Tuesday 29 October 2013

Porridge Roulette

As I play this every morning, I wondered if anyone else out there does.

The rules. 
Take one sachet oats so simple ( other brands are available ).
Mix in the right amount of milk
Pop it in the pinger/dinger ( depending on the make of microwave ).
You are free for a minute to pop the kettle on etc.
Ping/Ding. ( depending on make of microwave ).
Quick stir
And here the fun commences
Set the timer for one minute 30
What will happen first?
Will the pinger ping/ding?
Will the porridge boil over?
Will your nerves stand the tension?
Eyes flick back and forth from timer to glass door - molten lava begins to erupt from within.
Hand reaches for the door.
Tension builds
YES!! I win! I held out till the end!

Please be careful if you play this game. You might get your fingers burnt.

No, actually you do get burnt fingers, because angry hot boiling over porridge meets skin melting temperatures.

And it pisses you off because you've less porridge to eat and a load of mess to clean up. Bonus is, less porridge = less calories! and the microwave gets cleaned!

What danger games do you play in your kitchen?


  1. Every time I cook is a dangerous adventure, from the now legendary escaped meat ball episode to the curious case of the exploding bran flakes. Enter my kitchen at your own peril for tis a dark and somber place......

  2. Er... set the timer for, I dunno, 1 minute, 20?

    Mind you, today I are going to do welding... what could possibly go wrong?


  3. Where would the fun be in that Mr B???


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