sister came along too. He held our hand and as we said 'Step' at the kerbs we managed to cross the roads with no trips or falls.  I wish you could hear his infectious laughter at the sheer joy of running up and over the speed bumps! Madeleine secured sweeties for herself and her brothers and Harry got breadsticks. (He loves them ) .
We'd been home about ten minutes, before he asked to go back to the shop!! Squirming his little hand into mine and saying 'Pweeze Hanty Rachull PWEEEEZE! I tell you what, if it hadn't have been tipping it down, I'd have taken him too!! I'm apparently Hanty Pushover where my nephews and nieces are concerned! 
Could you resist this face? 
He has THE most darling cute voice and his speech and vocabulary is amazing! He is back to Birmingham at the end of November. Lisa was hoping for a half term slot so I could go too, but not this time! Let's just hope it's another clear visit.

Right now I am laughing my socks off at The Middle. I love The Hecks. I can relate to Frankie a LOT!
That's yer lot for now! Enjoy the beans if you make em!!

Ps I tweeted Tom Kerridge, no reply as yet....but I'm ok as I'm still basking in the glow of being tweeted by Nigel Slater AND Nigella Lawson in the SAME WEEK!


  1. Bloody hell Harry has grown, going to have to try them beans as well....I'll probably just get two portions from that amount. Tara for now.

  2. Harry looks gorgeous. Have you ever used frylight? I use it to make my meals less fattening, you can even make healthy chips and wedges with it.


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