Tuesday 17 May 2011

Replying to comments x

Dear Sister - smart price beans - even though they are the nicest, they  are more spendy at the minute because they only sell them in individual tins. Branston Beans work out 25p a tin if you buy 4!
Dear Helene - I have packaged up some rain and it's on it's way!! Actually, we have had bush fires in April due to the uncharacteristically hot dry weather. Quite scary stuff for this little country, where we are used to just watching the terrible fires burn in other countries.
As you get to know me Helene, you will understand that I am an advertisers dream - I am swayed by what I see. I am far too trusting!! My best friend in America also mentioned mustard is on offer a lot - surely that's because Americans eat a lot of hotdogs!!!! ( Just teasing :) )  The TV program made no bones about the hard work these women put in, hours a week. But if they are not spending on food, they don't need to eat!!! There was a woman in Texas at it. She had a HUGE garage with her stockpile and it was god as all the teenagers hung around her home, keeping them off the streets and they could feast away! They had other stuff as well as mustard!!! Also I think these people must be highly intelligent and ordered of mind - I am too much like my sister!!!
I have only cooked rabbit once, but couldn't bring myself to eat it - poor little bunny!!! I don't mind sinking my teeth into cute ickle lambs or piggies or moo cows !!!!!!! I am infact frightened of cows, they are vicious, wild animals.
I have no idea what "jar" meals are ....but I'm listening!!!! I cooked a ham in the slow cooker overnight and it smells divine...should I have some for brekkie??!!!!

I will be back later to relate the tale of EC and how he came to me and said I just went to her to complain about you because you didn't like what I'd written and what I wrote was the truth...... stay tuned.......O and for the hilarious way he was testing my lip reading skills. He came to me and said " Can you lip read?"  I said I could ( almost instantly regretting it as he prepared to test me ) ......

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