Sunday 15 May 2011

Posting cheatstyleee

One blog I read religiously is Moschops. It's great! I feel a certain kin with her! Hope she doesn't mind me linking her in!!

I liked my comment so I copied and pasted! I facebook, I 'LIKE' stuff a lot!!!

"I sit and read this with my heating on! Never before in the history of May has my heating been on so late in the year - the only reason  was to dry crucial work clothes for tomorrow ( Do the shake and drape = less ironing!)
I saved £350 today switching gas/electric suppliers - get yourself on it's eye opening!!! Spring clean your bank account - I was just headed to bed but am on a high after watching " Extreme couponing" on the discovery channel. A woman totted up $1000 at the till, with coupons ( pronounced over there as kewpons) about a fiver!!! I kid ye not! I want to do it."

I rarely buy anything at the supermarket unless it's on offer but these Americans put me and our country to shame. I am very careful about what I buy to start with and already am making cutbacks as that midweek 'nip' to do a small trolleys worth of essemtials that used to be £40 are now about £70. I can't seem to get it any less. I wouldn't know what to do with all the money I saved from shopping for food. That's an outright lie of course. Thanks to my intermittent insomnia I regularly 'win & spend' set lottery amounts. ...speaking of which I dunno if I told you lot this already - it may have been on the post that blogger ate ..but I signed into my email account on Thursday to be greeting with an inbox message of 'Dear Rachelradiostar, we have exciting news about your ticket you bought for the draw dated Tuesday 10th May'. I nearly had a coronary and couldn't click the link fast enough. A WHOPPING £4.30 was nestling in my lottery account. Hmmmmmmm.What to spend it on......well, I put £2 on another ticket and have the balance to do with as I please - no begging letters, but ideas welcome!!!!


  1. Extreme Couponing is an interesting idea if you happen to need 100 anti-perspirants,or 80 containers of mustard! Better have a lot of storage, too. Some of those folks put in 40 hour weeks acquiring and organizing coupons, making lists and researching prices at the stores. Not for me! besides many of our stores won't honor coupons printed from online sites, which was my best place to get them. Seems people counterfeit coupons! Amazing!

    Hope those families eat all the weird stuff those couponers buy!

    The cost of food is horrifying. I've made up 90 Dinners in a Jar for the summer(just add water and meat). We'll still need to buy bread and dairy products, but we'll grow the veggies and fruit.Rabbits for most of our meat, and the hens'll produce eggs until the weather gets too hot. Summer is usually a financial challenge because I'm not subbing and I think A.C. is a necessity of life in the Texas summers.

    About the rain you've been having (mentioned in another of your posts) could you send some this way? The parts of Texas that aren't already burning ( grass fires) are drier than dry. All it takes is some idiot tossing a lit cigarette butt, or a lightning bolt, and another section of the state is burning. 3.5 million acres have burned since December and the drought goes on. Heartbreaking. No help from the US govt. Mr. Obama says Texas is not qualified for disaster aid. Cotton,corn, beef and citrus fruit will be higher in price than ever.(Helene hops down off her soapbox)

  2. I always forget to hand over my coupons until after I've paid grr and then they run out of date when i finally remember them. You could spend your £2.30 on 2 loaves (2 for £2) and a tin of smart price beans. There a meal and some bread to spare


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